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Roberts Wife

I must thank Robert sometime for his sick and twisted thoughts. You see, my buddy Robert invited me over to his house one night for some sports and beers. One monday night we were obviously tipsy and began divulging our sexual fantasies to each other. We were both married to women whom were sexually dirty in the privacy of the bedroom, but that was where it stopped. Of course, In my mind, I often visualized getting his wife alone and ravaging her cunt so hard. I felt that it was my duty to give her something that she was never to have again, having been married for a while now. But neither he nor her would ever swing that way. So we would tell each other of what nasty things we did with our wives to sort of, get off in a different way. Last week I had told him about how I talked my wife into some costumed roll playing. I had a toga from my college days and she had a Cleopatra outfit to match. We made a pillow stacked harem in our den where we had wine, grapes and some explicit encounters. Robert loved that idea.

He said, “damn you are a lucky guy. Your wife has a shape that would look great in something tight like that.”

I told him “Rob, you have to try the costume thing. The women get so into it. I bet your wife would really dig acting out fantasies.” He told me that they don’t really have any costumes around. He did say however, that his wife had plenty of fancy dresses.

He said too much.

I immediatly ran through what seemed to be dozens of notions in my mind. Different possibilities. And genius struck.

“I have an idea that you might find fun. It’s easy and probably pretty romantic.”

“Really,” he responded. “I am all ears.”

I asked if she had any fancy black dresses. Something that complimented her body. Preferably a v-neck. He told me that one of her friends had just bought her that exact dress. Black, long, elegant, with a deep v-neck that accentuated her bust. Oh my thoughts began racing and my blood got hot. I imagined her in it with her 36B tits creating a lustful cleavage that you’d want to bury your face in and suck away. I said “perfect. And you do still have that black trench coat with a matching black shirt and slacks.”

He responded a “yes, sure. What are you getting at”

“Well”, I said. “I have a phantom mask from Phantom of the Opera. With that and maybe a red rose, the two of you could go see the show which happens to be playing in town for the rest of the week. Have a nice dinner and drinks before, see the show, and return home where you break out the mask and the wine and champagne that you had chilling in the bar, and the two of you passionately make love all night long. She will love it. Im telling you.” He must have dug the idea because I saw his dick rise to a pup tent in his pants. It must have hurt. I know, Ive seen Robert take a piss before when we used urinals next to each other once. We are built roughly the same and coincidentally have the same size cocks, which is the keystone behind my plan which was playing itself out to the tee. I told Robert I’d bring him the mask sometime this week and he’d be set.

Friday night rolled around as it always does. Robert gave me a call before they left to thank me for the idea, the mask, and just for being there. I told him, “forget about it. Twas my pleasure”, as I smirked at myself. “By the way, what time do you plan to get home so I can tell my wife not to call yours and bother you guys.”