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Sunrise Shoot Off

This is a story about my wife’s experiences at a Fraternity party during the 1980’s. I met and married Celia, my wife, while in college. I was a star football player who realized the NFL was not in my immediate future. I had reasonable good grades and after graduation went to work in the insurance field. Celia had worked throughout her college years in a bank and had accumulated valuable job experience, which allowed her to get job offers all over the USA. We settled in the Virginia Beach area and started our life together.

A little background on Celia; she was the youngest of three daughters in a Baptist family and always felt shy around her two older sisters, who while not beautiful were attractive and given to rebellion against their parents. They violated all the major strictures to include drinking and fucking. Several classmates of mine in college told me that Celia’s sisters were very good at what they did. Celia was 5’6, brown hair, green eyes, great legs (from years of dance classes) and small, but cute and sensitive tits. While she had fooled around with some other boyfriends during college, I was the one to take her cherry and get her to enjoy swallowing cum.

After living in Virginia Beach for about a year, Celia was offered a promotion, but had to work in Williamsburg, about 30 miles north of where we lived. It was mostly highway driving so she could make a good commute time. It was while she was working in Williamsburg that she came into contact with a wild-living blonde sex machine named Kathy, who banked at Celia’s branch. Celia solved an erroneous debit problem with Kathy’s account and a friendship blossomed. They would have lunch and chat about everything, including sex, especially Kathy’s very active sex life.

Celia had limited sexual experience, mostly with me and a few lucky guys who only got to second base with her in college. The more Kathy talked about the different guys she had fucked over the previous weekends, the more Celia started to wish she could have had some of those experiences when she was in college. Kathy, the vixen, spotted a potential fuck pal in Celia and tried to encourage her to stay over night in Williamsburg with Kathy on a weekend. Celia gave in and told me she would spend the weekend with Kathy and be back home by Sunday afternoon. I figured it would do her good to spend some time with a girl friend and told her to have a good time.

The first weekend Kathy took Celia out for drinks and dancing at a local nightclub. Celia had a low tolerance for alcohol and could be very uninhibited when she had a few drinks under her skirt. Several of Kathy’s former conquests stopped by to chat with the girls and took turns dancing with both ladies. Celia was wearing an outfit selected by Kathy; a short green mini skirt with a silver blouse that had no buttons, but was held together by a broach that displayed Celia’s beautiful skin and small, full breasts. After several trips around the dance floor, Celia allowed herself to be taken outside for a quick make-out session with a guy named Bruce. After some groping and several deep kisses, Celia was on her knees sucking Bruce’s cock and receiving a mouthful of strange cum to swallow. Upon returning inside, Kathy could see from Celia’s clothes and Bruce’s grinning face that a successful plan of seduction had born fruit. The girls went back to Kathy’s apartment with two other guys to continue the fun. Kathy hoped that Celia would wind-up getting fucked, but Celia’s guy could not get his erection to stay hard long enough to complete the fuck. The dud left and Celia spent the night watching Kathy get fucked three times by some guy whose name escaped her. Kathy enjoyed putting on a show and knew that Celia would be ready for the next weekend’s activities.

On Sunday, Celia returned home and said she had a good time with Kathy and wanted to know if she could stay up in Williamsburg the following weekend. I had plans to go down to the Outer Banks with some other couples, but agreed to go alone and let her have another weekend with the ‘girls’. What a weekend that would turn out to be.

The weekend arrived and Kathy and Celia packed an overnight bag and went off to a fraternity party at a private farm some distance from town. Kathy had prepared by telling the frat guys that she had a married woman coming with her who wanted to experience the best side of college life. Celia was 24, but always looked younger. It used to piss her off when she would get carded at the bars after we were married. Kathy took special care to dress Celia to resemble an 18 yr old college freshman and told Celia to conceal her real age, occupation and marital status so none of the guys would be standoffish.

The private farm was actually an estate with a large main house with 8 bedrooms and a swimming pool and outside dance floor. Well over 75 people were there, about 35 guys and 40 or more girls. Some were couples, but most were unattached. This party was something of an underground tradition and was by invitation only from one of the fraternity members. Celia and Kathy showed-up around 7 pm and were immediately surrounded by guys anxious to show them around. Kathy had been to several previous parties and was wise to the routine, but went along acting like an ingénue to keep Celia unaware. The booze was flowing and the music was rocking and the atmosphere was set for an unforgettable weekend.

Celia was led to the dance floor by John, a tall, muscular, varsity basketball player who kept Celia’s drink filled while he slow danced on the outer fringes of the dance floor. He pointed out the other frat guys and some of his special friends and regaled Celia about the guy’s special talents with the ladies. A short time later Kathy and her dance partner, Paul, slid over and engaged Celia and John in conversation. Kathy wanted to see the inside of the house and the four of them left the dance floor and went exploring. The house was tastefully decorated and no drinks were allowed inside so the girls chugged theirs before entering. The two couples went upstairs and visited several rooms before finding an unoccupied bedroom with a large, king-size bed. The music from outside could be easily heard so the two couples danced to a slow tune and then wound up on the bed. Kathy and Paul tore each other’s clothes off and started licking and sucking before Celia and John shared a first kiss. The music, alcohol, and Kathy and Paul’s lusty performance made Celia horny and ready for her first fuck outside of our marriage bed.

John was not a sensitive lover and barely rubbed Celia’s pussy to see if she was wet (she was!) before getting on top and ramming his cock inside her. Kathy had mounted Paul and was riding him hard trying to beat him to an orgasm. She looked down at Celia and licked her lips and told Celia to ‘get busy’ and laughingly went back to fucking Paul. John had a nice cock, about 6 inches, but slender, and was using all of his height and muscle to try and ram his cock deep into Celia’s tender pussy. Within 10 minutes John was crying out as he shot the first load of cum into Celia’s pussy. Celia had not climaxed, but had enjoyed the ride. Paul finished shortly after John and Kathy collapsed on top of him.

The two couples lay side-by-side and recovered from their furious fucking. Paul was lying next to Celia and being the horny 20 yr old college Junior was already plotting his next orgasm. He pulled Kathy over to him and kissed her deeply and asked if it was OK if he fucked Celia. Kathy smiled and said it would be a great start to the party, but that she wanted to sample John too. She told Paul to take John into the bathroom to freshen up and to bring him into the plan too. The guy’s left and Kathy rolled over to Celia and asked her how her pussy felt. Celia said that she was still horny and hoped that John would come out and fuck her again, only more slowly. Kathy said that she thought that was a distinct possibility. The guys came out of the bathroom and crawled over next to their partners. The guys started kissing their respective girl and then both climbed on top for another round of straight fucking. The guys tried to keep their stroking in time with each other, 10 quick, followed by 10 slow strokes. Since they had already cum once they were good to last a lot longer than their first fuck. Both ladies liked the steady pumping of cock into their wet pussies. Kathy reached over and took Celia’s left hand and held it tight while enjoying the slow fuck. Paul looked over to John and said, “switch” and both guys pulled out and exchanged places and started fucking their new girl of the moment.

Celia was surprised, as she had hoped that John would find her attractive enough to spend the night with her and hopefully the entire weekend. She looked over at Kathy and saw her sucking John’s tongue into her mouth while he pumped his cock; the one Celia wanted more of, deep into Kathy’s pussy. The steady boning by Paul was getting her warm and Celia felt herself ready to pop. The combination of the lowered inhibitions and sexually charged atmosphere was too much for the naive wife and she felt herself slip over the edge and screamed and shot upright as her first orgasm of the evening climbed from her pussy up to her brain in lightening speed. Paul was shocked and thought Celia was objecting to being passed around the bed, but when Celia threw her arms around his neck and pulled his mouth to hers, he realized that it was going to be a good party!