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Dee Gets Pregnant

Let me first tell you a few things about my wife, Dee. Dee and I have had a happy six years of marriage, our sex life was great or at least so I thought. Dee is 26 yrs old and I am 28. I am the manager for a local restaurant and Dee works the late shift as a manager of a warehouse downtown. Dee has blonde hair, she is 5′ 7″, weighs 110 lbs. and has c cup breasts. She has an ass to die for and no matter where she goes she is always turning heads.

About a month ago she asked me if she should start getting a ride back from work with one of the workers. I asked who it was and she said he was a black man who worked the same shift as she did and his name was Eric. I, thinking nothing of a black man, said “Sure What harm could come from it.”

Then two weeks ago she said, “Eric and three or four other guys from work and some of their girl friends get together and play cards all night and I was wondering if I could go.” Here I am trying not to be jealous, I considered that she had never strayed before and I would be asleep when she came in any way. So of course what did I say, “Darling that is perfectly fine with me just be careful.”

Friday night about two a.m. I heard my phone ring so I drug myself out of bed and answered it and Dee said,” Hey honey I am at Eric’s house and I’m a little drunk so I am going to wait till the morning to come home.” Thinking about my wife’s safety I said, “Okay honey I will see you in the morning.

Saturday morning around 11 a.m. she walked in the door hung over. She told me she was still tired and would fill me in later on. She woke up that afternoon and had lunch then she took a shower and shaved. After dinner we were lying in bed and I asked what happened. She said, “Well we all played cards and drank and then I called you and went to sleep on the couch..”

I said,” Is that all that happened.”

She said,” That’s all that happened last night but this morning I saw all the guys and girlfriends walking out of the bedroom in their underwear and a few of them were naked.” I calmly said that I was very proud that she didn’t join them.

She then said I have a confession to make, when I was in bed this afternoon I fantasized that it was me coming out of the bedroom. I started kissing her asking her if she would like their big black dicks in her. She looked at me in astonishment and said,” You would let your wife screw another man.”

I smiled and said,” As long as I get to lick you out.” I then put my dick in her and starting fucking her hard.

Dee said, “You know honey that if they cum in me I might get pregnant, would you still love me if I was pregnant with a black baby?” I said, “As long as I get to nurse along beside the baby.” I yelled that I was going to cum then she said “

Pull out I want a black baby.” I pulled out and cum shot on her stomach. She looked at me and said, “I hope you were serious about the baby I get so horny thinking about a black baby growing inside of me. Is that okay?” I knew that I wanted kids but I didn’t know if I wanted another mans kids. She looked at my dick as it was getting hard again from the thought of her being knocked up by a black man.

She the said, “I guess that is a yes.”

Sunday she told me that she was going to go through with it the next Friday night which was coincidentally her most fertile time of the month. All I could say was,” I can’t wait to clean you out.”

Monday when she came home from work, she told me that she had made out with Eric on the way back.

Tuesday she told me that they stopped at a gas station on the way back from work and she stripped down to her panties. She told me he left marks on her tits and she felt of his dick, according to her it’s at lest 12 inches long.

Wednesday she wore a skirt and no panties. She let him finger her to an orgasm.

Thursday was the day I knew she was serious. She gave him a blow job in the parking lot where she works after they got off. She told me she swallowed it all which made me angry cause she never swallowed for me.

Friday she spent an extra hour getting ready, shaving mostly, at work that day they 69 on her office desk. When they got off she in formed Eric that tonight was the night, Eric said,” The boys are coming over so it will have to wait.” Dee the said that they could join in also, there was enough to go around. Eric suggested to stop and get some condoms but Dee stopped him and told him “Tonight is knock Dee up night.” Eric was ecstatic when she told him that he had first dibbs on her eggs.

When they got to Eric’s house, they went straight to it. Dee had stripped down to her panties when James and Anthony, two of Eric’s friends walked in, they started to excuse themselves but Dee told them they could participate also. Eric pulled her panties down and placed a finger into her soaking wet cunt. She looked at him and told him that she had wanted him from day one. As Eric guided his dick into Dee, the others were getting naked. Dee screamed with pain and pleasure as his 12 inch dick went into places my dick had never been before. Dee looked up and saw two other black dicks being pushed toward her faces as she open her mouth to welcome them. Dee came two times before heard saying here it comes baby.

Dee began shouting,” BREED ME BREED ME fuck me like the white slut I am.” With that Eric pushed with all his might and shot his black baby food directly in to my wife’s fertile womb.

James stepped in right behind Eric and began fucking her while Anthony was getting a blow job from her. As she was sucking and being fucked Eric was beginning to get hard again. Anthony went first. Anthony shot into my wife’s mouth as quickly as she could drink it down. When James began to cum she starting screaming at the top of her lungs,” I want your baby, I want your black baby.”

Eric walked up behind Dee and began to finger her cunt, he then slid one of his fingers into her ass. When Dee stiffened he asked her, “Have you ever been fucked in the ass before?”

She then replied,” No.”

Eric said, “We get to knock her up and take her anal virginity.” He then forced his dick into her ass hole.

Dee didn’t come home till Sunday morning. She told me that she wanted to make sure she was pregnant. Her hair was matted with drying cum and it was still running down her legs. She then pulled her skirt up and told me to come and clean her out. I then kneeled at her feet and looked at her swollen pussy, still dribbling cum. She told me that she was going to fuck them now and that she wanted to have lots of black babies. As I licked the salty, still warm cum from another man out of her pussy I knew life would me the same.