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Just Desserts

It was to be an exciting night. We planned a little dessert party when we had our son stay at his grandmother’s for the night. What we didn’t know was just how exciting it would really be. Our invites told everyone to dress as sexy as they could. Since most of our friends had children it was a reason to dress up a little. When the guests arrived there was plenty of cleavage and booty showing for both male and female eyes to take in.

My wife Christine had her 36 DD’s on display with a strapless bandanna top, mini skirt and high heels, giving her 5′ 2″ frame a little more height. I was dressed in a pair if tight jeans and short sleeve gauze style shirt opened down the front.

We prepared several dessert selections for all to enjoy and had an excellent choice of liquors and wines on display. This was also a night for us to break in our new pool and lanai area. Candles were floating in the pool and we encouraged our guests to bring their swim suits/or not, to swim and have a good time. As I made my way around saying “Hi,” to our guests I saw the guys were checking out Christine’s ample curves.

For this evenings event we invited our usual crowd of friends along with some new ones including our veterinarian/friend Jeff. Also here was my wife’s former boyfriend, Fred, who was in town on business. As the night progressed, people started to really enjoy themselves. Some of the ladies would brush up against me as I walked by or make sure I caught a glimpse of their tits. Every so often I noticed Christine talking to people and the guys would either be looking at her magnificent chest or rubbing up against her beautiful ass. Some of our friends made it into the pool after changing into some really hot swimsuit that left little or nothing to the imagination. It was turning into a great night for all to just blow off some steam and engage in some adult conversation and fun.

Christine was enjoying herself as well with all of the attention she was getting, especially from her ex, Fred. She has always had, “a thing”, for Fred, often fantasizing about fucking him again. Even though their relationship did not go well, they were able to remain friends and I didn’t mind since we are both comfortable in our relationship after 10 years of being together.

Fred and Christine were talking with Jeff in one of the low-lit areas of the lanai. We kept the lighting low with some good party/fuck me music on. As I walked by to tend to our other guests I noticed Fred as well as Jeff each had a hand on her ass, and she in turn had a huge smile on her face. I smiled at her as I walked by and continued to chat with our friends making sure everyone was enjoying the festivities.

On my way around the lanai I lost track of Christine and her two admirers since I was distracted from the constant laughing and groping going on either in or around the pool. At one point I had to retrieve something from inside the house and heard some muffled sounds coming from our bedroom. I made my way down the hall and noticed the door wide open, and inside was Christine on her knees alternating between sucking both Jeff’s and Fred’s cocks. They noticed me there and said, “We know she wants it, and we’re going to use her as our little fuck toy for a while.”

After the moment of being stunned and relatively excited at the some time faded I asked Christine, “Honey, you OK with this?” Knowing that this was one of her ultimate fantasies not only with Fred, but with Jeff as well.

She looked me in the eye and said, “Absolutely!!!”

Knowing how much she was enjoying herself and with her consenting, I said, “Have fun guys!”

As I withdrew from the room closing the door I heard Fred say, “Now, take off those clothes so I can see those great tits and ass again, but leave the heels on!”

I went back to the party with a raging hard on, knowing my hot wife was being treated like the horny, sexy slut she likes to be treated like.

Back outside there was some kissing and touching going on with the other couples, but nothing like what was happening inside the house.

After about two hours, I think since I wasn’t looking at the time, Christine emerged from the house looking flushed in her bikini and jumped into the pool. Followed shortly behind her were Jeff and Fred with a very satisfied look and their faces. Christine got out of the pool and found me seated on one of our bar stools talking with another couple. I noticed the flushed look on her face asked if she was having a good time? She kissed me and said with a big smile, “Yes honey, I’m glad we decided to throw this party.”

Not long after the party broke up, with only a few people camping out due to too much imbibing. Both Jeff and Fred gave Christine long kisses goodbye while patting her ass, and shook my hand saying what a fantastic wife I had.

Later, when we were in bed for the night I asked her, ” SO… what happened after I left???”

She immediately got that big smile on her face and said, “They used me like I always fantasized they would. They told me to strip and made me take their clothes off. After that they proceeded to tell me how I was their own personal whore and to do whatever they said. My pussy was soaked, and they knew I was really excited. They kept grabbing my breasts and spanking my ass. I was told to get on the bed on all fours. At this point Jeff stuck what seemed like and 8-inch cock in my mouth and told me to suck his dick. Fred got behind me and felt my pussy, noticing how wet I was. He then said it was just like he remembered and rammed his cock into me. It felt soooo gooood having his cock in me and with Jeff fucking my mouth I started to cum. I did whatever they told me. They both came all over tits, and in between fucking me they took turns licking my pussy. It felt fantastic, and I had one of my intense orgasms where I squirted. After that Fred said he never knew I was such a little fuck slut, since I never did that with him.

I was holding her while playing with her pussy and she was soaked again. “You really enjoyed yourself didn’t you?”

“Honey…I loved every fucking minute of it,” was her response between moans, “I love you.”

“I love you too sweetheart.”



“When is our next party?” she asked and proceeded to cum before mounting me and fucking me until I exploded.