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My wife and I, both 40, have always enjoyed hot tubbing. It started when we were dating. We would grab a bottle of Korbel Brut, reserve a room at a nearby hot tub establishment, and find various ways of getting each other off in the hot bubbly water. Marriage and two children have not stopped us from enjoying hot tubbing and each other. However, one day last winter, changed hot tubbing as I knew it.

Winter in the Northwest is dreary. Cold, wet, rain… On a Monday in January, my wife asked if I would like her to arrange a babysitter after work one night during the up coming week, and reserve an hour hot tub session. Of course, I said, “YES”, anticipating a hot, steamy sucking and fucking session. Not a bad way to end a stressful day at work. On Wednesday, she called me after lunch and said she had made a reservation at Elite Hot Tubbing for 5:30pm. I said, “Great!! I’ll pick up a bottle of champagne on my way”.

Stopped at a traffic light, my mind wandered to thoughts of seeing the steam float off my wife’s tits. These thoughts gave me an instant hard on. Although my wife has had two kids, her body is still in great shape. She works out at the YMCA, and it shows. I’ve always loved her tits. As I pictured myself sucking on them, I heard the car behind me honk. The light changed green, but I was obviously in another place.

I arrived a little late due to rush hour traffic. I expected my wife to be waiting in the lobby, dressed in a tight black outfit. She knows how hot she looks in black. And when I see her in black, I can’t control myself. However, when I opened the door, she wasn’t in the waiting area. I told the cashier my name and asked if my wife had already checked in. She said, “yes, they’re waiting for you in room #1.” I didn’t think much of it, but as I approached room #1, I heard laughing and giggling. I knocked on the door, and heard my wife say, “who is it?”

I responded with, “it’s me honey.” A couple of seconds past, the door unlocked and opened slowly. My wife, smiling and standing in front of me naked, steam coming off her hot, wet body, nipples hard from the cool breeze flowing in from the open door, said, “Hi babe! Come in and join us.” Us, I thought. As my eyes made their way across the room, I noticed an empty bottle of champagne sitting on the counter, two sets of bras and panties hanging from hooks, and my wife’s friend Michelle from California sitting in the hot tub.

Of my wife’s friends, Michelle is always the one I have fantasized about having a threesome with. Her looks remind me of my wife. She has brunette hair, piercing eyes, and exudes a strong sexual energy. Not to mention a fantastic body. I’ve often masturbated, picturing my wife and her locked up in a sixty-nine, and me fucking them both side by side.

My wife, getting cold from the breeze, jumped back into the hot tub and said to me, “Close the door, open that bottle of champagne, get naked and join us”. The bulge in my jeans was noticeable, because I heard Michelle tell my wife, “it doesn’t look like he’s going to need any champagne to get ready”. She was right; my wildest fantasy was about to come true. I quickly stripped my unwanted clothing. My cock was hard, and a few drops of pre-cum were glistening on the tip of my swollen head.

As I opened the champagne, I heard the girls talking about my ass. My wife is (was) fairly conservative. Growing up in a large Catholic family in the Midwest, the thought of sex was more pro-creational than recreational. Let alone sex with another woman. However, She had lived with a girl in college, who according to my wife was for the most part a “lesbian”. They played with each other’s tits a few times, but that was the extent of it. So this was a surprise to me. I often wondered if my wife was telling me the truth about “just playing with each others tits…”

I filled their glasses and mine, and I joined them in the hot, bubbling water. We drank the champagne and made small talk, and then my wife took the lead. She said to me, “you’ve appeared to quench your thirst, are you ready for your SNACK?” With that, she raised out of the hot water and sat on the side of the hot tub. Steam was flowing of her hot body. I moved to her and kissed her passionately. She responded by grabbing my hard, throbbing cock.

I pushed her back on an Exercise mat that I laid out. I glanced over at Michelle. She was watching intently. I bent down over my wife and kissed her erect nipples. I heard Michelle pop out of the water and slide down closer to us. I looked Michelle up and down. She was exactly how I pictured her in my mind. Small, firm tits, with tiny nipples. My wife has large nipples, so this was going to be a “double” treat. Her pussy hair was dark like my wife’s, and trimmed just enough to see her clit and pussy lips. God I love a hair pussy! She had begun massaging her clit and fingering herself.

The smell of sex and chlorine from the hot tub began to envelop the room. I continued sucking on my wife’s nipples, and them moved down to her hairy mound. As I ran my mouth over the top of her clit, moans of pleasure escaped from her. I was ready for my “SNACK”. As my tongue touched her swollen clit, I heard a loud sound of ecstasy fill the room. I thought it was my wife, but noticed that it was Michelle’s cry of pleasure. Her fingers performed magic on her swollen clit, and she was shaking with enjoyment as she reached orgasm. With that, my wife’s breathing intensified, each time my tongue massaged her clit and darted in and out of her wet hole.

My tongue was moving faster and faster. Michelle bent down and started, gently biting my wife’s nipples. Between my tongue and her teeth, it wasn’t long before she was bucking like a Brahma bull, begging me to fuck her. Her legs stiffened and the shaking of her body created waves in the hot tub, pulsating against my throbbing cock. My wife, obviously in another world, begged Michelle to feel her wet pussy. Without hesitation, Michelle explored my wife’s wet snatch and slipped her middle finger into my wife. It was like a hot knife going through butter. Michelle started finger fucking her, and she said to me, “I need to feel your cock in me.”

“Please fuck me now!!” Michelle pulled her finger out of my wife, brought it to her nose and smelled her friend’s wetness before licking the pussy juice off her finger. While my wife and I watched Michelle enjoying her nectar, I jammed my stiff rod into her. As I started pumping, it almost slipped out because her pussy was so wet. My wife began to hyperventilate, and I knew she was getting close to another intense orgasm. Her eyes opened momentarily as Michelle started to squeeze her erect nipples. My wife returned the favor by grabbing and squeezing Michelle’s small tits. Noticing this, while continuing to fuck my wife, I reached over and started rubbing Michelle’s clit.

With my wife squeezing her tits and my finger working its magic on Michelle’s love button, it didn’t take her long to get fully aroused and close to orgasm. In fact, I could feel my balls fill up quick. Michelle screamed out, “I’m going to come!!” That’s all it took for my wife. She yelled out, “I’m coming too. Fuck me! Fuck me!” Both of them started shaking.

I could feel my wife’s pussy squeezing my cock as it contracted in orgasm. I was there too. I started to moan loudly as the first shot of come pumped into my wife. God she was so wet. As I started my second shot, my cocked slipped out of her and shot the next load onto her left tit and the third all over her stomach. Michelle collapsed on top of my wife, her head lying above my wife’s tits. She opened her eyes, and noticed the load of cum on my wife. She reached out with her tongue and licked it off my wife’s nipple. A smile came across her face, and she said, “You taste as good as Mary.”

We all sat back down in the hot tub, eyes closed reminiscing about the most incredible licking, sucking and fucking session we had just experienced. As we showered and dressed, I wondered what the next couple was going to do. The smell of sex we created was still lingering as we left…