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Sunrise Shoot Off

This is a story about my wife’s experiences at a Fraternity party during the 1980’s. I met and married Celia, my wife, while in college. I was a star football player who realized the NFL was not in my immediate future. I had reasonable good grades and after graduation went to work in the insurance field. Celia had worked throughout her college years in a bank and had accumulated valuable job experience, which allowed her to get job offers all over the USA. We settled in the Virginia Beach area and started our life together.

A little background on Celia; she was the youngest of three daughters in a Baptist family and always felt shy around her two older sisters, who while not beautiful were attractive and given to rebellion against their parents. They violated all the major strictures to include drinking and fucking. Several classmates of mine in college told me that Celia’s sisters were very good at what they did. Celia was 5’6, brown hair, green eyes, great legs (from years of dance classes) and small, but cute and sensitive tits. While she had fooled around with some other boyfriends during college, I was the one to take her cherry and get her to enjoy swallowing cum.

After living in Virginia Beach for about a year, Celia was offered a promotion, but had to work in Williamsburg, about 30 miles north of where we lived. It was mostly highway driving so she could make a good commute time. It was while she was working in Williamsburg that she came into contact with a wild-living blonde sex machine named Kathy, who banked at Celia’s branch. Celia solved an erroneous debit problem with Kathy’s account and a friendship blossomed. They would have lunch and chat about everything, including sex, especially Kathy’s very active sex life.

Celia had limited sexual experience, mostly with me and a few lucky guys who only got to second base with her in college. The more Kathy talked about the different guys she had fucked over the previous weekends, the more Celia started to wish she could have had some of those experiences when she was in college. Kathy, the vixen, spotted a potential fuck pal in Celia and tried to encourage her to stay over night in Williamsburg with Kathy on a weekend. Celia gave in and told me she would spend the weekend with Kathy and be back home by Sunday afternoon. I figured it would do her good to spend some time with a girl friend and told her to have a good time.