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Drunk Wife Cheating

My name is Tom and I am an Australian guy. And just had to tell you all about the best sexual experience I ever had.

I spent a couple of years living and working in London, sharing a 3 bed apartment with my best friend Jamie and his black friend Mick.

I and Jamie worked together in the same department in a large company, working with several women of all age groups and had a great time working and flirting with the women there same of whom were married.

We’d spend time with them after work in the pub on a Friday night and because we were the only men in the department we would always flirt that little bit more with them once we’d all had a few beers, they certainly seemed to enjoy the attention they got.

Anyway lets bring you to the night in question, it was the departments Christmas party, set in some trendy restaurant in London not to far from where we lived.

The night started slowly but after the meal, and several drinks later everybody was up dancing away on the dance floor. Jamie was dancing slowly with a married woman from the office called Terri. They seemed to be dancing very close and Terri seemed to be enjoying the attention Jamie was showing her. Now Terri is an attractive lady in her 30s married for about 10 years, slightly chubby but all in the right places, big tits about a 36d and a sexy mature butt. Anyway once the song had finished they came back to the table and Terri looked a little flushed, and headed straight for the toilets, I asked Jamie what happened up there on the dance floor and he just said he’d just had a little fill, and told me to dance with her next and try my luck, so once she returned I grabbed her arm and took her to the dance floor, we danced to a slow song and she was certainly getting turned on as she kept squeezing my butt so I kept rubbing my hands over hers and holding her very close to me so as I could see down her blouse and look at her cleavage.

After some more drinks and dancing between the two of us Terri was now flirting with us and grabbing us onto the dance floor, dancing very seductively between the two of us.

The party was almost at a close and I suggested to her, to come back to ours for a night cap as we lived so close. To which she agreed,

After finally saying goodbye to everyone we headed back to our place, all three of us arm in arm, both myself and Jamie grabbing and stroking Terri butt all the way home.

Wifes Great Holiday Party

So my wife Ann had a holiday party three years back. It started at two in the afternoon so I knew she was going to get drunk but not everything else. Ann called me and let me know that she was on her way I asked her that she not get to drunk as we had plans after. Ann has a great body by the way 5 foot 9 inches, B-sized tits, slim waist, and a great 40 inch ass.

At the holiday party she had started drinking and then double fisting her drinks having a good time talking with her co-workers. Soon Ann and her co-workers started talking about their party days and how they would fuck anything that moved Ann laughed out loud and said the she hasn’t even stopped. They all looked at her confused “how do you do it Ann?” one of her co-workers asked. “Like this said Ann!” She went on the dance floor and started dancing soon guys from the bar were watching and she looked at one and called him with her finger on to the dance floor while her co-workers were watching.

Once the guy got to her she asked him his name. “Todd” he said. They danced and then Ann lead him to a booth in the back corner of the bar and ordered drinks. When the drinks were served Ann challenged Todd to a drinking contest he accepted and on her go he started slamming it when she saw that she started rubbing his cock and he stopped and looked at her with a horny look. Ann moved closer and lifted her skirt up for him grabbed his hand and shoved it against her pussy and whispered into his ear “you want this pussy?” Todd nodded his head.

Ann got out of the booth and told him to follow her. She lead him into the bathroom and waved at her friends, they were and when they say the door close they all went to the bathroom to see. Once in the stall Todd ripped Ann’s blouse opened and saw her bra-less tits and started grabbing at them. while she was getting her tits ripped off she unzipped Todd’s pants and pulled out his 10 inch cock and started sucking it she tried to take the whole thing in and started gagging on it so as she went to pull it outm Todd noticed it. He grabbed the back of her head and slammed it on his cock making her gag more and caused her eyes to water smearing her make-up.

Todd was fucking Ann’s mouth so hard she was making noises with the back of her throat. her friends were all listening and giggling. When Todd was done with her mouth and throat he pulled her head back and looked her in her watery eyes and told her to bend over the toilet she got up and as she was bending over Todd grabbed her hips and shoved his cock towards her pussy he missed… as his cock went into her ass Ann screamed out in pain and Todd kept on fucking my wife in her ass.

Her friends heard and started banging on the door yelling at him to stop, Ann told them to stop that it was ok he just shoved his dick in her ass and that they need to leave so she can enjoy herself. As her friends were leaving Todd started fucking her again Ann told him that she was going to cum he started fucking harder Ann started to rub her pussy and started cumming and squirting all over Todd that pushed him over the edge and he came into Ann’s ass, giving her a totally messy creampie ass.

When they were done Ann looked down and saw that she was stepping on her purse she looked in it and saw that her phone had called me. Ann picked it up “Hello? Hello?” no answer so she hung up. I saw that I missed a call from her, being that I was in my car with the music up going to pick my friend up when I got to his house I saw that I missed her call without even seeing that there was a message I called her back. She answered and I could tell that she was hammered and she asked me to pick her up.

I told my friend that she was plastered and I had to go get Ann he said he would come with me I agreed and told him we can just drink and jam out in my man cave. when we got to the bar I saw Ann smoking and talking to some guy. I pulled she got into the car not even noticing that my friend was in the back seat and we drove away. I asked who the guy was and she giggled. I got upset and asked again Ann told me everything that happened. I called bullshit and she said “Check your message baby.” I did. While I listened she started to pull my zipper down and pulled my already hard cock, due to the message, I hung my phone up and told her to stop because my friend Tim was in the car she looked in the back and said “Hi” and flashed her tits to him then got on her knees in the passenger seat and went back to my cock and started sucking it taking the whole thing down her throat.

It was feeling so good I had to pull over while she was doing it I told Tim to finger fuck her I told him it was fine and that she wanted it he said no and then I asked Ann if it was ok she just gave a umm humm. Tim sat forward and started finger her pussy and said Ann was super wet I told him to stop with her pussy and start fucking her ass. He started with one finger and felt that she could take more so he went with three and hammered her ass to the point of her starting to cum. When she did I came in her mouth she swallowed all of my load and cleaned my dick up. After that we dropped Tim off and went home. I fucked Ann so hard that night.

Vice Cop Wife

My wife has been a cop for three years. She joined the force about a year after we got married. Peggy really loved her job until recently when she was assigned to the vice squad. She didn’t want the transfer and hadn’t asked for it. She didn’t even think they were supposed to be assigned to vice until they had at least five years on the job.

When she first received the assignment she was so mad she was going to quit, but I convinced her to give it a try first. She said she didn’t want to deal with the scumbags that vice cops had to deal with. We talked about it for a while and she finally calmed down and agreed to give it a try.

Right away she found it wasn’t as bad as she had expected. She didn’t do anything but watch the other officers. They told her to watch and learn. She wouldn’t be actually working vice until they were satisfied she knew the rules of the game.

One night several weeks after she had been working vice I took her to work as her car was in the shop. When I went to pick her up she was all excited. She had made her first drug buy and arrest and her team was going out to celebrate.

Lieutenant Margie Blank, the vice team leader, invited me to join them for the celebration. I agreed and we all went to a small bar where the vice team held their parties. They said they were the only cops that used that bar and that way they didn’t have to worry about some other cop identifying them as a cop.

The vice team consisted of four guys and Peggy and, “call me Margie”, their boss. We all settled in and started drinking. I was happy to find myself sitting next to Margie. She is a hot looking woman in her mid-thirties and I wouldn’t mind having her join Peg and me for a little romp.

I guess I should tell you that it has long been a fantasy of mine to have Peg and me and another woman form a threesome. I had hoped Peg’s college girlfriend would join us some time and I was pretty sure it was going to happen eventually. Peg told me they had almost got it on once in college but were interrupted by some other people and they never got beyond some deep kissing and feeling each other. I knew that sooner or later they were going to do it and I told Peg that I just wanted to be included.

Well now, here is another woman that I wouldn’t mind joining us. I could see Margie was looking at Peg like she was a tasty tidbit.

At The Swimming Pool

My wife and I have always enjoyed having sex in unusual places. Before we were married we would swim regularly at my parent’s house. On a warm day as we lay in the sun we would both get “hot” and venture down to the back shed where a table or makeshift mattress would be put to good use. Anne likes to moan as she nears climax so this added to the thrill and risk of being caught.

We are now in our late thirties and still enjoy the thought that we could be surprised at any time as we make love. Anne is a natural blonde, has good sized breasts and even though she is short at 5 foot 2 inches her well rounded figure is perfectly proportioned. I especially like her bottom which has a great wobble as she walks along.

One of our favourite places is the local indoor swimming club. We have been members for years (for obvious reasons given the old days) and we have found that late on Saturday afternoons is the best time to have the pool to ourselves. The attendant does the rounds to close up at around 5.30 and in the half hour he is normally away we get to play. Well, this particular Saturday there was one other person at the pool when we arrived. Anne went to change and as she came out of the change room she got both my and the strangers attention because she had on a white one piece bathing costume. I had seen it before but I was willing to bet the stranger also knew what to expect because as soon as Anne jumped in the water the bathing suit was almost see through. I could clearly see her nipples and the suit clung to her like a second skin.

I had never mentioned this to Anne so I still don’t know if she was aware that we could see everything she had to offer. I looked across at the stranger who was swimming about 20 feet from us. He was in his late forties, not the best looking man, pretty much bald with a big stomach that overlapped his small bathing costume. Anne motioned to me that we should move to the far end of the pool and as she climbed the steps and stood waiting for me her thick bush was clearly evident. The stranger was, by now, not hiding his admiration for my wife as he edged closer for a better look. I have always enjoyed other men looking at my wife as I know that they want what I have. I was getting excited watching my wife’s apparent indifference at being ogled and this stranger’s blatant lusting stare.

First Hotwife Experience

I’ve always been a very sexual person. My husband realized this and since then has encouraged me to continue to have fun as along as I let him know what I’m doing and even let him watch (smile) if he’s around. I was very reluctant at first because I felt I was happy with my sex life.

One day when we were coming home from a friends wedding and staying over night in a hotel, we struck up a conversation in the hotel bar with a salesman, who happened to sell wine, yum. The guy seemed nice enough and was very funny. He was a much older man though, probably in his early 50s, a bit over weight and balding. He had us laughing from the minute we met him though. After many drinks the bar closed and the guy asked if we wanted to grab another drink. He mentioned that he had a bunch of samples and why spend more money at another bar and cab fare when we could join him on his balcony. We both thought nothing of it, at least I didn’t think of anything else but another yummy glass of wine. We were having such a great time his idea sounded great.

We went up to his room and he asked what I wanted. I said that I loved Ice Wine and knew he wouldn’t have it. My husband being drunk and bad said that the last time he gave me Ice Wine, I gave him head in return, True Well he had a bottle in his fridge. Oh boy, so now he’s asking what he gets. The same? I looked to Erick to defend me but he just said, “Well how bad do you want it honey?” Haha well I was pretty drunk and he was looking kinda cute, much older and not totally my type but what they hey. So I told him to sit down and I proceeded to give him a very thorough blow job. Wow was he thick. I’d forgotten what other cocks were like. Mmmmm nice. I was wearing the sun-dress I have in the picture and was leaning over next to him on the couch. He was rubbing my ass and working his thick fingers into my pussy as I sucked his lovely cock. He then unbuttoned my dress and pulled my tits out of my bra and basically started milking my nipples. He started calling me names and telling me what nice big nipples I had. I was more turned on then I can remember. I was so close to cumming when he surprised me by shooting a big shot of his cum into my mouth that I swallowed as much as I could but a lot spilled out of my mouth back all over his cock. He then surprised me again and pushed my mouth back down over his cock groaning to clean it up. I was choking a little but I didn’t have much choice and did as he said. Once he released me I quickly looked over at Erick wondering why he hadn’t said anything. He was sitting there asleep with his cock all shriveled up and cum all over it. The man said he saw Erick cum only a couple minutes into it.

Just Desserts

It was to be an exciting night. We planned a little dessert party when we had our son stay at his grandmother’s for the night. What we didn’t know was just how exciting it would really be. Our invites told everyone to dress as sexy as they could. Since most of our friends had children it was a reason to dress up a little. When the guests arrived there was plenty of cleavage and booty showing for both male and female eyes to take in.

My wife Christine had her 36 DD’s on display with a strapless bandanna top, mini skirt and high heels, giving her 5′ 2″ frame a little more height. I was dressed in a pair if tight jeans and short sleeve gauze style shirt opened down the front.

We prepared several dessert selections for all to enjoy and had an excellent choice of liquors and wines on display. This was also a night for us to break in our new pool and lanai area. Candles were floating in the pool and we encouraged our guests to bring their swim suits/or not, to swim and have a good time. As I made my way around saying “Hi,” to our guests I saw the guys were checking out Christine’s ample curves.

For this evenings event we invited our usual crowd of friends along with some new ones including our veterinarian/friend Jeff. Also here was my wife’s former boyfriend, Fred, who was in town on business. As the night progressed, people started to really enjoy themselves. Some of the ladies would brush up against me as I walked by or make sure I caught a glimpse of their tits. Every so often I noticed Christine talking to people and the guys would either be looking at her magnificent chest or rubbing up against her beautiful ass. Some of our friends made it into the pool after changing into some really hot swimsuit that left little or nothing to the imagination. It was turning into a great night for all to just blow off some steam and engage in some adult conversation and fun.

Christine was enjoying herself as well with all of the attention she was getting, especially from her ex, Fred. She has always had, “a thing”, for Fred, often fantasizing about fucking him again. Even though their relationship did not go well, they were able to remain friends and I didn’t mind since we are both comfortable in our relationship after 10 years of being together.

Fred and Christine were talking with Jeff in one of the low-lit areas of the lanai. We kept the lighting low with some good party/fuck me music on. As I walked by to tend to our other guests I noticed Fred as well as Jeff each had a hand on her ass, and she in turn had a huge smile on her face. I smiled at her as I walked by and continued to chat with our friends making sure everyone was enjoying the festivities.


My wife and I, both 40, have always enjoyed hot tubbing. It started when we were dating. We would grab a bottle of Korbel Brut, reserve a room at a nearby hot tub establishment, and find various ways of getting each other off in the hot bubbly water. Marriage and two children have not stopped us from enjoying hot tubbing and each other. However, one day last winter, changed hot tubbing as I knew it.

Winter in the Northwest is dreary. Cold, wet, rain… On a Monday in January, my wife asked if I would like her to arrange a babysitter after work one night during the up coming week, and reserve an hour hot tub session. Of course, I said, “YES”, anticipating a hot, steamy sucking and fucking session. Not a bad way to end a stressful day at work. On Wednesday, she called me after lunch and said she had made a reservation at Elite Hot Tubbing for 5:30pm. I said, “Great!! I’ll pick up a bottle of champagne on my way”.

Stopped at a traffic light, my mind wandered to thoughts of seeing the steam float off my wife’s tits. These thoughts gave me an instant hard on. Although my wife has had two kids, her body is still in great shape. She works out at the YMCA, and it shows. I’ve always loved her tits. As I pictured myself sucking on them, I heard the car behind me honk. The light changed green, but I was obviously in another place.

I arrived a little late due to rush hour traffic. I expected my wife to be waiting in the lobby, dressed in a tight black outfit. She knows how hot she looks in black. And when I see her in black, I can’t control myself. However, when I opened the door, she wasn’t in the waiting area. I told the cashier my name and asked if my wife had already checked in. She said, “yes, they’re waiting for you in room #1.” I didn’t think much of it, but as I approached room #1, I heard laughing and giggling. I knocked on the door, and heard my wife say, “who is it?”

I responded with, “it’s me honey.” A couple of seconds past, the door unlocked and opened slowly. My wife, smiling and standing in front of me naked, steam coming off her hot, wet body, nipples hard from the cool breeze flowing in from the open door, said, “Hi babe! Come in and join us.” Us, I thought. As my eyes made their way across the room, I noticed an empty bottle of champagne sitting on the counter, two sets of bras and panties hanging from hooks, and my wife’s friend Michelle from California sitting in the hot tub.

Roberts Wife

I must thank Robert sometime for his sick and twisted thoughts. You see, my buddy Robert invited me over to his house one night for some sports and beers. One monday night we were obviously tipsy and began divulging our sexual fantasies to each other. We were both married to women whom were sexually dirty in the privacy of the bedroom, but that was where it stopped. Of course, In my mind, I often visualized getting his wife alone and ravaging her cunt so hard. I felt that it was my duty to give her something that she was never to have again, having been married for a while now. But neither he nor her would ever swing that way. So we would tell each other of what nasty things we did with our wives to sort of, get off in a different way. Last week I had told him about how I talked my wife into some costumed roll playing. I had a toga from my college days and she had a Cleopatra outfit to match. We made a pillow stacked harem in our den where we had wine, grapes and some explicit encounters. Robert loved that idea.

He said, “damn you are a lucky guy. Your wife has a shape that would look great in something tight like that.”

I told him “Rob, you have to try the costume thing. The women get so into it. I bet your wife would really dig acting out fantasies.” He told me that they don’t really have any costumes around. He did say however, that his wife had plenty of fancy dresses.

He said too much.

I immediatly ran through what seemed to be dozens of notions in my mind. Different possibilities. And genius struck.

“I have an idea that you might find fun. It’s easy and probably pretty romantic.”

“Really,” he responded. “I am all ears.”

I asked if she had any fancy black dresses. Something that complimented her body. Preferably a v-neck. He told me that one of her friends had just bought her that exact dress. Black, long, elegant, with a deep v-neck that accentuated her bust. Oh my thoughts began racing and my blood got hot. I imagined her in it with her 36B tits creating a lustful cleavage that you’d want to bury your face in and suck away. I said “perfect. And you do still have that black trench coat with a matching black shirt and slacks.”

He responded a “yes, sure. What are you getting at”

“Well”, I said. “I have a phantom mask from Phantom of the Opera. With that and maybe a red rose, the two of you could go see the show which happens to be playing in town for the rest of the week. Have a nice dinner and drinks before, see the show, and return home where you break out the mask and the wine and champagne that you had chilling in the bar, and the two of you passionately make love all night long. She will love it. Im telling you.” He must have dug the idea because I saw his dick rise to a pup tent in his pants. It must have hurt. I know, Ive seen Robert take a piss before when we used urinals next to each other once. We are built roughly the same and coincidentally have the same size cocks, which is the keystone behind my plan which was playing itself out to the tee. I told Robert I’d bring him the mask sometime this week and he’d be set.

Friday night rolled around as it always does. Robert gave me a call before they left to thank me for the idea, the mask, and just for being there. I told him, “forget about it. Twas my pleasure”, as I smirked at myself. “By the way, what time do you plan to get home so I can tell my wife not to call yours and bother you guys.”

Upskirt and More

It was a big barbecue to celebrate the warm weather FINALLY arriving. My name is Rhonda. I got to the party with my husband and we began drinking and enjoying ourselves. I’m only thirty, in great shape, tall slim in a size 5, big c/d cups that I work out enough to keep pretty perky especially in a push-up bra.

I was wearing a denim skirt, not mini, but not long, and a cream colored blouse that kind of wrapped across my front with a low neck-line. In the V of the neck my half-cup push up bra put my cleavage at the lashes of most of the men there. My husband Darren is pretty average, tall dark, handsome, pretty muscular I guess. He knows I’m attractive and likes when others take notice. We once discussed going further and decided at the time against it. ‘Maybe when we’re forty and sick of each-other’ we joked.

On this particular night we had been cooped up all winter. Heavy coats and long cold nights had kept me covered and I was feeling frisky and daring. We drifted together and apart as the night progressed. I noticed some dancing going on and told my husband the next time I bumped into him that I wanted to dance. He was a little too drunk he confessed, but told me I could if I kept it clean. I smiled a little tipsy myself. The next time I passed by the dancing which was away from the house near the tree-line of the large yard I lingered until someone asked me to dance.

“I’m married, so it’s just a dance.” I giggled. The guy smiled graciously and nodded. We danced and I really enjoyed it after the dance with a bit of fire spreading in my groin I headed back towards the house to locate my husband. I didn’t find him, but wandered my way inside where there was a quieter more intimate setting. I soon ended up talking to another couple and two guys about local real estate and schools or something pretty trivial, but engrossing. I sipped my rum and coke and relaxed forgetting about my husband. A half hour passed and we ended up sitting around in a downstairs den. We were chatting and gabbing while the tv buzzed through the news on mute.

I was beginning to lose track of time, but didn’t mind it was warm and cozy and I was feeling the booze and a light flirtatious arousal. The other woman seemed to be feeling my vibe and feeding it. I was sitting in a recliner and she the corner spot of a large sectional sofa. She had jeans on and she kicked off her shoes and curled up her legs, encouraging me to get comfy and relax. I kicked off my sandals and wrapped my legs up under me, causing my skirt to creep high on my legs, but I wasn’t showing anything more than thigh, so I didn’t care.

It was cooling off and one of the guys got the gas fireplace going. The conversation kind of gave way to a comfortable quiet and I soon found myself half nodding off in the comfort of the chair by the warmth of the fire. I wasn’t out more than a few minutes when I woke the couple were making out very heavily and the two guys were just watching. The guy had one hand up her T-shirt and the other was fiddling in her jeans which were un-done. I couldn’t help but watch. A few minutes later the man pulled his glistening fingers from his wife’s panties and they went upstairs.

Sloppy Wife

Last evening my wife came into the den and informed me that she had discovered my collection of Penthouse letters magazine. She was very upset and questioned why I needed outside stimulation. She wanted to know what exactly was the turn-on that the stories provided.

I was too surprised to lie. I immediately told her that I get a real kick out of the wife sharing stories. In fact, I find them extremely erotic.

She was shocked, she wanted to read some of them before passing judgement. I went out in the garage and found an issue about a man that had his wife fuck another man then come home and tell him about it while they fucked.

“Is this what you like?” she asked.

“uh, yes” was my reply

“What if I did it, would that turn you on?”

“I think so”, I was getting hard as we discussed it.

“I don’t think you would like it if I were really going to do it. Oh, my god, You’re getting hard aren’t you?”

I couldn’t hide it, my cock was stiff as a board.

“OK buddy, let’s discuss this in the bedroom.”

Let me give you a little backround. My wife of 15 years is drop dead gorgeous. She is 38 years old, long brown hair, an absolutely beautiful face and a body to kill for. She looks 10 years younger than she is and has no trouble attracting men. She also knows that she is desirable because other men are always commenting to her about her qualities.

We went up to our bedroom and Lynn turned to me and said, “So, you want me to fuck someone else and bring my cum filled pussy home for you, is that what you are saying?”