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Coed Shower

It took me months to talk her into it, going to a nude beach. I remember the first time I mentioned it to my wife Susan, she just looked at me like I was crazy and said “you’ve got to be out of your mind.” We have been married 18 years and have never really done anything too adventurous sexually. Don’t get me wrong, our sex life was great, after 18 years I’m still as turned on by her as I was when we were dating. Susan is 5’6,” 115 pounds and has shoulder length blonde hair. She also has the most beautiful green eyes you ever saw. Her skin is that of a 20 year old, still so soft and smooth. Time has been extremely kind to her.

It was after months of reading erotic stories on the internet that I started thinking I’d like to visit a nude beach. Voyeur and Exhibitionism were my favorite erotic story subjects so the idea of visiting a nude beach would let me experience a little of what I’d been reading. I wanted Susan to go because one of the fantasies I have is to have some guy see her naked. That’s all I wanted, I could never think about some other guy doing anything to her. I just thought it would be a huge turn on to have some stranger see her naked, and to see some good looking naked female strangers too! Like I said, we never did anything too sexually adventurous and Susan was quite shy. When we went to a pool or regular beach she never wore a swimsuit that was too revealing. She always got uncomfortable when she thought some guy was checking her out at the beach even without a revealing swimsuit.

So I kept bringing up the subject a couple times a week for a few months, she always thought it was a stupid idea and kept asking me why it was on my mind all of a sudden. She does not know about all of the erotic story reading I’ve been doing. Finally one day she agreed but only if I didn’t pressure her to get naked if she felt uncomfortable and only if I promised that we would find a secluded part of the beach. I agreed thinking this was the most cooperation I was going to get. I already knew of a place to go about 150 miles from where we lived. I had done my internet research! The following Saturday was the day.

We got to the beach around noon. It was fairly crowded. As we walked along on the beach looking for the right spot we saw some people who had swimsuits on, some women were topless and fewer were completely nude. It was enough to make Susan turn bright red with embarrassment though! Especially when we walk past a naked guy, she just glanced at him and quickly looked away. We kept walking until the crowd thinned out. As I promised her we found a secluded area far from the crowd and stretched out a blanket. She had on a 2-piece swimsuit that wasn’t too revealing but for her it was more than you’d expect. We had a nice afternoon, I got naked for awhile and she would only take her top off after looking both ways down the beach to make sure nobody was walking towards us. We splashed around in the water a bit and got some much needed sun.

When it was time to go I felt a little disappointed that she didn’t go full nude and nobody came anywhere near us anyway, but I had a nice day with my wife and maybe next time she’d let us spend some time around other people. As we were walking back toward the crowd Susan was looking for the showers we saw earlier in the day. She wanted to wash the salt water out of her hair, she always said it always made her hair feel funny the next day. We found the shower and as she was walking up to the entrance she realized there was no “men” or “women” sign. Then we both realized this was a nude beach so there was really no point of having separate showers.

She turned a little red and told me to look inside to see if anyone was in there. I stepped inside and saw a large open room with showers heads on the back wall and a couple benches along one side wall with sinks along the other side wall. That was it, no dividers or anything, just a wide open room. There was nobody there and the floor was dry so I thought it didn’t get used much. I told Susan it was safe to come in and she joined me. I told here we were still away from the big crowd on the beach and I had a feeling this particular shower didn’t get used much. I told her to go ahead and wash up. She asked “what if someone walks in?” I told her I would stand outside the door and if a guy happened to come along I’d just ask him if he could wait a few minutes until my shy wife came out. I was surprised she agreed to this so I stepped to just outside the entrance while she took her swimsuit off by one of the benches.

From just outside the entrance I could still see her easily as this building was not designed for privacy. She had just turned the water on when I heard a couple female voices around the side of the building and I stepped around the corner just to see a couple women walking towards the parking lot. As I turned back around to go back to the entrance I saw a younger looking guy, maybe in his 20’s walking in the shower room. It was too late to stop him.

“OH SHIT” I though, “She gonna kill me” I quickly looked inside the entrance and saw that he had set his things down on a bench and was talking off his swimsuit. She had her back to the entrance and to him and had no idea he was there. He obviously saw her there naked with her back to him but I guess he didn’t give it a second though as this was a nude beach. I just stood there at the entrance not knowing what to do. When he turned on one of the showers next to her she must have thought it was me. She slowly looked back over her shoulder and when she saw this naked stranger standing there she looked like she was going to scream but no sound came out. Her eyes got that huge “OH SHIT” look, and she immediately got beet red in the face.

Seeing the look on her face the guy now realized she didn’t expect company. He said “I’m sorry, this is a coed shower so I thought it would be ok if I came in.” She just looked at him over her shoulder still facing away from him. She tried to say something but all that came out was “I…I….I…OH SHIT!!” as she looked down and saw his dick sticking straight up at her. He wasn’t hard when he went in the shower but realizing she was in shock over being naked next to a naked stranger got his dick to attention instantly. She kept looking at his face then down at his dick. Her face was so red I thought she’d pass out. Seeing her extreme embarrassment just got his dick all the harder. Then he said, “This isn’t fair you know, you’re getting a good look at me but I can’t see much of you, why don’t you turn around?” “OH NO, I c-c-c-can’t” she said. “Yes you can” he said, “I just want to get a good look at your pussy, it’s only fair since your staring at my dick.” “DON’T SAY THAT!!” she said. “Oh come on” he said and he put his hand on her shoulder and gently started turning her around. At this point I thought I was going to have a heart attack my heart was pounding so hard. I also felt like my face was beet red.

As he turned her toward him she had one hand covering her pussy and the other arm covering her tits, still looking like she might pass out any second. She was staring down at his dick again when he said “don’t worry it won’t bite!” and then he grabbed the arm covering her tits and brought her hand down to his dick until her fingers were touching his shaft. Her eyes were HUGE as she looked at him and moved her fingers every so slightly over him. She had forgotten that her beautiful breasts were now uncovered until he reached out and touched her nipple. She immediately pulled her arm back re-covering her chest. This had gone way too far now, I wanted to get turned on by another guy seeing her naked but definitely no touching and he had just touched her tit and put her hand on his dick. I should have run in and got her out of there but I just froze, I was actually short of breath seeing this.

He then took hold of her arm again, gently pulling it away from her chest this time wrapping her hand around his dick. He closed his eyes for a second and said “OH, YOUR HAND IS SO SOFT!” as he was holding onto her wrist making her hand go up and down on him. She just stared at what her hand was doing as if in total disbelief this was happening. The guy had a huge cock too, he looked like he was going to explode from the feel of her hand. He let go of her wrist and she kept stroking him on her own but very slowly, her hand was trembling as she did so. He reached out and took hold over her other arm that was covering her pussy and tried pulling it away from her.

She held it in place and stopped stroking him. In a very kind voice he just said, “Please, I just want to see your pussy.” As they looked in each other’s eyes he managed to gently pull her arm away from her body exposing her very well trimmed light brown bush. She was still holding his dick but not moving her hand. He slid his hand up her leg and tried nudging her inner thighs to get her to move her legs apart. She just said, “No, no, you can’t do that” in a very quite voice. He said, “please, I just want to touch… please??.” She did move her legs apart a little giving him a much better view of her pussy and allowing him to slide his hand up her inner thigh until his fingers were very softly touching her pussy. Her whole body was trembling now, she turned another shade of red and I felt like I was paralyzed! He started to give her pussy a good feel, sliding his finger along her slit and stopping to rub her clit. Her eyes closed as she said “No, please, please don’t do that. You can’t touch,… no please don’t”

Then her eyes flew open as he pushed a finger into her. For the first time she looked at me and our eyes met. She looked at me as if to say “please help, make him stop.” She continued staring into my eyes as he finger fucked her and made her feel his balls with her other hand. Then a look of pure panic on her face as she said “OH NO….PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME……NO STOP, YOU CAN’T MAKE ME……I’M GOING TO……OOOHHHHHHHH……PLEASE….JUST STOP!!….PLEASE NOOOOO.” He didn’t stop and as her eyes went shut I knew she was starting to have a orgasm. As she came hard on his hand her knees got weak and she almost fell down until her grabbed her to keep her from hitting the floor. He carried her over to one of the benches and laid her on it with one leg over each side of the bench, her pussy wide open. He then began to finger her again. He enjoyed her pussy with his hand for at least 5 minutes, causing her to have another orgasm.

As she was on the verge of her third orgasm he removed his hand and slid himself up on the bench between her legs and put the tip of his dick up to her pussy. As soon as she felt this she looked down and saw the head of his dick touching her pussy. She yelled out “NOOOOOOOO, NO PLEASE YOU CAN’T” then she yelled out my name, “BILL, MAKE HIM STOP…..STOP HIM BILL PLEASE!!!”

I just looked in her eyes unable to move. For the first time the stranger looked back and saw me. When he saw I wasn’t moving he turned back around, grabbled onto her shoulders and started pushing into her. He slid in and out a few times then stopped while buried deep into her. He looked down between her legs and said, “your pussy feels soooo goood.”

Then he really started fucking her. He fucked her well over 10 minutes, feeling her tits as he did do. I saw her cum again then he slammed into her hard and I could tell he was cumming hard into her. When he was done he just laid there on top of her for a few minutes with his dick still in her. Then he got up an went over to the shower to clean himself up. She also got up and walked over to a shower a got cleaned up. She didn’t care that she was naked next to the stranger anymore. After he turned off his shower he turned around and looked at her. He was hard again!

She saw this and didn’t know what to do. He grabbed her and pushed her over to one of the sinks, he suddenly was more forceful than before. He put her hands on the sink and told her to bend over in a voice than made it clear he wasn’t asking, he was telling. Then he got behind her and started fucking her again from behind. This time it went on for at least 15 minutes before he slammed into her one last time and emptied himself into her. He then went back to the shower, cleaned up and left. He just looked at me when he passed by me, he didn’t say a word, nor did I. She staggered back over to the shower and got cleaned up again. I was finally able to move and went inside to her. She just looked at me and then said “why didn’t you stop him?”

All I could say was “I don’t know I just couldn’t move.” She noticed the huge bulge in my swimsuit, pulled it down off me and walked over to the sink. She bent over and told me to fuck her, which I did. Then she showered again and walkout out completely nude heading down the beach towards the parking lot. The parking lot itself was not a nude area like the beach but she kept on walking along naked down the rows of cars. We walked by a group of guys sitting on the tailgate of their pickup drinking beer and listening to their music. They were shocked to see her walking past them like that and started saying some very crude comments to her.

One guy jumped off the tailgate and jumped out in front of her blocking her way. She stopped and just stood there. He reached out and felt up her tits then reached down and felt her pussy, stepped back, smiled and said, “thanks for the feel!” and jumped back up on the truck. She just stood their looking at his 3 friends and one by one they each walked up to her and touched her tits and pussy, the last one fingered her until she came again. Then we finally made it to our car. The trip home was very quite, we didn’t say much to each other. At home that night as she was falling asleep she rolled over and asked if we could go back to that beach next weekend.