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Sarah Sucks

My wife Sarah and I have been together for six years and married a year ago – We are both 26 years old and are very much richer for being together. Happy is an undertsatement, but let’s not go into all that, as you all know there is a reason why I have posted this story and that reason is more interesting to the average reader…

Sarah and I go on a couple of holidays a year – we love to get away from it all and have visited most places. It’s just nice to forget about work for a while and relax and have loads of sex and drink way too much.

Last year we went to Amsterdam which, looking back, was a sign of what was to come on our recent trip to Mexico…

Our weekend in the Dutch capital was hot, even by our standards. Sarah has dark hair down to her shoulders, and has the cute, small body with beautiful pert little tits, a titght ass and a well groomed pussy that can suck the cum out of my cock at will. She’s always enjoyed sex and we don’t need anything to get our rocks off other than each other. Still, need and want are two different words.

On one night out at a dance club, we ended up very drunk and two men began to dance with Sarah. She was wearing a short demin skirt and a white top than clung to her body. Anyway, that night, as the men began to grope at her body, she kindly defended herself and returned to me, but the drink had kicked in and I told her to return and at least let them rub her tits. She did just that, then cut away as they became a bit too rough.

We both loved the experience and jealousy wasn’t an issue. I liked the idea of her pussy getting wet as she was touched by strangers.

Nine months later and we’re on a beach in Mexico. The sun was high and we spend the first two days of our trip on the beach, drinking in the evening and sleeping quite early. Sarah sunbathed msotly topless on a beach near our resort which was mostly full of young Americans, quite a few Germans and a mix of other natives and holiday makers. In thoe two days I must have seen two hundred sets of naked tits, something that my wife noticed and reminded me that staring was rude! I informed her that if men could stare at her then I couldn’t see any harm in it. Besides, I had noticed that she loved th attention. She smiled and returned to sunbathing.

On night three we hit the town, going for a bite to eat then heading to a cocktail bar – a bit chessy but fun. She wore a white dress, lowish cut with the hem passing over her ass by no more than two inches. She looked hot, especially since I knew she wasn’t wearing a bra and only had a skimpy white lacys see through thong covering her sex.

By midnight we were dancing to party latino tunes on a hot dancefloor and thoughts of Amsterdam came flooding back. A group of young men danced nearby and it was obvious they’d noticed Sarah. I grabbed my hot lady close and made a few remarks about the attention she was receiving from a nearby

”I better keep dancing then to keep their attention. You know how it turns me on.”

I told her that seeing her dance and tease with the five men would be a real turn on, so said she could do wha see liked while I went to the bar…

It took a couple of minutes only to get two more cocktails and when I returned she was in the midele of the group, pushing away advances from the men who wanted to get just a little too close. I joined the group, set the drinks down and decided to join in the fun, pulling her close to me and reaching round from behind her and rubbing her stomach and tits through her dress. She did not refuse me and one of the strangers, a tall, young black guy, moved in from of her and began rubbing up against her. She responded, knowing that I was behind her, only I had now gently slipped out to be immediately replaced by another group men, a young frat boy type, who was now pulling at my wifes tits.

The look of shock on her face when she saw me walk into view, but by now she was wet and almost willing, as the black stranger moved his hands up the back of her legs and onto her ass, pushing his pelvis into hers. I’m sure she could feel his hard cock through his jeans. This continued for a few minutes, with two of the other three men moving into position and also having a good grope of my life who was quick to stop any hand that tried to venture below her panties or onto her pussy. Still, those hand certainly rubbed her ass and tits until they were red.

Anyway, she broke away to the men’s protests, and staggered to collect her drink, while the men complimented me in an over excited american way, telling me how hot Sarah was. She beckoned me over and asked if we could return to the hotel. Not a problem.

We retired to the hotel bar, still very drunk, and talked about what had happened. I am not lying when I say we are very secure and it has been easy to stay faithful to each other. However, we had discovered that this was definitely a turn on and maybe we should do it again.

That night I fucked Sarah as she talked dirty about how much of a slut she felt on the dancefloor and about how she could feel each of their cocks pushing up against her. She came with me buried deep inside her, I then pulled out and came on her face, while making her beg for my cun. She licked my cock clean.

For the next few nights, we didn’t do a huge amount as we’d been busy during the day, shopping , sight seeing, lying in the sun and generally fucking alot. The day before we left, as we lay on the beach, the US boys from the club walked past, waving over and laughing among themselves. I waved back and Sarah just smiled and turned onto her back.

That night we decided to have a full blow out, hitting the various bars and clubs for a few hours, before ending up in a basement disco, again fairly cheesy music wise and full of singles our own age and younger looking a piece of the action. I think we both knew I repeat performance was on the cards and we were right – again it was a group of men – four this time, two black, two white and again American. Young professionals on the tear by the looks of things.

This time I didn’t have to guide her as she writhed between their bodies as she wantonly felt her assets. I moved in behind her and whispered in her ear that she should let the gentlemen get an idea of how wet her pussy was.

Looking around the darkish room, other people were flirting and dancing close so this was not a huge deal and the crowd of us provided a form of privacy. A few minutes later, a smart white boy moved his hand from her ass and began rubbing her pussy through her blacksee through panties, lifting her short pink mini-dress high enough so we could all catch a glimpse. He was not a gentle man but Sarah was very drunk and parted her legs slightly, moving to the rhythm as she was rubbed from the front and groped from the back.

Both men swapped places with both black guys and a repeat performance began, only this time Sarah was reaching behind her and in front, rubbing both mens hard cocks through their jeans. At one stage, see even allowed herself to fleeting kiss the man in front.

After about fifteen minutes, she called time, eventually moving away after a few more strokes of her pussy. Again, we left and returned to the packed hotel bar.

We drank some more, again kissing and being randy, before struggling up the stairs. As we opened our door, to rowdy young men were returning to their room next door, so they stopped to chat, saying that it was their first night here and they had travelled down from New York.

Dave was in his early twenties, well built and fresh faced – about twenty two I reckon while Bee, as he was called, was a tall negro with dashing good looks. Slightly older as well, maybe 28.

I asked them in for a drink to which they said yes and we headed to the seating area in our suite. Everyone was well gone and we chatted generally about backgrounds and the holiday, before Dave mentioned that they were annoyed they were going home alone.

”I guess you don’t have that problem with your beautiful wife!”

I laughed and said that they would have to excuse us for any noise we make later. Sarah was giddy and generally laughed at anything, sitting on the same sofa as the men while I sat on the facing chair. She went to get more drinks, while we chatted some more and put on the hotel radio, which was playing basic late night dance music.

More and more the talked turned to the sexual aspect of the area and I mentioned the amont of pretty ladies lying almost naked on the beach.

Sarah said, ”You shouldn’t be looking. Anyway, I loved the attention.”

Bee then exclaimed, ”Shame you are leaving tomorrow – that would have been worth seeing!”

We all had a good laugh, then I decided to push things a bit farther…

”Go on then Sarah – seeing as you love the attention – give the guys a thirll.”

She took it as a joke, only for both our new friends to protest jovially.

”Okay then,” she grinned, ”this will teach you.” with that she pulled off her dress, and stood in the room wearing just her pants. She looked awesome.

”There you go guys, now move over,” she ordered, and sat between them.

They turned fully and looked at her, checking me out to see that I was smiling and happy. I had never thought about this ever happening but we were string and seeing Sarah act the slut was a new demension to our already brilliant sex life.

Both men moved closer as sarah laughed and teased them.

I said, ”I think you should at least have a feel boys. After all, she loves the attention.”

They didn’t need a second invitation, only this time it wasn’t on a dance floor and it was much more intense and serious. She moaned sofftly as they rubbed their hands on her stomach, neck and tits. This was more than light flirting, as Sarah moved her handed onto their knees and rubbed their thighs.

A knelt in front of her and reached up, Sarah arched, and I peeled back her panties. Within seconds she moaned as a strangers fingers stabbed at her pussy.

By now she rubbed at their cocks, pulling at their jeans as I help keep her legs spread.

She broke off slightly and said, ”Listen, don’t think you are going to fuck me, but if Brad is alright for things to go further and it makes him happy them fine, but this pussy is only for one man.”

Everyone nodded and I was happy enough, but this was also a green light for Sarah, who tried to ondo the mens jeans, which gave them the hint and they both removed their clothes to reveal their manhood. I followed suit.

I was a good eight inces and thick, slightly bigger than Dave, but Bee was a big boy, at least nine inches and very thick. It’s a shame I wouldn’t get to see this enter my Sarahs tight little pussy, but probably for the best.

Everybody assumed positions, with Sarah grabbing at the new cocks like a hungry slut as they pulled at her tits and fucked her hard with their fingers, especially Bee who easily had three digits pumping my life.

I moved everything to the bed, placing my wife on all fours and slipping into her pussy from behind – her head was at the side of the bed and both men took positions in front of her, with Sarah having no hesitation in taking Dave into her throat. See her suck a cock like such a whore was almost too much, but I didn’t want to cum yet and tried everything not to,. She switched to the rough Bee, who grabbed at her hair and shoved his cock deep into her mouth, causing Sarah to almost gag. It filled her entire mouth it was so thick, and she loved it. She concentrated on sucking Bee well so Dave climbed onto the bed and rubbed at her tits form the side, grabbing her ass cheeks also.

I was pumping my wife hard and good now, while Bee shoved his massive tool down he throat. Dave was now slapping at her ass when he could and pulling at her nipples. Sarah liked it hard sometimes but this was pushing it. Dave then started to slip his ifnger up my wifes ass, which she loves, although his rough apprach took her by surprise. I reckon at this stage she was delerious and anything could go.

Sarah then began to come around my cock, which was it for me – I pulled out and shot my load all over her ass, also hitting Daves hand. He didn’t break stride, pumping his finger hard into her tight hole, and using her throws of orgasm to sneak another one inside also. He moved behind her and, knowing he couldn’t fuck her, stuck three fingers of his other hand into her pussy, causing he to cum again shortly after.

Then, she called them both off and asked them to stand together. Her face said everything as she dropped to her knees on the floor and began sucking them both and wanking them in between. She looked at me as I pulled at my hardening cock, and said – as she stared in my eyes – ” Come all over me boys – fuck my mouth and shoot your come on my tits and face. Use me like a slut.”

Dave was moaning and, as she sucked him, pulled out and sprayed his come on her tits and down her stomach. He didn;t come that much but enough for Sarah to looking like a total fucking whore.
She then turned solely to Bee, keeling in front of him as he began to again fuck her mouth, saying, ”I’m gonna make you salllow my load. Is that what you want bitch?”

This boy was rough and ready, you could see he relished using Sarah as a fuck puppet. So did I and, more importantly, so did she.

”Yeah – fuck my mouth and use me.”

A few minutes later and Bee pulled out, spraying Sarahs face and them slipping his pulsing cock back into her mouth as she grabbed it and sucked it clean. She broke off with a laugh, feeling slightly sheepish.

We all returned tot he sofa to have another drink.

”I think Sarah should serve us!” said Bee. We agreed.

Over the next half an hour, the men asked Sarah for seconds, but she declined kindly, although did agree to allow both men more groping time. Bee was pushing more and more, saying how much he’d love to fuck her. Sarah was flattered but said no, which I was happy with. I think.

Finally, they both left, kissing Sarah as they left, Dave groping her ass while Bee rammed two fingers up her pussy at the door while forcing her other hand onto his cock. She Almost buckled and he eventually broke away, and we said our goodbyes.

We both were shocked and bewildered by the night’s events. We haven’t repeated them but will do I am sure. Sarah has since said that she thinks I deserve a tight blondes mouth around my cock, but only if she can help out. I agree! I’ll let you know.