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The Party Wife

I have a wonderful erotic experience to share with you. Some may think I am bad, and others will secretly wish they were me, however it happened and I have some very fond memories which I love to rethink and remember as often as possible.

I am the wife of an Air Force Master Sergeant who at the time was deployed overseas. I was 39 at the time with a son who had just moved to another city to attend college. It was last August when this happened and I was left all alone in the apartment to think of all the things I wish I could do and I especially thought of sex quite often.

I noticed two handsome black guys moving into the apartment complex on my floor and two doors down. It was hot and I decided to prepare some ice tea and ask them to join me on the back patio, which they did. We soon had exchanged conversation on our situations and they revealed that they were seniors in the University and would graduate next May.

They were very nice and thanked me for the ice tea and said if they could ever do anything for me to be sure and call on them. I said that it would be nice to have some men things done for me sometime and I would call on them. Zack winked at me and smiled and said, “Anything you need just call.”

Being they were near by we saw each other often and they would carry my bags in when I had returned from shopping and even changed a flat for me once. I noticed that they never passed up the chance to look me over, which I considered a compliment from two young men who were half my age. Well not quite, as I am 39, and 5 ft 9 inches tall, slender with a nice figure, 34-c breasts which are still very perky and jiggle when I walk along with my butt which has a nice wiggle.

One day Isaac informed me that they were having a Halloween party and wanted to know if I would be his guest. He said that they were having some couples over, serving food and beverages, and might even dance some. I thought, what the heck, I don’t have anything else to do. “Yes,” I replied, “I will be glad to come.”

As I later was reflecting on the situation I began to wonder if he was including me in the party or wanted me as “his guest” as he had put it. Could it be that I would be his date? No, that is impossible, an old woman like me and so many young pretty ladies at college. I do recall some of the looks Isaac had given me and the thought kept coming back and I was feeling the results down between my legs, a nice warm feeling and dampness.

I suspected that I would be the oldest one there and the only white woman. I wanted to look my best so I carefully planned my attire. I would wear my black below the knee skirt with slits up the sides, a white satin blue buttoned down the front accenting my nice pair of boobs.

I also found my red lacy panties and bra with the black trim I had bought for my Husbands return from another deployment several years back. Not that anyone would see them but they made me feel sexy and appealing. What am I planning? My seduction? His seduction? No, it will not happen. Isaac is not interested in me, he just wants to invite me to be nice.

The night arrived and I was nervous trying to decide if I really wanted to go. I knew that if I went I would surely seduce Isaac or him me. The party started at 8 PM and I watched through my slightly opened door the couples coming to the party, they were all black and young and beautiful. It was well after 8 PM when I decided that I was going and I knew that if I went that I would not say no if sex was an option. If he wants me I am his and if not I will come home and be alone with my thoughts and desires.

I went to the door and knocked, Isaac opened the door and said, “Hi, thought you might not come.” “Gee you look great.” He kissed me on the cheek and led me into the apartment and introduced me around. I noticed that everyone seemed to be paired up and Isaac and I were apparently a couple. We had some drinks and started dancing.

Isaac said, “I hope I can keep you to myself, as all the guys here are undressing you with their eyes.”

I said, “Don’t worry Isaac, you’re enough for me tonight,” and I giggled like a teen. (which is one of my things to do.) He held me close as we danced and I could feel his manhood stretching his pants and rubbing against my pelvic. I was getting very wet and weak kneed.

He gently squeezed my buttocks and whispered to me, “If you don’t want me tonight, please stop me now.”

I said, “Don’t worry, I want you more than you’ll ever know.”

He took my hand and we walked toward the bedroom passing couples in all states of passionate embraces and undress. As we entered the bedroom, Isaac held me and kissed me passionately as we groped each other. He trailed kisses down to my breast as he unbuttoned my blouse and unhooked my red bra, mumbling how nice my breasts were.

As he suckled them just as I remember they were suckled by my baby son years ago. Gee, I love to be suckled! He then trailed on down to my panties and he moved the crotch of my panties over and kissed my swollen lips and clit almost making me cum. As he removed my panties he kissed and licked me as no one else has ever done in my whole life.

I now started on Isaac, kissing his chest as I unbuttoned his shirt, feeling his muscular arms and remove his pants, revealing his bikini shorts with the most beautiful ebony cock peeking out above the top elastic, which I immediately kissed and licked. I was shaking all over with anticipation, seeing the black cock that I would surely feel spilling it seeds in my womb. I removed his shorts and we fell in bed.

As we both were so hot by this time, he started humping right away with me meeting every thrust with a thrust of mine. We had our orgasms almost immediately. We lay there for a few minutes then he asked if I though we were too hot for each other to which we both laughed and agreed that that was the hottest either of us had ever been.

We were together frequently until early December when he told me that he and his old girl friend had gotten back together. I was disappointed but I knew the score when we started.

One day Zack (the room mate) said that they were having a New Years Party and wanted to know if I would be his guest. I said, “Sounds great,” and “will your girl friend be there”? He said that they had broken up and that I would receive his full attention. Of course I knew what that meant. I was ready for another romp in bed and if Isaac was not available for me, Zack would be just fine.

I don’t want to repeat myself here so I will say the evening was about the same with Zack as with Isaac the first time. We started seeing each other regularly and one night as we were making love and Zack was paying attention to my clit, Isaac entered the room removed his clothes and started suckling my breast. Now I was hot and wanton.

I didn’t care what happened now, I just wanted sex and more sex. Isaac pulled me on top of his in a 69 position and proceeded to suckle my clit and I his beautiful ebony cock. My butt was exposed to Zack who mounted me doggy fashion and we were off to town. This was an incredible night. I was so hot and then I felt Zack shooting his load in my pussy, OH SO GREAT!

Zack collapsed and lay down as Isaac rolled me over and mounted my from the front and proceeded to pump me full of his seeds too. There is something about a man cumming in me that just makes me crazy.

We had sex like this till May when they graduated and left town and my husband returned in June. He now has a hot horny wife who he says if hotter than ever. Little does he know how I got this way and what I am thinking when we make love.