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Author: alexh

Wife At The Strip Club

My wife never did mind me going to strip clubs whenever I felt like it. She actually would tell me to go. One day I asked her why?

She said that when I come back home, I really put a good pounding to her.

I told her that the reason why is because I always imagine her dancing on the stage and doing private dances with guys in the back rooms of the strip club. She looked a little shocked but thrilled at the same time.

She said, “that she couldn’t do that…. that she wasn’t built good enough to be interesting to any of those guys.”

I told her, “are you crazy! You’re built a hell of a lot better then any of those strippers….that she has a huge set of all natural tits while they have fake boobs…. that she was built like a brick house with just enough meat on her bones for a guy to really put a nailing to her.”

She just laughed and blushed. We then went to bed and fucked or brains out better then in years while talking about her being a stripper. In the end I just told her to come to the strip joint and see for herself.

Since I was a regular costumer of the strip joint, I knew the owner and manager and most of the people that worked there.

I approached the manager and owner about my idea of getting my wife to strip at their club. Both of the guys were egar to help out saying, “that they were always looking for new talent”.

It was arranged that I would bring my wife in on Friday night in which in the place would be rocking and packed full, and that after a while of getting my wife full of booze, that a stripper would come off stage and lead my wife onto the stage and strip her butt naked. Then we would see where things would go from there.

I never said anything to my wife, but I did tell her that “Friday night we were going out someplace new and exciting”.

That day I took her to dinner with more then normal drinking on her part. She also dressed extra sexy that day as well. She had on a dress with deep cleavage showing her huge set of tits, no panties, with a garter holding fishnet stockings, and three inch heels.

When we left to go to the strip club, she kept on asking where we were going. I never told her but in the end she said that she knew.

I asked her where she thinks that we were going and she nailed it on the head. I asked her how she knew.

She said, ” I just thought that after all the talking and the sex that we had after the other day, that it was just a matter of time before you would take me here.” Besides she said, “I’ve got nothing to loose with you and everything to gain afterwards.”

I just smiled saying out loud, “this is going to be a very interesting night after all”.

Slut Wife With The Cop

“Well that’s just great,” I sighed, looking in my rear view mirror. The red and blue lights were a giveaway that this was going to be a bad night for me. I know I had been speeding a little bit but was he really serious about pulling me over for that?

“Just relax, Hun. It’s not that big a deal, it happens,” my wife said. It was easy for her to say, I knew she was loving it. She was certainly dressed for a little leniency. She had just gotten off of work waitressing at our local restaurant… which is known for it’s waitresses. The uniform was outrageous.

Her skirt was eight-inches long and straight up and down when she started working there but as the management realized their gold mine of truck drivers that went through they made a few adjustments. The skirt she had on was only five-inches long and flowy, which made my wife look like a real spectacle. She wore a thong every night, which was guaranteed to have her ass cheeks on display no matter if she was standing, bending over or walking. The high-heels also made that worse. Her shirt was a tight little tube top, and while it wasn’t mandatory, she insisted that a bra would be uncomfortable and would leave unsightly lines.

I knew any cop that saw her would probably think she was a hooker. It was at that point I heard a knock on my window. I didn’t even notice him walk up.

“Sir, step out of the car please.”

I was in shock. What had I done? I thought back and couldn’t think of anything. I opened up the car door and step out. I had a feeling I was in for trouble. The officer was much bigger than me, black and looked annoyed. His arms were huge, bigger than my neck was round and stood a good four inches above me. I was instantly intimidated.

“Do you know why I pulled you over?” he asked in a deep, commanding voice.

“I genuinely have no idea. Was I speeding?” The officer shook his head yes.

“Not just that, you were swerving around. Have you had anything to drink tonight?”

“One bottle of beer while I was waiting for my wife to get off work, that’s it,” I replied. The officer ducked his head down and looked in the car.

“Good evening, ma’am,” he said, tipping his hat towards her. I heard my wife squeak a reply back. He lifted his head back up to me. “You have a nice wife.”

“Excuse me?”

“She’s polite,” he replied. I couldn’t say much about that… but I was pretty sure I knew what he meant. I was going to find out I was right. “Sir, turn around and place your hands behind your head.”

“WHAT FOR?!” I yelled back. He didn’t take that too well. I was spun around in a second and slammed against the driver side of our car. Before I could say anything else cold steel slapped against my wrists and my cuffed hands were behind me.

“If you say a single word, you’re going in the back of my car and that’s the end of it,” he said in a low voice against my ear. I stayed quiet. “Miss, can you please step out of the car now and come around to this side?” I heard the car door open and my wife pranced around to our side. She looked like a spectacle with her short skirt and ass cheeks hanging out from underneath them. Her nipples were pressed firmly against her tight top and shot out like missiles.

“Turn around place your hands on the hood of the car,” he said, commanding. My wife looked at me and I just nodded my head. What else could I do, in reality? I didn’t want to get arrested. She did as she was told. The natural arch in her back made her ass stand out when combined with the heels, as the officer began to pat her down. I kept my eyes on her face as he began to slide down.

I saw her eyes go wide and I knew what he was doing. I looked down and saw him sliding his hand up and down her one thigh and then the other one. My wife had great legs and he was pawing at her… I knew this is what he wanted. His face was eye level with her exposed ass cheeks and he was staring at them as he went about his business. We were literally at his mercy. We both knew that no one was going to come down this road this late. We took back roads on purpose for that reason… no cops.

“I’m not going to mix words, sir. I’m either going to book you for drunk driving or your wife is going to do everything I say,” he said, bluntly. I was in shock!

The Big Party

Jenny Craft was on cloud number nine! She couldn’t believe her good luck! Having met Charlie only a month ago, and now he was taking her to a party that would include his best and closest friends. They were having what once was described as a whirl wind romance. Introduced by a friend of a friend, they had become almost inseparatable. From the very first night together the sex and been beyond phenomenal! Charlie was hung like a horse and knew exactly how to use it! This was the first time that Jenny had ever had a man with over sized equipment, and she now was a true believer in the saying that size DOES matter!

The first time she saw Charlie’s cock she nearly fainted at the thought of trying to get that monster into her tight little pussy, but Charlie was so sweet and considerate the way he made the tenderest love that first time! Making sure that she was totally lubricated and turned on, he ever so slowly inched his organ into her pussy. After the initial shock of having her pussy stretched farther than ever before, she just relaxed and tried to enjoy it. After a few minutes, however, the feeling of being really filled up overwhelmed her! Just thinking of that huge organ inside of her brought her to a shattering orgasm! Charlie hadn’t even started pumping her yet and she was cumming like a little cock hound! After that she was hooked! Even when it was soft, it was as big as most of the erections she had seen in the past. One time Charlie was in the shower and Jenny came in to get her makeup. While washing his hair, he had his eyes closed and didn’t realize she was there. Watching the water and soap running down his chest and belly and then cascading over his low hanging cock was an incredible sight! She plopped down on the toilet and frigged herself to orgasm right then and there! Only when she let out a loud moan did Charlie even notice her sitting there!

No matter where they were, Jenny would try to get Charlie into a private spot where she could get him to show her his cock. When they were riding in the car she made him pull it out of his pants so that she could hold it while they were driving! In private, he kiddingly referred to her as his “little cock hound”. Although she could be a real nuisance, Charlie took her over dose of attention with a good sense of humor, because after all, she was a beautiful woman he was lucky to have for his own!

A few times since they first met, Charlie mentioned a private club he was a member of. He didn’t go into many details, but Jenny got the impression that it was a rather exclusive club that was hard to get into. For this reason she was really excited when Charlie announced that his club was putting on a party the following Saturday night, and that he was inviting her to come along as his date. Dress was to be casual, and she should be ready for just about anything! She tried to get him to tell her more, but he just would smile and say, “You’ll find out soon enough!” Finally the big day arrived and her wait was about over. Driving to the party, Jenny asked where the party was being held? “At a private home,” answered Charlie. Jenny thought that was a little strange, as most clubs met a restaurants or had their own building. She didn’t say anything, however, and they rode in silence for the rest of the drive. The house they finally pulled up to wasn’t really a house at all, it was more like a mansion! There must have been fifteen cars parked in the huge oval driveway!
They parked Charlie’s Lincoln and headed for the front door. As they were walking, Charlie told her that this was a very special kind of party, and that she might be shocked, but that he thought that she would like it! Without knocking Charlie opened the front door and ushered Jenny into the large foyer. Laughter and music could be heard coming from the next room. With his arm around her waist, Charlie led her into the living room. What she saw made her headspin! Around the room were a variety of couples in various stages of undress! Most were just laughing and talking, but some of them were in the early stages of love making! Jenny couldn’t make a sound although her mouth seemed to be trying to ask, “What kind of party is this?!?” Charlie, seeing her reaction soothed, “Jen, this is a meeting of the “Walking Stick Club”. The only requirement for membership is that you have at least an eight inch cock when erect!”

“We meet once a month here at Gene’s place because it’s so secluded, and also because it has enough room for the thirty people who usually show up.” Finally able to speak, Jenny asked, “Do you have to, you know….,” “You mean do it in front of everyone,” finished Charlie? She nodded her head yes. “Of course not,” he answered. “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. Nobody will pressure you to do anything. It’s entirely up to you!” “Let’s get a drink,” he offered, leading over to the open bar. While sipping her rum and coke, Jenny took a more leisurely look around the room. “Well Charlie was right about one thing,” she thought, “every man there had a huge cock!”

Some of them were even bigger than Charlie’s!!! All of the women seemed to be knockouts, and Jenny all of a sudden felt a little intimidated! As she wandered into the back of the house, a blonde woman with a large naked chest came up and introduced herself as Donna. “First time, huh,” said the busty blond? “Yeah,” answered Jenny. “Well, it’s the best time you’ll ever have,” gushed Donna! “My husband Bill and I have been coming to these things for four years now! I’m addicted to them, if you know what I mean?!?” Jenny smiled and asked, “Do you do it with just anyone???” “I’ve done it with every man here at one time or another, but usually just with one or two at any one party,” she answered. “Come on, let me show you something,” said Donna, leading Jenny down a long hall. Stopping in front of an open door, Jenny looked in and saw an awesome sight! On a huge king size bed, a black man with at least twelve inch cock was taking on two white women at the same time! He was lying on his back as the two women gave him a blow job! He smiled at Jenny and Donna and asked them to join in, but Donna told him maybe later and showed her to another room. This one had a little tiny red head sitting on a cock that was threatening to rip her wide apart! It was quite obvious that she was feeling no pain, as she was in the middle of a screaming orgasm! “I usually can’t wait for the third Saturday of the month,” Donna said. “I’m so used to having these hung guys, I don’t think I could do without!” “Another thing,” she offered, “they’re all real nice fellas too. Not a bad apple in the bunch! Really a lot of fun to be around!” “What about the women,” asked Jenny? “Well, said Donna, “Some of them come and go as the men change partners, or there’s a divorce, you know!” “Most of them, however, are good people.”

Jenny thanked Donna for the tour and went off to find Charlie. He was sitting off in the corner talking to naked man about politics. Seeing her coming, both men stood up to meet her. “Jen, this is Frank Elliot, a good friend of mine,” said Charlie. Frank stuck out his hand and said, “Nice to meet you, Charlie said some good things about you!” Shaking Franks hand, Jenny couldn’t help but notice the jumbo set of genitals that hung between his thighs. Frank and Charlie both saw her peeking, and Charlie winked at Jenny and excused himself to go to the john. Frank and Jenny then stood talking, she in her dress and him totally naked. As they talked, Frank’s cock began to slowly become erect, and Jenny by now was starting to feel that empty ache between her legs! Frank could sense that she was now getting very turned on and suggested they check out one of the back rooms. Jenny said, “Sure, why not,” and started walking. When they finally found a vacant room, Frank was now fully hard. “I love big cocks, Frank,” Jenny said, “how long is it?” “Ten,” was all he said. “Take off your, clothes,” Frank said, “let me see your body!” Jenny did a slow strip tease, hanging first her bra then her panties on Frank’s erection.

By the time she was naked, she was leaking cunt juice down her thighs! Dropping to her knees she took the head into her mouth and sucked Frank to a quick orgasm. He shot it down her throat, grunting loudly as his cum filled her mouth. Lying back on the bed with her legs spread wide apart, she begged, “Ride me, please, ride me hard!!!” Needing no more invitation, Frank got between her legs and guided his big hammer into Jen’s burning cunt. “A little at a time, or all at once,” he asked? “Bury it,” she ordered, and with one hard plunge Frank impaled her tight pussy with his huge ramrod! Since he had just cum in her mouth, Frank had to build up to his next cum. This meant that he would probably have to pound the helpless pussy for a good ten minutes or more to get off his gun! Jenny wrapped her legs around Frank’s back and held on for dear life! This was exactly why she was addicted to monster dicks! They filled her up like nothing else could! While Frank was driving hard to his orgasm, Jenny was in the throes of a seemingly endless string of earth shaking cums!

Her tight pussy gripped the big shaft, trying to draw it in even farther! As his orgasm neared, Frank was now thrusting in and out with piston like precision! Screaming, “I’m cumming,” Frank unleashed another torrent of goo into his new found fuckmate! Collapsing on top of her, Frank stammered between gasps of air, “You are unbelievable!!!” All at once in the back ground they both heard the sound of clapping and cheering! Standing in the doorway was a naked Charlie and Donna. “Bravo! Bravo!” the two voyeurs yelled at the two spent lovers.

On the way home Jenny snuggled up against Charlie and rested her head on his shoulder. “Happy,” he asked? “Very,” she answered! Slipping off to sleep, she could only dream about the next third Saturday of the month! “Next time,” she thought, “the black guy……!”

Model Wife

My wife loves posing for my camera and we have taken some very daring shots, but she never envisaged doing so for anyone else, although her figure is good enough.
A colleague from work, who is also a keen photographer, complained to me that he was finding it hard to find a model. Without thinking about what I was saying, I said that my wife would love to pose for him and I showed him some of the tamer photos I had taken of her. He was very impressed and asked me to arrange it.

When I told Rosie what I’d done she was cross, but I flattered her and talked her round to at least try it. She was very nervous and she had had three rum and cokes before we got to Peter’s flat. Peter is a very smooth talker and he soon put Rosie at her ease. The generous measures of gin and tonics also helped.

He started by taking portraits. By the glazed look in her eyes I realised that Rosie was tiddly and I suggested that she take her dress off and pose in her undies.

To my amazement she agreed and I helped her take off her dress. Beneath she was wearing a suspender belt, black stockings and the sexy underwear I’d bought her for her birthday. The bra consistes of straps holding together two small triangles of material that barely cover the nipples. As my wife has rather large, firm breasts, it made them look more naked than if they had been.

The knickers consist of a triangle of material covering her mound but leaves her bottom completely exposed. Her rather profuse pubic hair could not be contained and it lined the triangle. Peter’s eyes glistened as he surveyed the delectable sight in front of his camera. He took a couple of rolls and then asked me to pose with her. Watching her posing for another man had made me so randy that I jumped at the chance and moved behind her.

My cock was as hard as a rock and I pressed it in between her bare buttocks. She responded by pushing her bottom back so that my cock was trapped between her cheeks. For a moment, forgetting where I was, I cupped her heavy breasts and nipped the nipples between my fingers. A bright flash reminded me that we weren’t alone.

Rosie had closed her eyes and she was resting her head against my shoulders. She was breathing heavily and I could see she was very aroused. Holding my breath, I quickly undid her bra and took it off. She did nothing to stop me. I cupped her bare breasts and shaped them for the camera. Peter shot away as I tweaked the nipples into hardness. Then I undid the thong holding her panties together and it slipped down her legs, exposing her pussy to his eager gaze. Again, she didn’t stop me, not even when I peeled her pussy lips back to expose the inner folds to the camera.

Peter knelt in front of her and took close-ups of my fingers pinching her clit. She was moaning and gasping and her bottom was squirming constantly against my erection.

Peter had to reload the camera and I took the opportunity to go for a pee. When I came back, I came to a dead stop and stood at the door with bulging eyes. My wife was stretched out on a table with her legs wide apart and, between her legs stood Peter, easing a colossal prick into her exposed cunt!

Before I could do anything to stop him, he buried the entire length of his rigid cock inside her. She moaned, gasped and raised her legs so that her heels rested on his shoulders. Her eyes were closed but by the expression on her face I realised that she was loving being taken by another man.

He grabbed a breast in each hand and used them as handholds to shuttle her back and forth on his cock. Although jealous, I was also very excited and I approached her. She turned her head, opened her eyes and smiled at me lovingly. She raised her arms and pulled me down to her. We kissed, our tongues mingling together as Peter continued to fuck her cunt.

I could tell that she was climaxing, her body shuddered and writhed as she sucked wildly on my tongue. Her nails clawed at my back and she almost suffocated me with the intensity of her kiss. Only when she’d finally released me did I realise that Peter had spunked inside her cunt.

I was so randy by the sight of her open cunt, filled with his spunk, that I whipped off my trousers and rammed my cock into her slippery pussy. My cock went all the way in, in one stroke, as her cunt was so slack and so very wet. Peter’s spunk dribbled onto my balls as I fucked her as hard as I could. It only lasted a few moments before she was climaxing again as she received my spermy donation.

I rolled off her, panting, my limp cock dangling. I went to get a towel to clean us up and when I came back I discovered that Rosie was kneeling on the settee with her arse up in the air and that Peter was ramming his dick into her pussy from behind. Loud squishy sounds accompanied his strokings. I could see trickles of spunk running down her legs, his and mine.

I picked up the camera and started taking photos of them fucking. It was the most exciting thing I’d ever experienced and I urged him to change position. He did, many times, and I took a load of photos of her being fucked from different angles.

By the time he squirted into her for the second time, I was ready for more. I fucked her hard, frequently changing positions so that Peter could take photos.

Rosie was exhausted by the time she received my second offering. I helped her to clean up in the bathroom and took her home. She was rather embarrassed by her lewd behaviour but I put her mind at rest by telling her that it had been the most exciting evening of my life. Two days later, Peter came round to our house with the developed photos. They were terrific and made us so randy that Peter and I ended up fucking Rosie at the same time, one at each end. She loved it and it was the early hours of the morning before we were too exhausted to keep going.

Since then Rosie and I have invited other men to photograph her and I have watched enraptured as they fuck her brains out before I join in for some hot and slippery seconds.

Afternoon Tea Party

They had been meeting like this for about three years, fifteen women in all, over fifty yearsold, widowed or divorced, and between relationships. The group had been organized by BettyColton and her good friend Sarah Henderson. When they lost their husbands only two months apart, both women felt as though their sex lives had been ended for good. After months of mourning their losses, they tepidly tried to enter the local senior citizen social scene, with not much to show for it. Increasingly they became frustrated with their situations, and decided to do something about it! What they came up with, was a semi formal club that only allowed membership to ladies with the above criteria. They found out was that there were a lot of women out there in the same boat they were in, that being alone for probably the first time in their life, and also with a very strong and persistent sex drive.
“I think everyone is here,” Betty said to Sarah, as she counted heads trying make sure everyone was present and accounted for. “All but Jane,” replied Sarah, “she called with regrets, but herdaughter is in town for the weekend and she can’t make it.” Nodding in agreement, Betty locked the front door and went around to the back and did the same. All of the shades and curtains had been drawn, and the thirty eighth meeting of the Gray Widows was about to begin! Sarah went tothe middle of the living room and clinked a glass with a spoon and asked for everyone’s attention.“Ladies, the doors have been locked and the party can begin, of course their is food and drinks in the kitchen, so please help yourselves. As usual, our waiters and waitresses will be assisting youand seeing to your every need! I said waitresses because over the last three or four meetings wehave had some call for female help. Taking advantage of this option is totally up to your own discretion! Betty is up stairs checking to see if they are all ready to come down and serve you.Remember, we’re all here to have a good time, so please make the most of it! Thank you!”

Just then, ten naked young men and two females came down the stairs and into the living room.As they mingled among the older women, they asked if any of them would like food or drinks to be served. Some of the ladies gave drink and food orders, and the young naked boys and girlshurried out to the kitchen to pick up their orders. Other ladies simply talked to the youngsters,while others reached out and fondled the naked young bodies in front of them. You see, this club was designed to satisfy the sexual needs of it’s members, and all of the kids were totally naked and would do anything that one of the members wanted them to. The only rules were that no one would do anything painful to anyone else, and that what ever you did, was to be in full view of everyone in the club. That meant that not only were you satisfying your own sexual desires, but that you were also putting on a show for your fellow club members! Many a party had ended with someone saying that the most satisfying moment for them had been watching another member having an orgasm! This rule seemed to form a bond among everyone present at the parties, as everyone had seen everyone else in various sexual situations, and it made it very easy to empathize with someone who you knew had just been able to satiate a sexual need.

Most of the waiters and waitresses were between sixteen and eighteen years old, and the women loved the feeling of smooth young flesh, it reminded them of how it used to be. The boys wereselected for their young appearance, as well as genital size. They liked to have a variety of penissizes at the parties, because some of the women liked to have a boy with a very small penis, while othersloved the contrast of a boy who was very slim and young looking with a huge penis hanging between his legs. Curt was a very popular boy with the group, because he looked like he was only thirteen or fourteen, but he had and eleven inch penis that was about eight inches long when soft. Today for example, a sixty year old woman named Ruth had first dibs on him. When he asked Ruth if she wanted anything, Ruth never said a word, she just leaned over and put the head of the huge member into her mouth and sucked it right then and there, while Curt stood quietly watching as his penis grow to it’s full eleven inch length. Ruth had both of her small hands gripping the shaft, holding it like it was an expensive jewel. Ruth continued to suck, and Curtasked her if it would be okay to cum now. Ruth looked up at the young stud, and without takingher mouth off his head, nodded to go ahead! Curt smiled down at her and then released a torrent of sperm into her waiting throat! She tried to swallow all of it but being he was so young, and he produced such a huge amount of it, some cum dribbled down the front of her chin. Finally releasing the monster, she used her fingers to scoop up the missing cum and lick the last drops up.Several of the other women applauded after she was done, and Ruth just said, “God I miss getting to suck a cock every day,” and other ladies nodded their heads in agreement!

Over on the other side of the room, Edith Olinski was about to do what she did at every party,that being getting her large chest sucked by a young man. Sitting with her good friend Anna, Edith opined that the thing she missed the most was getting her tits sucked at least once a day.When she was married, it wasn’t unusual for her husband to go to sleep nestled up against her 44D chest with a nipple in his mouth. Ever since she was a young girl, Edith found that she needed to be with a good tit sucker, and she made sure that her husband to be was addicted to her lovely chest! Many a morning did she wake up to the feel of her nipples growing erect in his mouth. After awhile she began to have climaxes by nipple sucking alone, so now she was on the lookout for someone to take care of her aching nipples. Looking around the room, she started unbuttoning the front of her blouse, while catching the eye of a boy name Randy. She now had exposed her bra and the two huge mounds of flesh that spilled from the top. Randy came over and asked, “Anything I can do for you ma’am?” Unclasping the front catch on her bra, she pulled it apart, causing her breasts to fall into her lap. “Would you please take care of these for me,” she asked? “Sure,” he replied, laying down on his back across the thighs of Anna, with his head at Edith’s chest. Randy’s penis was right in Anna’s lap, and she took it in her hand and began to slowly jerk it. Edith gave a long sigh as Randy took a nipple into his mouth and sucked it like a baby She held his head gently, caressing his face as if he were a new born. “God it felt so good,” she thought, “I needed it so much!” Anna reached over and patted her friend’s arm as if to say, “I’m glad you feel better!” Edith rolled her head and eyed Randy’s erection and asked Anna, “Are you going to suck that magnificent erection or not?!?” Anna laughed and lowered her mouth onto the head of the hard penis staring up at her with it’s one eye. Randy gave an audible groan as Anna sucked up and down on his hardon! Edith pulled the big nipple from Randy’s mouth, substituting it with her other massive tit. It was quite a scene, one lady nursing the young boy, while the other sucked his hard pecker! Edith’s pussy was now approaching an orgasm from the insistent sucking her breasts were receiving. Seeing her friend with the young cock in her mouth sent her over the edge as she squeezed her legs together trying to put pressure on her throbbing little clit. Her whole body shook as her orgasm spread from her crotch up to her chest! Anna had pulled off the hard penis and now jerked it fast in her hand. His balls becoming taut, Randy’s penis shot cum all over his belly and chest in large spurts. Both women rubbed the cum into his skin, occasionallylicking some off of their fingers.

Sarah again took center stage as she stood up to make an announcement. “Ladies, today we are going to have a special treat. Curt and Mindy are going to put on a little show for our viewingpleasure! So everyone get a good seat, because the show is about to begin!” Everyone scurried around trying to get a good vantage point so that they could see the young stud Curt, stick hishuge cock into Mindy’s tiny little cunt! Mindy was hosting her first party, and was just cute as a button! Only about five feet tall, she was very slim with just a hint of womanly hips. Her pubic area had a sparse growth of blonde hair growing along her puffy lips. She looked like she was only about twelve years old! The two children faced each other in the center of the room and just looked each other over for a few seconds. Curt made the first move by stepping up to Mindy and giving her a soft kiss on the lips. Mindy responded by putting her arms around Curt’s back andreturning a more passionate kiss as she crushed her body into his. When they broke away from each other, Curt’s penis was now becoming very erect! It was so quiet in the big room you could have heard a pin drop! Several of the ladies had pulled up their dresses or skirts and had begun to brazenly masturbate as they watched the show. No one really paid any attention to them, however, as they were transfixed by the sight of Curt’s mammoth erection! Mindy, looking even younger next to the thick penis in front of her, took it in her hand and caressed the big head gently. Curt looked down, watching as the small hands played with his hard penis. Putting his hands on her shoulders, Curt pushed Mindy to her knees so that her mouth was inches from the giant head. “Suck me,” he said softly, throwing his head back as her mouth slid over his smooth velvety head. Only being able to get her mouth over the head, she used her hands to jerk up and down the huge shaft. Her mouth, now very tired from trying to stretch over the egg sized head, so Mindy lay back on the floor with her legs spread wide open. Drops of dew were clinging to the hair along her slit, and it was quite evident that Mindy was in a state of extreme sexual excitement! She stared up at the big horse cock that towered over her, afraid yet totally under it’s spell. At this moment, she was just like every woman in the room, a slave to mammoth shaft of cock that stuck obscenely in the air for all of them to see! Looking around the room, Curt gave everyone a chance to see his erection, because he knew that for the rest of his life women would do his bidding for just the chance to just hold his massive member! Turning his attention back to Mindy, he asked, “What do you want?” Raising her arms towards his groin, she said, “Give it to me, please!” Dropping between her legs, Curt took a hold of his shaft and rubbed his head up and down Mindy’s wet labia. She groaned out loud when he brushed across her tiny clit. Taking what seemed like forever, he teased her with only the very tip of his big pecker while Mindy began to writhe around trying to get his penis inside of her. Feeling a little sorry for her, Curt finally stopped his head up against her hole. Slowly he pushed inside of her, feeling her incredible tightness! When only about three inches of his pole was inside of her, Mindy had a thunderous orgasm! She thrashed around, but was caught on the end of the gigantic penis, and it pinned her in place. Curt now growing more excited seeing the little girl cum, drove his cock in farther. Again Mindy couldn’t help herself, being stretched to the limit, she came again, while many of the women were now also having cums of their own! It was stunning to see this tiny little girl being skewered by the biggest cock any of them had ever seen! Curt’s nut sack tightened up and his dick grew even harder as his own orgasm started to build. Now unable to control himself, he plunged his dick all the way home and started to pound the defenseless cunt. It was a total assault on her pussy, and Mindywas now in the middle of one long earth shaking orgasm! Her tight lips and pussy muscles tried their best to grip the huge shaft, but all that did was make it a tighter fit, which drove both of them to climax!!! Curt let out a low bellow as his cock expelled load after load into the pretty little pussy! Now totally spent, he collapsed on top of her, kissing her neck and cheeks softly untilhis cock grew soft and slipped out of her now gaping vagina. The ladies gave them both a standing ovation!

Betty now took the floor and thanked everyone for coming. “Drive home carefully, we want to see all of you here next month!”

The Plumber

Jake was just about finished installing the new hot water heater for Mrs. Drake, as the old one had been leaking like a sieve and must have cost a fortune to run. Jake lit the pilot light and waited for the familiar whoosh that came when the burner fired up. Mrs. Drake leaned around the corner and asked if everything was O.K. “No problem Ma’am, all finished,” Jake said, as he wiped his hand with an old rag hanging from his tool belt. “Be upstairs in a minute!” After gathering up all of his tools, Jake headed out to the truck to make out the bill. After all the parts and labor were included the total came to $450.00. “Not to bad,” thought Jake, as he went back into the house. Mrs. Drake took the bill and looked it over for what seemed to be a very long time. “Is there a problem Mrs. Drake,” asked Jake. “No, there’s no problem. I was just thinking that maybe you would like to add another $550.00 to make it an even thousand.” Jake eyed her a little suspiciously and wondered why she would make such an offer.
Jake had found out that Mrs. Drake had been widowed about twelve years ago and lived alone.He guessed she must have been about sixty five years old give or take, and while not especially attractive, after all she was in her sixties, she had a pleasant enough appearance and had a slightly husky build. “Well Jake, as you know I have lived alone for a long time and I, ah well, well I–oh forget it!” she stammered. All of a sudden it dawned on Jake that the old biddy wanted to have sex with her!! “Christ alive she could be his grandmother!” Even as he was about to dismiss it out of hand, he started to think of how handy that extra five fifty would be. His wife Cathy was pregnant with their second child and with house payments and all, things were a little tight! How long could it take? Even if it lasted an hour it would be worth a shot.

Jake got up out of his chair and unbuckled his belt buckle and said, “Cash!” Mrs. Drake stood transfixed as the young plumber started removing his clothing. At twenty five he had a well chiseled muscular body that made her pussy cream! When he got down to his jockeys she told him to stop. “I want to open it myself,” she said! He walked over to where she was sitting so she could get her hands on her prize. Before she pulled his shorts down Mrs. Drake leaned forward and rubbed her face all over the front of his crotch, breathing in deeply, she savored the smell of his male sex! It had been so long for her! Not a man in over a decade! Jake had been worried about one thing, would he be able to get it up? After all Mrs. Drake wasn’t any Marilyn Monroe! Unbelievably, however, when he felt that hot breath he responded immediately! He could tell from the look on her face that she was extremely turned on, and that probably heightened his own desire. Finally she slid his short off and his big cock jumped out and pointed right at her face. “May I suck it,” she asked? “Sure, go ahead,” answered Jake. Jake had been blown a lot of times in his life, his wife Debbie was a true cock hound, but Mrs. Drake put them all to shame as she practically inhale his fat head. “I’ve never sucked and circumcised cock before, and it’s the best I’ve ever tasted,” she said! She sat back for a moment and opened up the front of her housecoat. She was totally naked under there! Although her tits sagged, they were really large with dark thick nipples. Getting a little more confident Jake asked, “Do you twist those nipples when you finger you cunt?” She nodded yes and unconsciously reached up and began flicking at her hard nubs. “Lay back and do your clit,” Jake ordered! Obediently Mrs. Drake fell back and dropped her left hand to her hairy pussy. It was the first cunt Jake had ever seen with gray hair! As she began working her cunt, Jake moved over so she could suck on his pecker at the same time. Pretty soon her body started to shake as the first throes of orgasm swept over her. By now her hand was a blur as it flew over her hot clit. Her deep moan cause Jake’s cock to begin it’s own eruption! It pumped load after load down the throat of the senior citizen cock sucker! She was up to the challenge as she caught every drop and swallowed his cum down hungrily!

Mrs. Drake grabbed Jake’s cock and cooed, “Momma wants this in her cunt!!” Still erect, Jake slid over the old woman and slid his cock into her burning snatch. Expecting it to be loose, he was pleasantly surprised at it’s tightness. “Give it to me hard you fucking stud,” she begged! Jake was now on automatic pilot as he pistoned his eight inches in and out of the silver haired pussy. Since he had just cum, he would take him a few extra minutes to shoot, and that suited Mrs. Drake just fine, as she held on loving every stroke. Nearing his own orgasm, Jake rammed his dick that much harder and faster, sweeping Mrs. Drake away in an orgasmic explosion! Together they crashed on the shoal of simultaneous climax!

Finally standing up to put on his clothes, Mrs. Drake casually stroked his now shrinking member.“Next month,” she asked? “You got it,” Jake replied, “all cash!!!

New Years Party

We were invited to a colleague’s New Year’s party. My wife Julie hates parties and I mentioned it nervously, firmly expecting that she would refuse. I was surprised when she accepted with no fuss.

Our marriage had been going through a rough phase lately. I had once pressed her to make love to another man in my presence but she had indignantly refused.

“If I am going to fuck someone else it will be because I want to and in private not for your entertainment.” she had said. Wanting to save my marriage, I backed off and had said no more.

When the party invite arrived, I knew it was not going to be a swinging affair. I could but hope it might be exciting.

She must have sensed my hopeful eagerness and expected the worst. I didn’t imagine that is why she agreed to come and assumed she just wanted to please me to help save the marriage but, in the light of events, I am not as sure now.

At the weekend, she spent the afternoon getting ready and surprised me by getting out a very sexy dress with a low, revealing neckline resulting in a stunning display of cleavage.

The dress clung to her body, showing the outline of her suspender belt and panties. In spite of her 38 years, she still had a super slim, firm body and, with her long, blonde hair, she was stunning. I told her so, but she just snorted and said, “Don’t leave me alone at the party.”

When we got to the party it was up and running with lots of people there. I went to get us a drink from the bar in the kitchen. Whilst there I met a friend from out of town and chatted. I suddenly realised I had been a long time and hurried back with the drinks.

I was relieved to find that my wife had immersed herself in a small group and was chatting animatedly. However, when I offered the drink, it was clear that I was in trouble as she snarled at me to “piss off.”

I went and hit several quick drinks but consoled myself that she now seemed to be enjoying being the centre of attention in her group. A bunch of men looking as if they thought they were on to a good thing surrounded her.

I sat half drunk on the edge of the dance floor and slowly realised that my wife seemed to be the star of the show, at least for her group of admirers. She was dancing every dance with a whole string of men and, as the dance floor darkened and the music got slower and smoochy, she was nestling close in the arms of her partners.

She was obviously being chatted up and kissed passionately whilst her partners slowly rubbed themselves against her and attempted to grope her.

The lights became dimmer and dimmer and it became difficult to keep track of what she was up to, although I could see she had progressed to locking both hands around the neck of most of her partners whilst locking her lips to theirs.

This was clearly giving them free rein to explore her body as they wished.

In the far corner of the room was a long draped curtain and soon, all her partners steered her to that spot so their behaviour was obscured by the curtain and nobody could see what was going on.

However, when she came off the dance floor, she looked more flushed and excited every time I saw her. Although I had expected her to keep those randy studs at bay, I began to be obsessed with what they were being allowed to do to her.

Julie had been really annoyed when I was gone so long. She hated having to meet new people, being basically shy, but was one of those people who were very good at hiding it. When she got going she was very sociable. So she was pleased when a lot of men came up to talk to her. She recognised that they were the most notorious womanisers, but, they were entertaining, and it was fun to relive her single days.

She had always liked the attention from the wolves and enjoyed being in control and holding them at bay. She enjoyed the chat and flirting and, when the dancing started, she accepted all of the invitations to dance that flooded in.

All the men held her as close as possible and rubbed themselves against her in the slow numbers. They tried to kiss her and feel her tits, buttocks and belly, whilst whispering in her ear how beautiful she was and telling her what they would like to do to her.

All this attention was exciting and she was thrilled that men still wanted her. She basked in the flattery and attention. It was like being a young girl again with the difference that times had changed and she was now an experienced wife. In her youth, with no pill and a strict moral upbringing, she had become expert at deflecting the seducers.

She had missed out on the sixties’ sexual revolution whilst bringing up young children. She was tempted to take this opportunity to catch up but it was difficult to ignore the way she was brought up. So, at first, she kept her partners from groping her and turned away from their kisses.

However, as the evening wore on she became more aroused by the attentions. She began to think that I had set this evening up to realise my fantasy and was still furious at being deserted, so she stopped her partner’s advances less often.

The organisers had dimmed the lights on the dance floor and played only slow numbers, and, everywhere, couples were dancing close with their lips locked together.

She began to allow her partners to lick her neck, to nibble her ears, and then to lock their lips to hers. She allowed herself to respond and parted her lips to let their tongues explore her lips, teeth, and tongue.

Her excitement mounted and she let them slide their hands down her body to caress her breasts and buttocks. She insisted that they kept their hands to the outside of her clothes – an old-fashioned, teen-age restriction from her youth.

After each dance, she sat out for a while, joking and flirting with the group and enjoying the glow as the wine and the attention relaxed her.

The next time she danced she immediately responded to the searching lips and allowed the wandering hands, allowing them to thrill her body. This time she welcomed the hand that slid into the top of her dress and caressed her breasts through her bra. With favoured partners, she allowed their hands to ease her bra aside and caress her nipples. It was electric and soon both her breasts were bare and the nipples hard.

Her favoured partners immediately headed for the curtain, where they could quickly get their hands down the front of her dress, her bra to one side, and her tits exposed. There was little attempt to dance, just a deep snog and groping of her tits. They cupped them in their hands, caressing her nipples sending shivers of arousal through her.

She stopped the many attempts to get their hands up her skirt and at the end of the dance she straightened her cloths and returned to the group and her glass.

After this had been the routine for an hour or so, her eager last partner asked to her to dance simultaneously with another man.

“That’s tricky,” she laughed. “I can’t dance with both of you.”

“Why not?” one countered, and they each seized a hand and led her to the floor.

She slipped into the embrace of one of them and the other moved in behind her, sliding his hands around her torso. She was steered into the far, dark corner against the curtain and her conventional partner kissed her passionately, so she responded and clasped her hands around his neck.

The man behind soon had a hand into the plunging neck of her dress.

Her bra was soon undone and each of his hands were soon gripping a breast, stroking her nipples until they were hard and firm, whilst he rubbed his body against her buttocks.

The thrill of the kiss, the caresses of her breast, and the pressing of the obviously stiffening male member onto her buns added to her rising excitement and she allowed the man behind to reach down and caress her belly through her dress with his spare hand.

She stopped them from trying to raise her dress to get onto her bare flesh, but, suddenly, a hand was sliding across her bare stomach. The man behind had found the side zip of her dress, furtively slid it open, and, entering, caressed her belly. She instinctively stiffened… this was too far to fast.

She tried to get her hands down to stop him but could not do so because of her partner’s grip around her middle.

She was forced to abandon this fruitless, but enjoyable, effort to prevent the man exploring her body so intimately. She continued to respond to her first partner’s exploring tongue by nestling in his arms and enjoying the excitement that engulfed her body.

The exploring hand gently caressed her belly with ever widening circles, the tips of his fingers getting lower and lower. She tried to protest when the finger tips slipped under the waistband of her panties and was soon exploring her mound with its soft downy bush.

The finger-tips of the hand were soon at the top of her crack, the middle finger smoothly slipping between her pussy lips, easing them apart to expose the entrance to her cunt. She squeezed her legs together in a belated attempt to control the situation, but her front partner kept his knee between hers, holding her thighs apart, and providing the fingers of the man behind with free access.

Then the finger-tips were stroking her hardening button and she, at first, attempted to complain. This effort was soon lost as her desire exploded beyond her control.

She clung to her partner and opened her mouth wide to welcome his exploring tongue.

She murmured in ecstasy, and pressed her body to him. He had realised what his friend was up to and, having helped with his knee, seized the opportunity to participate.

He released his hand from her breast and thrust it down between them. He swayed away from her to give himself room, and pulled the front of her dress up until he could reach the top of her thighs.

He stroked her inner thigh; his movements steadily getting higher and higher until his hand was on the soft delicate skin above her stockings.

His hand stayed there for a while, savouring the pleasure of the moment, but soon moved up to caress her mound through her panties.

Then his hand was up under the leg of her pants and two fingers found the mouth of her cunt and were quickly deep up inside her, searching expertly for her sensitive spot.

She let out a low, audible moan when he found it and, as his finger tips massaged g-spot, at the same time the other man was working expertly on her clit. Her cunt responded inevitably to these attentions and convulsed to grip his fingers tightly as his finger- fucking intensified.

“Oh God, that’s so lovely,” she groaned into his ear and then had to bury her mouth into his shoulder to stifle her moans and her deepening pant as the orgasm started to grip her.

She clung desperately to him, thrusting her tongue down his throat. In her passion, she slipped her hand from his neck and down to his crotch. She could feel his prick was erect and she quickly slid his zip down until his hard prick sprung out into her hand. She stroked the glans expertly and gently caressed the tip before sliding her fingers down the shaft and expertly wanking it.

This movement became a frantic rhythm as those familiar intense spasms of pleasure gripped her body.

The man sped his finger-fuck in response to the spasms squeezing his fingers and her pants and moans.

She had stopped kissing. She jammed her mouth onto his shoulder to stifle the noise she was making and hung on to him until the pleasure spasm had subsided. She wanked him wildly, and was thrilled as she felt his prick jerk and spurt furiously over her hand, the sticky goo dripping down her hand and over the front of her dress.

In the glow of her first orgasm she relaxed, but the man behind continued to stroke her clit with a persistent rhythm. The fingers deep in her plundered her incessantly and the preliminary pleasures of a second, stronger orgasm speared through her body.

Then it hit her with shattering intensity. She released the first, wilting prick and reached behind her for the other prick which was now exposed and waiting. In response to her attention it soon spurted more cum into her hand and sprayed it over the back of her dress.

She relaxed into the arms of the two men, glowing with the pleasure that swept over her after her desire was fulfilled, but, gradually, was overcome by guilt at her unexpected behaviour and growing alarm at the mess she was and her fear of discovery when the dance ended.

The exhausted satisfaction of the men was passing also but replaced, not by guilt, but rekindling desire.

One of them returned to fondling her breasts and taking his cue, the other soon had his hand on her crotch and slid his fingers up her knicker leg again and deep into her.

She pushed their hands away and whispered, “I must get cleaned up,” and broke away from their clutches.

She quickly walked off the floor and rushed up the stairs to the toilet, saying a silent prayer for the low lighting. She was relieved when she slipped safely inside and locked the door.

Coed Shower

It took me months to talk her into it, going to a nude beach. I remember the first time I mentioned it to my wife Susan, she just looked at me like I was crazy and said “you’ve got to be out of your mind.” We have been married 18 years and have never really done anything too adventurous sexually. Don’t get me wrong, our sex life was great, after 18 years I’m still as turned on by her as I was when we were dating. Susan is 5’6,” 115 pounds and has shoulder length blonde hair. She also has the most beautiful green eyes you ever saw. Her skin is that of a 20 year old, still so soft and smooth. Time has been extremely kind to her.

It was after months of reading erotic stories on the internet that I started thinking I’d like to visit a nude beach. Voyeur and Exhibitionism were my favorite erotic story subjects so the idea of visiting a nude beach would let me experience a little of what I’d been reading. I wanted Susan to go because one of the fantasies I have is to have some guy see her naked. That’s all I wanted, I could never think about some other guy doing anything to her. I just thought it would be a huge turn on to have some stranger see her naked, and to see some good looking naked female strangers too! Like I said, we never did anything too sexually adventurous and Susan was quite shy. When we went to a pool or regular beach she never wore a swimsuit that was too revealing. She always got uncomfortable when she thought some guy was checking her out at the beach even without a revealing swimsuit.

So I kept bringing up the subject a couple times a week for a few months, she always thought it was a stupid idea and kept asking me why it was on my mind all of a sudden. She does not know about all of the erotic story reading I’ve been doing. Finally one day she agreed but only if I didn’t pressure her to get naked if she felt uncomfortable and only if I promised that we would find a secluded part of the beach. I agreed thinking this was the most cooperation I was going to get. I already knew of a place to go about 150 miles from where we lived. I had done my internet research! The following Saturday was the day.

We got to the beach around noon. It was fairly crowded. As we walked along on the beach looking for the right spot we saw some people who had swimsuits on, some women were topless and fewer were completely nude. It was enough to make Susan turn bright red with embarrassment though! Especially when we walk past a naked guy, she just glanced at him and quickly looked away. We kept walking until the crowd thinned out. As I promised her we found a secluded area far from the crowd and stretched out a blanket. She had on a 2-piece swimsuit that wasn’t too revealing but for her it was more than you’d expect. We had a nice afternoon, I got naked for awhile and she would only take her top off after looking both ways down the beach to make sure nobody was walking towards us. We splashed around in the water a bit and got some much needed sun.

When it was time to go I felt a little disappointed that she didn’t go full nude and nobody came anywhere near us anyway, but I had a nice day with my wife and maybe next time she’d let us spend some time around other people. As we were walking back toward the crowd Susan was looking for the showers we saw earlier in the day. She wanted to wash the salt water out of her hair, she always said it always made her hair feel funny the next day. We found the shower and as she was walking up to the entrance she realized there was no “men” or “women” sign. Then we both realized this was a nude beach so there was really no point of having separate showers.

She turned a little red and told me to look inside to see if anyone was in there. I stepped inside and saw a large open room with showers heads on the back wall and a couple benches along one side wall with sinks along the other side wall. That was it, no dividers or anything, just a wide open room. There was nobody there and the floor was dry so I thought it didn’t get used much. I told Susan it was safe to come in and she joined me. I told here we were still away from the big crowd on the beach and I had a feeling this particular shower didn’t get used much. I told her to go ahead and wash up. She asked “what if someone walks in?” I told her I would stand outside the door and if a guy happened to come along I’d just ask him if he could wait a few minutes until my shy wife came out. I was surprised she agreed to this so I stepped to just outside the entrance while she took her swimsuit off by one of the benches.

From just outside the entrance I could still see her easily as this building was not designed for privacy. She had just turned the water on when I heard a couple female voices around the side of the building and I stepped around the corner just to see a couple women walking towards the parking lot. As I turned back around to go back to the entrance I saw a younger looking guy, maybe in his 20’s walking in the shower room. It was too late to stop him.

“OH SHIT” I though, “She gonna kill me” I quickly looked inside the entrance and saw that he had set his things down on a bench and was talking off his swimsuit. She had her back to the entrance and to him and had no idea he was there. He obviously saw her there naked with her back to him but I guess he didn’t give it a second though as this was a nude beach. I just stood there at the entrance not knowing what to do. When he turned on one of the showers next to her she must have thought it was me. She slowly looked back over her shoulder and when she saw this naked stranger standing there she looked like she was going to scream but no sound came out. Her eyes got that huge “OH SHIT” look, and she immediately got beet red in the face.

Seeing the look on her face the guy now realized she didn’t expect company. He said “I’m sorry, this is a coed shower so I thought it would be ok if I came in.” She just looked at him over her shoulder still facing away from him. She tried to say something but all that came out was “I…I….I…OH SHIT!!” as she looked down and saw his dick sticking straight up at her. He wasn’t hard when he went in the shower but realizing she was in shock over being naked next to a naked stranger got his dick to attention instantly. She kept looking at his face then down at his dick. Her face was so red I thought she’d pass out. Seeing her extreme embarrassment just got his dick all the harder. Then he said, “This isn’t fair you know, you’re getting a good look at me but I can’t see much of you, why don’t you turn around?” “OH NO, I c-c-c-can’t” she said. “Yes you can” he said, “I just want to get a good look at your pussy, it’s only fair since your staring at my dick.” “DON’T SAY THAT!!” she said. “Oh come on” he said and he put his hand on her shoulder and gently started turning her around. At this point I thought I was going to have a heart attack my heart was pounding so hard. I also felt like my face was beet red.

As he turned her toward him she had one hand covering her pussy and the other arm covering her tits, still looking like she might pass out any second. She was staring down at his dick again when he said “don’t worry it won’t bite!” and then he grabbed the arm covering her tits and brought her hand down to his dick until her fingers were touching his shaft. Her eyes were HUGE as she looked at him and moved her fingers every so slightly over him. She had forgotten that her beautiful breasts were now uncovered until he reached out and touched her nipple. She immediately pulled her arm back re-covering her chest. This had gone way too far now, I wanted to get turned on by another guy seeing her naked but definitely no touching and he had just touched her tit and put her hand on his dick. I should have run in and got her out of there but I just froze, I was actually short of breath seeing this.

He then took hold of her arm again, gently pulling it away from her chest this time wrapping her hand around his dick. He closed his eyes for a second and said “OH, YOUR HAND IS SO SOFT!” as he was holding onto her wrist making her hand go up and down on him. She just stared at what her hand was doing as if in total disbelief this was happening. The guy had a huge cock too, he looked like he was going to explode from the feel of her hand. He let go of her wrist and she kept stroking him on her own but very slowly, her hand was trembling as she did so. He reached out and took hold over her other arm that was covering her pussy and tried pulling it away from her.

She held it in place and stopped stroking him. In a very kind voice he just said, “Please, I just want to see your pussy.” As they looked in each other’s eyes he managed to gently pull her arm away from her body exposing her very well trimmed light brown bush. She was still holding his dick but not moving her hand. He slid his hand up her leg and tried nudging her inner thighs to get her to move her legs apart. She just said, “No, no, you can’t do that” in a very quite voice. He said, “please, I just want to touch… please??.” She did move her legs apart a little giving him a much better view of her pussy and allowing him to slide his hand up her inner thigh until his fingers were very softly touching her pussy. Her whole body was trembling now, she turned another shade of red and I felt like I was paralyzed! He started to give her pussy a good feel, sliding his finger along her slit and stopping to rub her clit. Her eyes closed as she said “No, please, please don’t do that. You can’t touch,… no please don’t”

Then her eyes flew open as he pushed a finger into her. For the first time she looked at me and our eyes met. She looked at me as if to say “please help, make him stop.” She continued staring into my eyes as he finger fucked her and made her feel his balls with her other hand. Then a look of pure panic on her face as she said “OH NO….PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME……NO STOP, YOU CAN’T MAKE ME……I’M GOING TO……OOOHHHHHHHH……PLEASE….JUST STOP!!….PLEASE NOOOOO.” He didn’t stop and as her eyes went shut I knew she was starting to have a orgasm. As she came hard on his hand her knees got weak and she almost fell down until her grabbed her to keep her from hitting the floor. He carried her over to one of the benches and laid her on it with one leg over each side of the bench, her pussy wide open. He then began to finger her again. He enjoyed her pussy with his hand for at least 5 minutes, causing her to have another orgasm.

As she was on the verge of her third orgasm he removed his hand and slid himself up on the bench between her legs and put the tip of his dick up to her pussy. As soon as she felt this she looked down and saw the head of his dick touching her pussy. She yelled out “NOOOOOOOO, NO PLEASE YOU CAN’T” then she yelled out my name, “BILL, MAKE HIM STOP…..STOP HIM BILL PLEASE!!!”

I just looked in her eyes unable to move. For the first time the stranger looked back and saw me. When he saw I wasn’t moving he turned back around, grabbled onto her shoulders and started pushing into her. He slid in and out a few times then stopped while buried deep into her. He looked down between her legs and said, “your pussy feels soooo goood.”

Then he really started fucking her. He fucked her well over 10 minutes, feeling her tits as he did do. I saw her cum again then he slammed into her hard and I could tell he was cumming hard into her. When he was done he just laid there on top of her for a few minutes with his dick still in her. Then he got up an went over to the shower to clean himself up. She also got up and walked over to a shower a got cleaned up. She didn’t care that she was naked next to the stranger anymore. After he turned off his shower he turned around and looked at her. He was hard again!

She saw this and didn’t know what to do. He grabbed her and pushed her over to one of the sinks, he suddenly was more forceful than before. He put her hands on the sink and told her to bend over in a voice than made it clear he wasn’t asking, he was telling. Then he got behind her and started fucking her again from behind. This time it went on for at least 15 minutes before he slammed into her one last time and emptied himself into her. He then went back to the shower, cleaned up and left. He just looked at me when he passed by me, he didn’t say a word, nor did I. She staggered back over to the shower and got cleaned up again. I was finally able to move and went inside to her. She just looked at me and then said “why didn’t you stop him?”

All I could say was “I don’t know I just couldn’t move.” She noticed the huge bulge in my swimsuit, pulled it down off me and walked over to the sink. She bent over and told me to fuck her, which I did. Then she showered again and walkout out completely nude heading down the beach towards the parking lot. The parking lot itself was not a nude area like the beach but she kept on walking along naked down the rows of cars. We walked by a group of guys sitting on the tailgate of their pickup drinking beer and listening to their music. They were shocked to see her walking past them like that and started saying some very crude comments to her.

One guy jumped off the tailgate and jumped out in front of her blocking her way. She stopped and just stood there. He reached out and felt up her tits then reached down and felt her pussy, stepped back, smiled and said, “thanks for the feel!” and jumped back up on the truck. She just stood their looking at his 3 friends and one by one they each walked up to her and touched her tits and pussy, the last one fingered her until she came again. Then we finally made it to our car. The trip home was very quite, we didn’t say much to each other. At home that night as she was falling asleep she rolled over and asked if we could go back to that beach next weekend.

Two Friends From the Pub

My wife and myself were spending the Saturday night at the Local Pub, we try to get out at least once a week, have a few drinks and a chat with our friends. My names Peter, I am 29, my wife is called Sally, she is 26, we have been married for 6 years. Sally is a very sexy girl, we have a great sex life and are both keen to try new things, she is 5 ft 6in, slim with a lovely pair of tits, she has short dark hair and if anything looks 6 years younger than she is. Sally does not drink that often and tonight she had overdone it a little, by closing time she was quite tipsy, my mate Barry offered to give us a lift home and I got into the back of his car with Sally. Just as we were about to drive off another guy called Phil who lives near to us cadged a lift from him as well.

Sally snuggled up to me and rested her head on my shoulder and fell asleep. It was still quite early when we arrived home so I asked Barry and Phil if they fancied coming in, I had a new porno video and plenty of booze, they both agreed and helped me in with Sally, as we walked from the car to the house I noticed that as Phil steadied Sally his hand went around her and cupped her tit, I said for them to make themselves at home in the lounge while I took Sally upstairs and laid her on the bed.

I joined them downstairs, fixed the drinks and we settled down to watch the film, it was real hardcore, a 3 hour compilation of just about every different sex act there was, about a hour and several drinks later Sally walked in, she didn’t realise Barry and Phil were there, she didn’t remember them coming home with us. She then realised what we were watching and said she was going to go back upstairs, I said why didn’t she stay and watch with us – not for a second expecting she would but she surprised me and said she would and sat down next to me on the sofa, snuggling up to me.

After a while I could hear her breathing heavy and I guessed she had fallen asleep, the way she was sitting her skirt had risen up and was showing her stocking tops, I noticed Barry was occasionally looking across at her, I thought ‘what the hell’ and started to undo the buttons of her blouse, then I unfastened the clip of her bra and began to play with her tits, Sally has huge nipples which get very hard when she is aroused, she subconsciously must have been enjoying the attention I was giving to them as they soon grew large, It has always been one of my fantasy’s to have sex with Sally in the presence of others, I had told her several times but she had always refused. I didn’t really plan at this stage to do anything more than to play with her tits but when I looked across both Barry and Phil had their pricks out and were wanking them while watching what I was doing to Sally, the video now ignored.

Barry commented on her tits, saying how he would love to suck on her nipples, Sally was out of it, I didn’t think she would know anyway so I said for him to come and sit next to her on the sofa, he soon had her tit in his mouth sucking and licking on her nipple, Sally murmured but remained asleep. Phil asked if he could join in, he took my place on the sofa and he too went to work on her other tit, I wondered how far I should go, what if she was to wake up, she would probably go ballistic, but seeing her sat there with two guys playing with her tits made me want to do more. I knelt in front of her and opened her legs pushing her skirt up as far as I could, she was sat too far back so I gently pulled her forward which made her skirt ride up more, I took hold of the waist band of her panties and pulled them down – I must have imagined it but I was sure she lifted her ass away from the cushion to make it easier for me to take them off her.

I started to lick at her pussy lips, then I slid in a finger, her cunt was very wet, I stood up and asked Barry if he wanted to play with Sally’s pussy, he got down between her legs and was soon licking and fingering her, I was so turned on I didn’t care any more, I knelt up on the sofa and taking Sally’s head I guided her mouth towards my prick, as my hard prick touched her lips they opened and I slid my prick into her mouth, she moaned and then, as a reflex action started to suck on it. Her eyes opened and she looked up at me, I thought that when she realised what was happening she would go mental but instead she smiled, grasping my prick in her hand and continued to suck deeply on it.

Barry was still in between her legs finger fucking her cunt and Phil was content to be playing with her tits. I had often dreamed about something like this happening but I never expected it to become reality. I pulled out of her mouth and quickly stripped off my clothes, Barry and Phil did the same, Sally was now just lying back on the sofa, watching us, I went to her and removed her skirt so that she was now naked apart from her black stockings and suspenders, I asked her if she was sure she wanted to carry on, she just said “which one of you are going to fuck me first?” then looking at Phil she said “you, you’re called Phil aren’t you? You’ll do, come here Phil and fuck me hard!” She lay back on the floor, Phil knelt between her wide open legs, he rubbed his prick along her pussy lips then entered her, slowly at first until he was buried deep in her, “fuck me hard” she again said, “as hard and as fast as you can!” Phil started to pound away at her cunt, Sally moaned out loudly, urging him on, Barry and I knelt either side of her face and she in turn sucked on our pricks while we took a tit each and played with it.

Phil said he was going to cum, “No! Not in my cunt” she said, “come over my tits” he pulled out of her, I moved out of the way and as he knelt beside her he shot his spunk out in streams over her tits, rubbing it into her nipples with the end of his throbbing prick, “come here” she said, “I want to suck it” and took his prick that was still oozing with spunk into her mouth to finish him off. Barry had gone down on her and was licking at her pussy, “right” she said to him, “You’re next!” She positioned herself on her hands and knees, raising her ass up high, Barry went behind her and slid his prick into her now very wet cunt and fucked her with no passion or gentleness, he fucked at her like a dog fucked a bitch – Hard and deep, as she was telling him to do. I knelt in front of her and she sucked deeply on my prick, she has never sucked it so deep, my prick was down her throat and as Barry fucked her he was pushing her forwards on to my prick.

I had before fucked Sally in the asshole and often imagined her being fucked in her ass and cunt at the same time, I said for Barry to lie on the floor and for Sally to lower herself down onto his prick, as she did so she bent forwards allowing him to suck on her tits as he fucked her, I positioned myself with my prick at the entrance of her asshole, then using saliva I fingered her asshole until it was wet and juicy, then a little at a time and slowly I slid my prick into her ass, she was moaning loudly, shouting out for us to fuck her hard, telling us to treat her like the slut she was. Her asshole was soon loose enough and Barry and I fucked her as she requested, I could feel his prick inside of her, he said he wouldn’t be able to last much longer, I asked Sally where she wanted us to come, she said over her face and tits so we pulled out of her and as she knelt on the floor we stood either side of her, Sally played with her tits as we both stood wanking our pricks, getting ready to cum, “C’mon you bastards, I want to see you cum, shoot that spunk over me, then I want to suck you both, taste your spunk” I have never heard her be so graphic, to see her kneeling in front of us, waiting for us – she looked so sexy.

Barry came first, his spunk shot out in big spurts covering her tits, some caught her on the face with a little going into her mouth, she rubbed it in to her tits and nipples, then she took hold of his prick and took it into her mouth sucking whatever was still coming out. I said I was ready and she turned to me, her mouth was open wide and her tongue sticking out, I shot my spunk into her mouth, she swallowed as fast as she could, there was so much, some dribbled out of her mouth and dripped from her chin on to her tits, she took it into her mouth and sucked until it was dry.

Phil had got his prick hard again and while Barry and I sat and watched he fucked Sally again, this time he lay on the floor and Sally lowered herself down onto his prick with her back to him, as she bounced up and down she looked at me, “Do you like what you see?” she said, “You’ve told me you wanted to do this to me often enough, am I being a good little slut for you?” she urged us to get hard again saying she had not finished with us yet. She leant back and Phil’s hands went to her tits, roughly mauling them, she raised herself off his prick then lowered down slowly so that his prick was now up her asshole, her fingers slipping into her wet cunt, Barry was hard again, she told him to fuck her cunt, he went to her and slid his prick into her, she was impaled on Phil’s prick whilst Barry fucked her as hard as he could, I was content to watch them, to listen to Sally talking ‘dirty’, Barry and Phil changed positions several times until they spunked again, this time she took Phil’s in her mouth and Barry came inside her cunt, Sally was flat out on the floor, breathing heavy, her stockings were laddered, she had spunk dribbling from her cunt and mouth.

Barry and Phil got dressed and soon left, Sally got up and sat next to me, “well?” she said, “was it as good as you thought it would be?” I told her it had been fantastic, she looked and acted so sexy, I asked her if she had enjoyed herself, she said it had been good but didn’t want to get into the habit of doing it regularly, she said she would agree to doing it again maybe once or twice a year and next time she wanted to pick the guy or guys, I asked her when she had realised what was happening to her, she told me that when she sat next to me she hadn’t really been asleep and when I had started to undress her she had just played along with it as she knew it was what I had always wanted her to do. I can’t wait for the next time, we have already discussed it and the possibility of maybe a foursome with another couple, I would love to see Sally and another girl have sex together – I’ll keep you informed.

Peggy Sucks Off The Team

One night, when my wife Peggy and I were making out and she had my cock in her hand and I played with her clit, she asked me about my buddies, the guys I played basketball with. They always make a big deal about her breasts whenever she comes to the games, or goes out with us afterward for beers. They tease her unmercifully.

“Do they act like that with every girl?” she asked, trying not to be too curious.

“No,” I said. “They just go nuts over your boobs. They’re always asking what they’re like and stuff.”

“Really?” she said, her hand quickening on my cock.

“Why?” I asked.

She blushed and hid her face against my chest. “I have this fantasy sometimes …”

“Tell me.”

“I go to the game and then afterwards, you guys take me someplace and I get drunk and you make me strip in front of your friends …and they masturbate while they look at my breasts.”

The thought of her flashing those fabulous jugs in front of my buddies did give me kind of thrill. I knew the guys would go nuts if something like that happened. And the more I thought about it, the more it turned me on. I knew it would give her a thrill to show off her tits like that and I’d been bragging for a long time how great they were to my buddies. Hmmm.

About a week later, we had another game at the park and we won by a couple of points. Afterward, since it was Al’s birthday, we went to his house to celebrate. Peggy went with us, of course and Al made a pitcher of “Zombies” for everybody. It wasn’t long before we were all feeling pretty good, especially Peggy, who never drinks much. Somehow she had managed to down two of those damn things and was fairly plastered. You can always tell when my wife is drunk, she gets this “fuck me” look in her eyes that drives guys nuts.

We were still wearing our shorts and t-shirts which by now we’re pretty rank so we ditched the shirts. As the evening wore on, somebody, Al, I think wanted a picture of the team wearing just their jockstraps. He wanted to put it on his internet site. We all laughed about it, and then decided to do it. With Peggy watching we dumped out shorts and stood there in jock-straps while she took our picture out by Al’s pool. After she took the pictures everybody dived into the water and we cooled off for awhile. When we went back into the house to watch ESPN, none of us wanted to put our sweaty shorts back on over our wet jocks, so we just walked around with our asses hanging out. Peggy kidded us about it, but it was clear she was a little embarrassed and a little turned on.

Later, I was talking to Al and I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, since I hadn’t brought anything with me.

“Look, buddy, just between us, and no offense, but what I would like is a good look at your wife’s tits.”

We laughed, but when I looked across the room at my wife I felt a pulsing between my legs.

I took Peggy into the kitchen and started making out with her. I had my hand underneath her blouse, playing with her boobs through her bra, working my thumb inside the D cups that held her twin 38’s so I could tease her nipples.

“Those guys would die if they could see these babies …see big they are, how thick your nipples are …they’d get instant hard-ons.”

She groaned at the thought I put in her head. “I’d like to see their dicks all big and hard …” she whispered. “Shake my tits in front of them so they wanna jack off.”

She arched her back and pushed her tits in my face and moaned.

“Listen, uh …Al told me what he wants for his birthday.”

She rubbed my hard cock through my jock. “What …”

“He wants to see your tits …”

Peggy smiled, thinking he was joking. “Oooh, how naughty, bring him in, I’ll suck his cock.”

“No, seriously. That’s what he wants for his birthday.”

Peggy stared at him, realizing he was serious. “What did you tell him?” she asked, her feline eyes heavy and filled with lust.

“I told him it was okay with me if it was okay with you.”

She gaped. “Really?”

I nodded. “We’re all friends. What the hell. You wanna?”

She groaned and buried her face against my chest. I slipped my hand around to squeeze her firm, rounded buttocks.

“Should I?” she asked, her voice muffled against my chest.

“If you want to.” I answered. She looked up at me.

“Will you hate me afterwards?”

I shook my head. “I don’t think so.”

“You’re really hard …is it turning you on …thinking about me showing my tits?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know …kind of. Yeah.”

“Ooooh, that is so hot. What would I do, strip for him, or all the guys?”

I shrugged again. “All of ’em I guess.”

She rubbed my cock up and down with her hand. “Would they jack off while I did it?”

“I don’t know. Maybe.”

“Would you do it, too? Jack off while I showed your friends my tits and my ass?”

She was really rubbing my cock, now. My voice cracked as I said, “Maybe. Yeah. If they did it …yeah.”

“Oh, God …that is so hot …let me blow you. Right now.”

“No, babe …wait …” She pulled my jock to one side and started jacking me off. I had to stop her while she was still hot. I stuffed my cock back inside my jock. “C’mon …” I led her into the living room where the guys, still in their jockstraps, were sitting on barstools, those high ones, watching ESPN. Nobody noticed as I walked over to the stereo and punched it on, finding a jazz station, some low down stuff that was perfect for what we wanted. Lou looked at me, then.

“Hey, we’re watchin’ the game!”

They stopped watching the game when my wife I nodded and gave him a wink, gesturing to my wife. “She wants to show you something.”

Al hit the mute on the t.v. remote and all we heard was the music. Peggy stood there, shy, a finger-tip between her teeth, looking at the four guys, and then over at me. I nodded.

“Go ahead.”

She started to sway with the music. I looked at Al who gaped at my wife. “Happy birthday, Al.” He looked at me and bowed, arms up, praising the gods for his good fortune.

Peggy swayed gently with the music, reaching to undo the buttons on her blouse. The guys sat there, not daring to breathe for fear she would stop. I walked over and sat by Al. We all watched Peggy open her blouse and show us her huge, pear shaped tits encased in her white lace bra. One of the guys gasped out loud. “Oh, jeez!”

Peggy smiled, enjoying the reaction. She slid her blouse down her arms and dropped it on the floor. She ran her hands up her flat belly, cupping her breasts so that they almost spilled out over her bra. She moved closer to us, turning now to move gently to the music, her back to us. Slowly, teasingly, she lifted the hem of her short skirt, exposing the lower half of her ripe buttocks. She bent at the waist so that her ass was pushed out toward us, her skirt riding up on her hips. She wiggled her butt and Lou almost fell of his stool. “Holy shit…” he gasped.

Peggy pulled her bikini panties up between her buttocks and ground her ass around and around at us. My dick was so hard I thought it would rip through my jock. I looked over at the other guys and they were having the same reaction. Peggy turned around and shimmied out of her skirt, kicking it away so that she stood in front us dressed in just her bra, panties and high-heels. The guys were going nuts and she loved it. She reached behind her now and started unfastening her bra.

Everybody froze, waiting for the big moment. The bra popped open and she held it to her tits with her hands for a long few seconds. And then, with everyone not breathing, she slid the bra away, coaxing it down her arms and off. Her breasts were magnificent, big and pear shaped with those thick nipples. She stood there for a moment, her back arched, pushing them toward us, and then she shook them back and forth so that Al let out a cross between a yell and a scream. Peggy smiled and began playing with her own tits, pinching her nipples, lifting the big globes so that they pressed together, letting them drop, shaking them again in time to the music. She started to peel her panties down, then and there were whistles from the guys. She stopped just as the top of her triangle of pubic hair came into view.

“Show me yours, and I’ll show you mine.” she said in a throaty voice.

I couldn’t believe those words came out of her mouth. I almost came in my jock. The guys looked at each other and then Al pulled his jock aside so that his cock sprang up in front of him. It was really big …thick and long, about nine inches. Peggy’s eyes were riveted on it and I read her lips …”Oh my God.” The other guys had their cocks out, now, too. Lou was stroking a mammoth piece of meat, bigger even than Al’s. I looked at Peggy to see if she saw it and she had. She was open mouthed with awe and lust. Everybody watched as she resumed peeling her panties down past her pussy. The lips of her puss were folded back with her desire, slimy with her juices, some of it literally oozing down into her pubic hairs, hanging off them in a couple of thin strings. That was when I took my own cock out and started pumping.

“Play with yourself, baby.” I told her.

Peggy slowly ran her finger up between the lips of her cunt and got it wet and slick. She rubbed her puss for a few seconds, grinding her hips back and forth, then turned and bent all the way over. She reached back to spread her cheeks and showed us her slick, dripping cunt and her tight little asshole.

“Who wants to smell my pussy?” she said in a voice I hardly recognized. My cock spasmed and I had to concentrate on not cumming.

Peggy worked her ass in tight circles, her cheeks spread lewdly in front of us. John staggered to his feet and moved to her, his cock bobbing stiffly in front of him. He went to his knees and put his face close to her ass and pussy. She looked back over her shoulder at him, one big breast pointing to the left. “You want it on your face?”

John only groaned. Peggy took half a step back and pressed her spread cheeks to his face, moving her wet puss around on his face. She groaned suddenly and pulled away. I saw that she had almost cum. She looked at John, still on his knees, his face slick with her juices.

“Do you like it?” she asked. John closed his eyes and jacked himself off.

Peggy looked at me and smiled a wicked smile before walking over to stand right in front of Al.

“Wanna play with my tits, birthday boy?”

Al looked at me, pleading for a yes. I shrugged, too turned on to go back. He reached for her greedily, filling his hands with those luscious breasts. She was breathing hard, now and I knew she was over the edge, nothing would bring her back now, but a good cum. She watched Al’s hands work her breasts over, watched him pull on her nipples. She looked over at me, at my cock still in my hand, ready to explode.

“I wanna play with his cock.” The words came out of her in a slow, heated roll. I was too turned on to even speak so all I did was blink. She pushed Al’s hands away from her tits and looked down at his huge cock, pulsing at about nipple level. She smiled as she reached for it, wrapping her long, tapered fingers around it, her nails not touching because of it’s thickness.

“Oh, yeah …this is a big cock.” She whispered as she began to stroke it for him. “Oh, yeah …oooh, look, you’re cumming.”

A big bubble of early cum formed at the tip of Al’s cock.

“Rub it on your tits …” I said, knowing she would anyway.

Peggy let a moan escape from her lips as she leaned forward slightly and pressed Al’s cock to her big breasts, smearing his juice around on her nipples.

“Put it between your tits, babe, jack him off that way.”

Peggy moaned again, almost a sob of desire as she put her hands on her breasts and squeezed them tight around Al’s cock. She moved them up and down his dick , her chin tilted down so she could watch the huge head thrusting just inches from her mouth.

“Faster,” groaned Al.

Peggy began pumping his cock between her tits at a quicker pace, his pre-cum smearing them, making her cleavage slick and shiny.

“Do it with your hand, now.” wheezed Al. Peggy let his cock escape from between her breasts and resumed jacking him off.

“You like it?” I asked.

“It’s so big.” she gasped, her eyes riveted on the heavy slab of cockmeat in her hand.

I felt a flash of resentment, then. Al’s cock was about two inches bigger than my seven incher.

“I wanna suck him,” she whispered, her voice choked with lust. I closed my eyes and blinked them open again, looking into her heavy lidded, dark orbs.

“Can I?” she pleaded.

I nodded. She drew a breath, noisily between her teeth, a noise borne of lust. We all watched as she lowered her face slowly toward Al’s thick meat. She bent it down slightly and pressed the slick cockhead to her lips, running it back and forth, then holding it under her nose and inhaling deeply.

“Oh, I love to smell cock …cock and sweat …Ummmm …”

She reveled in the meaty smell of Al’s cock and then ovaled her generous lips. She held her mouth, poised over Al’s cock for a long moment, and then plunged downward, filling her mouth with thick, warm dick. She groaned along with Al as she began to Al her head up and down, fucking her mouth on his cock. Al was in ecstasy, the others pumped their cocks in a steady beat, wondering if they might be included in this largesse. Peggy slid her mouth off Al’s meat and groaned.

“I love big cocks …I like them in my mouth …shooting cum down my throat …spurting on my tits …all over my tits …on my pussy …on my ass …” She dove down again, swallowing half his cock. Al put his hand on the top of her head and guided her up and down on his meat, getting a cadence he liked. She looked up at his face while she sucked him off, watching his reactions. It turned her on to see him so helpless beneath the pleasure she gave. I had seen that look a thousand times and knew what Al was feeling.

“Oh, yeah …suck me off, Peggy,” grunted Al. She turned her head slightly and Al’s cock slid across her cheek. He rubbed it around on her face, smearing his juices across her lips. She groaned as she felt the heat from his cock sliding across her face. He pressed the swollen head against her lips and she smelled cock under her nose, a meaty smell, musk mixed with sweat and cum that sent shivers of excitement down through her body to make her even wetter between her thighs.

“Oh, God, yes …put it in my mouth …let me suck it.” she groaned.

She went down and took his cock with her mouth and Al groaned so loud they all thought he was cumming.

I watched my wife suck Al’s dick and felt my own cock ache from the intense erection I had. “Blow him, you little slut. Suck his cock,” I rasped.

Peggy slid her mouth off Al’s cock and looked at me, her lips swollen and puffy from sucking cock. “Make me do it, baby. Make me do it.”

I reached over and put my grabbed a handful of Peggy’s hair, pulling her down to Al’s cock again. “Do it, slut.”

She sobbed in despair and passion as she let Al’s cock fill her mouth. Her big tits rested on Al’s thighs as I forced her mouth up and down on Al’s cock. Her pussy was dripping thick rivulets of juice as she tried not to gag on his big dick and then she was slipping her mouth off his cock and running her tongue around on the head, tasting his juice, running her warm tongue down the thick shaft, licking the hot flesh of Al’s thick cock.

Al looked over at me and asked, “Can I cum in her face?”

I nodded. “If she wants you to.”

Peggy looked up at us and ran her tongue over her full lips. “Ooh, baby …spurt lots of hot cum on me. Do it right in my face …” She let her tongue slip from between her lips and ran it around and around the head of Al’s cock. Al spasmed and grabbed her with both hands, pushing his cock into her mouth, fucking her now, using her lovely mouth like a cunt. She groaned around the cock she was sucking and I saw everyone jacking off as we waited for Al to cum. He jerked her by the hair, pulling her mouth off his cock. She closed her eyes and turned her face up so that his cock was poised inches from her chin. She reached up and wrapped her hand around the thick slab of meat and jacked him off. It took maybe five or six strokes for Al to start spurting cum all over Peggy’s face. Thick, white streams of sperm splattered across her chin and mouth, then more of it spurted across her nose and forehead.

She kept pumping his cock as another stream of cum splattered her forehead, a glob of it landing in her hair. He pulled her closer to his cock as the spurts tapered off, making her take them on her lips. She moaned and opened her eyes to look at his dick in front of her. She let him push it in her mouth and sucked cum from it before leaning back and rubbing the head around and around on her spermy face. Al groaned and tried to stop her, but she held onto his cock and sucked the head into her mouth again, cleaning his cum off of it. I grabbed her then and pulled her over to me, pushing my own hard cock into her mouth. She began bobbing her head up and down, Al’s sperm oozing down off her chin and jawbone, hanging there in thick rivulets. I felt the cum surge up from my balls and spurt into my wife’s mouth. She choked, and pulled away, a big glob of cum spilling from her mouth and oozing down her chin. I pushed my cock back into her mouth and spurted more thick juice into her. It felt agonizingly pleasurable to spurt cum in her hot little mouth. She let me finish cumming in her mouth then when I slid my cock out from between her lips, she pushed my cum out of her mouth with her tongue. I was amazed at how much I had given her. It was so thick and plentiful that it slid down her chin and hung in one long glob down to her breasts. She gasped for air and looked up at me.

“Make me cum …” she pleaded. I looked over at the other guys who were jacking themselves off.

“Let them cum on you, first.” She gave me a slutty little smile and walked over to them, her face and tits covered in cum. There were four of them sitting there, pumping their cocks. She leaned over John’s cock so that her cum splattered tits touched his dick. She cupped her tits in her hand and spread them apart so that John’s hard cock slid between them. She jacked him off with her tits until he spurted a fountain of hot cum between them. She groaned as he came between her tits. “Ooooh, yeah …do it, do my tits …cum on them.”

She finished John and then moved over to Bill who pointed his cock at her tits and spurted almost immediately. His cum leapt from his dick and landed on her lips and then on her tits. She leaned back and spit his cum from her lips as he continued spurting on her. When Bill finished, Peggy stood up and smeared all our cum around on her breasts and reveled in what it felt like.

“Oooh, I like this a lot! More. I want more cum.” She moved to Phil and knelt in front of him. “In my face, big cock. Do it right on my pretty face.”

Phil could hardly breathe as he pumped his thick cock over my wife’s face and then he was shooting it all over the place. The first jet of sperm went clear over Peggy’s head but the next one splattered her left cheek. She opened her mouth, then, and Phil tilted his cock downward to spurt his cum there. She stuck her tongue out and Phil coated it with his cum. She let him fill her mouth with his sperm, then turned so that we could all see her holding it in her mouth.

Everyone groaned as if on cue and watched her swallow the thick goo. Ron was next and he was close to dying, I think. He let Peggy take his cock in her hand and rub it around on her sperm slick face. She watched him as she jacked him off and licked the underside of his cock with her tongue. She leaned down a bit and sucked his balls into her mouth while she continued to jack him off. He let out a tortured cry and she released his balls to plunge her mouth down on his cock. We watched as Ron spasmed and fucked Peggy’s mouth with quick, short strokes, obviously filling her mouth with his cum. Peggy made hot little noises as she received his offering and then she slumped backward and let Ron’s cum ooze from between her lips and slide down her chin. She spread her legs right there on the floor and started finger-fucking herself while we watched, or cocks hanging semi-rigid beneath us. She grunted and fucked her cunt up at her hand, her tits bobbing and jiggling as she brought herself closer to an orgasm.

Finally she arched her back and let out a scream as she dug at her cunt with her fingers. I felt my cock beginning to fill with blood again and knew this wasn’t over yet.