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Sloppy Wife

Last evening my wife came into the den and informed me that she had discovered my collection of Penthouse letters magazine. She was very upset and questioned why I needed outside stimulation. She wanted to know what exactly was the turn-on that the stories provided.

I was too surprised to lie. I immediately told her that I get a real kick out of the wife sharing stories. In fact, I find them extremely erotic.

She was shocked, she wanted to read some of them before passing judgement. I went out in the garage and found an issue about a man that had his wife fuck another man then come home and tell him about it while they fucked.

“Is this what you like?” she asked.

“uh, yes” was my reply

“What if I did it, would that turn you on?”

“I think so”, I was getting hard as we discussed it.

“I don’t think you would like it if I were really going to do it. Oh, my god, You’re getting hard aren’t you?”

I couldn’t hide it, my cock was stiff as a board.

“OK buddy, let’s discuss this in the bedroom.”

Let me give you a little backround. My wife of 15 years is drop dead gorgeous. She is 38 years old, long brown hair, an absolutely beautiful face and a body to kill for. She looks 10 years younger than she is and has no trouble attracting men. She also knows that she is desirable because other men are always commenting to her about her qualities.

We went up to our bedroom and Lynn turned to me and said, “So, you want me to fuck someone else and bring my cum filled pussy home for you, is that what you are saying?”