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Weekend At The Spa

We have been for seven years and had two children and we must admit that our sex life was somewhat dull. Approaching our wedding anniversary we had decided to have a weekend away without the kids. After a lot of discussion we agreed to try visiting a naturist spa which had a hotel as part of the complex.

We arrived at the spa on the Friday afternoon both feeling very nervous. We were shown around by a man wearing just a towel. The complex had a wet area containing a swimming pool two Jacuzzis a steam room and sauna there was a gym and a lounge/bar. It was still early afternoon so the place was fairly quiet; we only saw a few single guys and one couple. It felt really weird seeing people walking around naked and being totally unconcerned about who saw them. We were shown to our room which was spacious featuring a king size bed with a couple of white fluffy towels in the middle of it.

We were both excited and rushed to strip off. I already had a raging hard on. When Lyn (my wife) saw it she could stop herself she had to go down on it, although she had never let me cum in her mouth it wasn’t long before she had me cumming all over her large tits.

After my hard on had died down we wrapped ourselves in the towels and went down to the wet area slipped the towels off and jumped into the pool. We both agreed that it felt wonderful to be swimming around with no restriction of any swimming costumes the flow of water around my bollocks felt great.

We then moved into the larger of the Jacuzzi where the other couple were sitting accompanied by two of the single guys. The couple introduced themselves as John and Maria, they seemed a friendly couple. I noticed that one of guys (Gary) was very close to Maria and the other (Tim) was very close to Lyn. After a while I felt one of Lyn’s hands on my cock under the bubbles. My cock responded immediately by getting hard. I thought if it’s ok for her to play with me it is ok for me to play with her, so I reached down to where her pussy was ready to give her clit a good rub only to find there was already a hand there – Tim’s! Lyn just smiled at me and I knew she was happy with the arrangements.

Just then John and Maria got out announcing they were going to one of the “rest rooms” followed by Gary who had a raging hard on. Lyn could not take her eyes of his large cock. Tim asked us if we wanted to go to the “rest room” Lyn said no not at the moment and with that Tim got out and followed John and Maria. Lyn asked if I was ok with her getting fingered by another man. I said it was ok in fact I found it quite a turn on. We then went to see “rest rooms” which we had not been shown and found it quite a shock to see an open door with Maria getting fucked by Tim while sucking Gary’s cock. Shocked we decided turned round and went to get a drink. We talked more about what we had just seen, we had both been turned on and decided that if another opportunity arose we would say yes.

The more people were arriving at the spa and we both enjoyed looking at all the naked people. We spoke to quite a few people, had quite a bit to drink and enjoyed the Jacuzzis, sauna and steam rooms. We were both getting used to being naked in front of other people and around 9 o’clock we decided that we would venture down to the rest rooms to see what was happening. We were amazed at the sight that greeted us – all three rooms were full of people fucking, sucking and fingering each other. There were other people in the corridor, women sucking men and licking women out. The site was the hottest thing we have ever seen and we both wanted to join in. I soon had my finger up Lyn’s pussy and she was playing with my rock hard cock. After a while there was a space on one of the couches in one of the rooms. I sat on it and Lyn bent over sucking my cock, her arse sticking up invitingly in the air. It was not long before some guy came up behind her and started playing with her cunt. Lyn was in ecstasy she was soon having her first orgasm of the weekend.

After she had cum the guy then put his cock in her cunt and gave her a good fucking. Lyn was enjoying getting fucked so much she could not concentrate on sucking me off at the same time, however I was not complaining as the women who was next to me on the couch getting licked out saw my hard cock being neglected and reached over and got hold of it and started wanking me of. This woman, who I later found out was called Gill, had a lovely large firm tits which I just had to suck. Her nipples were soon rock hard in my mouth. Lyn move slightly to one side so as not to stop me playing with Gill.

The guy fucking Lyn was soon grunting as he was filling her cunt up with spunk. He then left the room but Lyn wanted more, looked at Gill’s partner (Greg) as he was kneeling down still licking Gill out. Lyn also knelt down and reached round for Gill’s partners cock, he turned round to give Lyn easier access to his cock and he soon found Lyn’s lips clamped firmly round it.

Greg soon abandoned Gill’s pussy to give his attention to Lyn’s pussy. This gave me a chance to start fingering her and she responded by sucking me off. Gill was soon cumming pussy juice squirting all over my hand. When her orgasm had subsided Gill said she wanted fucking – well who was I to keep her waiting? Gill stood up leant over the couch I went behind her and buried my 8” of rock hard cock deep into her wet cunt and was soon fucking her hard and fast. I heard Lyn moaning looked round to see her cumming again as she was getting fucked by Greg. Lyn was sat on the couch with Greg pounding her pussy.

The site of Lyn cumming was enough to send me over the edge and I was soon filling Gill’s pussy with my hot spunk.

We all needed a bit of time to recover after that so we went to the Jacuzzis for a chill.

The spa closed at midnight but those staying in the hotel can still use the facilities. The club emptied out so that there were only five couples left. We soon got chatting to John and Maria again. The four of us soon returned to the Jacuzzis one was filled with the other three couples so we went into the other one.
Sat next to Maria and John sat next to Lyn, naturally it was not long before hands were exploring bodies. Maria had her hands round my cock and my fingers were soon buried deep inside her pussy and I am sure that John and Lyn had a similar arrangement. Soon John stood up so his hard 7” cock was in line with Lyn’s mouth, What else was she to do but take it in to her mouth? I also stood up and I Maria copied Lyn. While sucking my cock Maria moved next to Lyn and started playing with her tits.

Lyn had never showed any interest in women before but to my surprise Lyn returned the compliment. The girls then stopped sucking our cocks and took it in turns in sucking each other’s tits. All me and John could do is stand and watch. Maria encouraged Lyn to sit on the side of the Jacuzzi Lyn was a bit apprehensive as Maria started to play with her. She had never let a woman touch her before, but soon Lyn was holding Maria’s head to her pussy while me and John sucked on Lyns tits. Maria was fingering and munching away on her pussy, Lyn was soon writhing in ecstasy cumming over Maria’s face.

I was then in for a big shock. Lyn told Maria to sit on the side and then Lyn nervously started to gently touch Maria’s pussy. With a little bit of encouragement from Maria she started fingering her properly. It was a lovely sight to see Lyn’s fingers working in and out of Maria’s pussy her thumb working on Maria’s clit. I went and stood beside Maria who lent over and took my cock in her mouth. Maria was an expert cock sucker, working the whole length of my cock. Maria started squirming getting close to orgasm, the sight of my wife making another woman cum was too much for me and I shot my load in Maria’s mouth she took the load, opened her mouth to show the cum to the rest of us. She then swallowed and showed us her empty mouth.

This was the first time I had cum in a woman’s mouth Lyn had never let me do that. But not to be out done she took John’s cock in her mouth and started sucking like mad. Soon for the first time ever Lyn had a mouthful of cum, she looked round for somewhere to spit it out but couldn’t find anywhere so she swallowed.