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Spiders Web

At long last the meeting was drawing to a close, we had been at it for almost three hours and if I heard one more word about web sites then I was going to scream. I only attended the meeting as my friend Michael had an idea for a web business venture and I had introduced him to a web designer. The only thing that eased the boredom as the both of them droned on was that she was extremely attractive so I had at least something to look at and fantasise about and boy did I do a lot of fantasising.

As we left the office I suggested we head for the closest bar, as I desperately needed a drink but for the first time that I can remember Michael declined and said that he would prefer a coffee and a sandwich.

We chatted for a while about his plans and I suggested we popped into my place and checked out some information on the web as I only lived twenty minutes away.

As we entered my house I could hear the faint melodic tones of Karen Carpenter coming from upstairs, I assumed my wife Sandy was either on the computer or doing some cleaning. I climbed the stairs each step increasing the sound of the music as I neared the top. Walking slowly towards the computer room I was stopped dead in my tracks, the bedroom door was slightly open and there was Sandy lying naked on the bed playing with herself. I was shocked, not because of what she was doing but because over the past year we had not had sex and I had accepted that she wasn’t interested any more and had gave up trying to screw her.

Standing transfixed I considered pushing the door fully open and scaring the shit out of her, but my perverted mind became controlled by the brain in my trousers and instead I went back downstairs and told Michael what she was doing. His eyes sparkled with lust and he asked if he could take a look, which is what I was planning on.

Quietly we climbed the stairs and we both took up a position where we could see what she was doing but she couldn’t see us. One of her hands had a tight grip on her tit pushing it upwards so that she could take her own nipple in her mouth and suck it, her other hand was busy between her legs that were spread wide open and even in the dim light the glistening juices could clearly be seen on her pubic hair.

Her breathing was getting faster as she played with her clitoris when suddenly she stopped and her hand moved to her side, I thought the show was over until her hand rose up with a massive vibrator in it, it must have been all of ten inches long. Now I knew why I wasn’t getting any sex she had found a better replacement, I almost burst into the room to confront her but Michael grabbed my arm and stopped me. He pulled me away from the doorway and whispered to me on how I could get my own back for the past years frustration. At first I was hesitant it didn’t seem right, but then being replaced by a vibrator wasn’t right either so I agreed to his plan.

Slipping through the door Sandy gasped in surprise as she saw me and began to get up, but I pushed her back down while planting my lips firmly on hers. She was horny enough not to resist as we settled down to a long passionate kiss allowing me time to slip my fingers into her pussy and take over where she left off.

She was soaking wet and it didn’t take long before her breathing got erratic and I knew she was close to an orgasm, which was my cue to stop. Sandy begged me to continue but instead I got off the bed and slowly removed my clothes to make sure that her pending orgasm had time to subside. Lying back down beside her I began teasing her by circling her nipples with my tongue while my fingers stroked around her pussy without penetrating, I knew this would drive her crazy and allow me to move the plan to the next stage.

“So my sweet you prefer a toy to the real thing,” I said with a slight tinge of bitterness. “So you just let me know when you want the real thing,” I continued while still teasing her pussy.

She started to squirm; her naked body eager for relief as she kept twisting in desperation hoping my fingers would slip inside her.

“I want you,” she softly pleaded.

“Sorry what did you say,” I responded.

“I want you now,” she said once again.

“Still can’t hear you,” I replied.

“Please fuck me, I need it now please,” she begged.

“Well you didn’t want me a minute ago, seems all you wanted was this little toy, what you mean is you want a cock and I don’t think you care whose it is, am I right,” I said with a hint of anger.

“No that’s not what I meant,” she said almost in tears.

“Why don’t you be honest with me, when you’re this horny you don’t care, just be honest for once in your life.” I said, my finger now stroking her slit.

“Yes, okay I want someone to fuck me and I don’t care who it is, if you want to pretend that someone else is fucking me then go ahead, but just fuck me,” Sandy said as her hand slipped around my stiff cock.

“Whose cock would you like sinking deep into your pussy? How about Michael’s cock would you like him to fuck you, or would you prefer me and Michael to fuck you? If Michael walked into this room now would you let him fuck you?” I questioned as I began stroking her clitoris.

“Yes you both could fuck me, I want fucking, just do me will you,” she said as her breathing got faster.

I raised my arm in the air which was the cue for Michael to enter and as I glanced towards the door he even took me by surprise as he was already naked, his cock sticking up ready for some action.

I placed my lips on Sandy’s and kissed her knowing that she would close her eyes allowing Michael to join us before she had a chance to object. Michael was between her legs in a blink of an eye his tongue quickly stimulating her clit, she struggled briefly and managed to look to see who was licking her pussy and as I suspected she was beyond the point of no return her pussy was now controlling her brain.

I moved my mouth down to her nipples and sucked them gently, Sandy was now desperate and demanded someone fuck her. Michael moved up her body until his cock was in line with her pussy, as I watched his cock slowly penetrate her cunt I almost came it gave me a most wonderful feeling seeing another man fucking my wife. He quickly struck up a steady rhythm so I moved my head away so I could watch him pounding her body while her tits bounced up and down in time with his thrusts. Sandy let out a long guttural groan as her long awaited orgasm shot through her body, her legs crossed over behind Michael’s drawing his cock deeper into her as another orgasm swept through her. Michael’s thrusting got faster and faster I could hear his balls slamming against her arse until he could hold back no longer and with one final thrust into her pussy he exploded inside her.

For a short while they lay immobile while recuperating from their exertions while all the time I kept playing with Sandy’s nipples to ensure she remained aroused and ready for more. Michael slipped his limp cock out of her hole and moved his lips to her other nipple, without hesitation I positioned myself between her legs ready for my first fuck in a year. My cock slipped into her pussy easily now that she was well lubricated from Michael’s and her own juices. I started slowly sinking my cock in and out of her pussy while increasing my speed along with her breathing, the length of time without sex meant that I didn’t last very long before my juice exploded into her pussy, leaving me exhausted but happy.

To my surprise a few minutes passed and Sandy sarcastically asked if that was it, she wanted more but for the moment all she was surrounded by was limp dicks.

I reached towards the bedside table and grasped the vibrator and gave it to Michael to do the honours. I watched as he ran the length of the toy along her puffy pussy until it was glistening with her juices. He switched it on and began slipping it into her hole, each inch it went in causing Sandy to gasp with pleasure until just the last two inches were sticking out. I watched fascinated as the toy hummed deep inside her cunt while Sandy continued to squirm with delight. Michael was obviously turned on by the sight of Sandy impaled on a vibrator and by the look of him he was ready for seconds. Michael took my hand and guided it to the vibrator and indicated that I was to keep it in her, while he positioned himself on her chest. He placed his cock in between her tits and took each of her hands in turn and placed them on each tit and showed her what he wanted. She squeezed her tits tightly together trapping his cock in the middle of them, once he could feel them firmly trapping his cock he started to tit fuck her. I watched in hope that when he came it would be all over her face, but at the last moment he released his cock and came all over her tits causing Sandy to orgasm louder than I had ever heard her before. While she was coming down from the high she rubbed his come all over her tits and nipples, no more tit sucking for me I thought.

By this time I was stiff and aroused once more and this time I was determined to do what I hoped Michael would have done. Michael took over the vibrator that was still humming away in her pussy while I positioned myself near to her face and started wanking myself off. I lasted a little longer this time before my come erupted over Sandy’s face and in her mouth, she seemed to enjoy it which baffled me as she wasn’t into cock sucking or should I say cock sucking or swallowing.

I collapsed beside her totally drained but already Michael had recovered and was ready to go again. He lifted her legs making sure the vibrator didn’t slip out and exposed her arse, I couldn’t believe what he was going to do and I was sure Sandy would object this time.

He scooped some juices from around her pussy and spread them over his cock and placed the tip at the entrance to her virgin hole and still Sandy said nothing. He applied pressure causing Sandy to let out a little yelp, I watched with disbelief as he sank further in, while all the time Sandy was groaning with a mixture of pain and pleasure. Michael started fucking her arse; the vibrator was still in action deep in her pussy so I thought it was only right that I filled her remaining hole. She hungrily took my cock in her mouth and while Michael continued fucking her arse and the vibrator fucked her pussy I happily was fucking her face.

I don’t know who came first and to be honest I didn’t care I was in heaven, all I know is that the crescendo of groans squeals and heavy breathing meant that everyone was enjoying themselves.

Half an hour later we were all lying motionless on the bed not an once of energy left in any of us. Sandy sat up and removed the vibrator from her pussy, she tapped each of us on the head in turn and said, “guys anytime you want to use and abuse me, my body is yours to do with as you want.”

I fell asleep only once disturbed by the bed rocking as I assumed Michael was fucking Sandy again. When I awoke hours later Michael was gone, but I knew that it wouldn’t be long before he came again.