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Wife Cums To His Office

The Morning

Lauren and Joe arrived early at work. They said goodbye and each left for their respective office. They both work in neighboring buildings just across a sidewalk. So close that they could see into each other’s offices and today was their first day back at work in two weeks. For two glorious weeks they had walked along sandy beaches, snorkeled with marine life, and fucked on every available piece of furniture in their hotel room. It was going to be tough getting back into their regular work routines.

The Afternoon

Lauren turned to look at the clock on the wall for the third time. The day seemed to go on forever and she was anxious for it to end so that she could go home to her husband. She couldn’t help it. She was still a newlywed. They had returned from their honeymoon on Sunday. So they could start back at work on Monday.

Since her return back on the job Lauren had trouble concentrating on her work. She yearned to leave the endless mundane office tasks and spend some quality time with Joe.

She stood and walked towards the glass wall that let her look unimpeded into the building across from her office. She smiled as Joe lifted his head from his paperwork and noticed that she was looking at him. This was how their romance had started. With him watching her work and she doing the same to him. With both of them trying not to let the other know that they were watching.

Until one day he waited for her as she left her office building after work and asked her to go out on a date with him. That date had evolved into a relationship that had eventually led to marriage. With a sigh she returned to her desk and tried to concentrate on work.

Caught in her memories of the past months she was startled when the phone rang. Lauren sat at her desk and reached for the phone.

Monday had started out as an ordinary work day for Joe. He had worked through stacks of paperwork since the morning and wasn’t anywhere near finished. Two weeks out of the office had left him with considerable amount of work piled up. If he worked straight through lunch for the week and took work home he’d be done with the stacks of papers. A week full of work wouldn’t kill him. He wasn’t going to spend much time with Lauren while he worked but after the one week he’d be caught up with work. Then he could go back to his regular work routine and spend his free time with Lauren. He smiled and turned to look out the window. Lauren stood in her office watching him.

Joe watched her for a few moments and when she went back to her desk he decided to give her a call. He could use a break.

“Hello?” She answered.

“Look outside your window.”

Lauren looked to her right and saw stacks of papers crowded Joe’s desk. Joe sat comfortably at his desk talking on the phone. He didn’t seem in that much of a hurry to get off work and go home. In fact he looked very calm and comfortable seated at his desk. While she’d been anxious to get back to him he didn’t seem to be missing her at all. “Busy?”

“Yeah, I’m swamped.” Joe admitted. “Taking two weeks off for our honeymoon caused all my work to pile up, but it was worth it.

“The work day will soon be over.”

“Not for me.” Joe explained. “I’m going to bring work home for the next week. It’s the only way to get caught up.”

“A whole week?” Lauren could picture an entire week of Joe engrossed in his work and she didn’t like it.

“It will take at least a week to catch up on my workload.”

“And after the week?” Lauren asked.

“After I’m all caught up on work. We’ll have more time to spend together.”

“When will you start?” Lauren hoped that they could at least spend time after work together.

Joe had anticipated the question. He knew that Lauren wouldn’t like knowing they wouldn’t spend much time together and hoped that having some time together after work would mollify her. “Tomorrow. We have this evening all to ourselves.”

“Good.” Lauren smiled, wishing they could have more than an evening together.

Lauren thought about the up coming week and sighed. She had thought that they would continue to spend as much time as possible after work. It was the expected behavior of newlyweds. Behavior that she had been looking forward to and now it seemed that she would have to wait a week. She’d have to do something. If he was going to spend a week doing nothing but work then she’d have to make sure today was memorable.

“We can go out to eat after work and then head home. A good night’s sleep will prepare me for tomorrow.” Joe said.

Sleep was the last thing on Lauren’s mind.

Lauren slowly leaned back in her chair and placed her feet on the desk and ran her hand up her thighs. She knew Joe watched her every move so she slowly lifted up her skirt. Lauren calmly kept up the phone conversation and waited to hear Joe’s reaction. “How about I make us something to eat at home and we save going out to a restaurant for another day. If you’re going to be extremely busy this week then I’d like to keep you all to myself tonight. In fact I can’t wait to get home.”

“That would be great, honey. Lauren what are you doing?” Joe caught sight of Lauren’s teasing movements and immediately knew she was up to something.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” Lauren lifted her skirt higher and slipped a hand underneath. She reached past her stomach and ran her finger over the lips of her pussy. Slowly she stroked herself. “I’m trying to relieve my boredom.”

“Now? In the office?” Joe’s shocked voice betrayed his excitement. He could see some of what she was doing, but he wasn’t close enough to see everything clearly and that drove him crazy. He could imagine just how her finger looked against her pink pussy lips.

Lauren smiled and wondered just how far she would have to go before he decided to do something about it. “I have to go now. I don’t want to keep you from your paperwork.”


After hanging up the phone Lauren peeked out the window and saw Joe still staring at her. She slowly placed her feet back on the floor and removed her blouse. She reached behind and had just unhooked her bra strap when the phone rang again.

Lauren quickly hit the speakerphone button and slid her bra off.


“It’s me again.”

“Hello, Joe.” Laurens voice trembled with her growing excitement.

“Lauren, what are you doing?” Joe asked frantically. “Can’t you wait until you get home?”

Lauren smiled at Joe’s reaction. He was such a professional that he had never considered that anyone would do anything so daring in the work place. Lauren loved teasing him at home but he had never seen this daring side of her.

In his office Joe realized that if he could see into her office from his building. Then his co-workers with offices facing in the same direction could also see into to the offices in Lauren’s building. Some of them could be watching Lauren at this very moment. Lauren had to know this.

“Actually, no.” Lauren once again leaned back in her chair, but this time she placed only one foot on her desk and left the other on the floor. This allowed her to have her legs open and her pussy in full view of Joe. “I can’t wait.”

Lauren lifted her skirt up.

” Do you realize that other people might be watching you at this very moment.”


That one word said it all.

Lauren wasn’t afraid of others watching her. She was enjoying this.

Her hand once again slipped beneath her pantyhose and she teased the pink folds of her pussy lips. With each motion she felt herself become soaking wet. Joe watching from his office excited her, but when she realized that other people could also be watching her. It made her excitement rise to a whole new level.

Lauren dared to exhibit her sexual pleasure to Joe. She knew that from now on Joe would look across into her office and think about this day and any stranger’s watching would get a treat. Lauren hoped her little exhibition would pull Joe away from his office and into hers. Although, Joe was a professional she knew that if he wanted to he wouldn’t hesitate to come over.

“Oh, God,” Lauren heard Joe’s voice through the phone speaker. “Do that again, baby.”

Lauren looked at Joe standing excidetly against the window. He was stroking his cock through his pants. She massaged her clit for a few seconds before standing up and clearing her desk. She lifted her skirt and sat down on top of the desk. Lauren positioned her round ass in full view of the open window. She leaned on her left arm and slid her arm to frame her pussy.

Lauren took pride in showing herself to Joe and hoped he was enjoying himself as much as she was.

The sound of the door opening startled Lauren. She didn’t even try to cover herself because nothing could hide that she was so obviously naked. The lifted skirt bared everything and her breasts were out in full view. Embarrassment caused her body to flush a rosy color. She feared that one of her co-workers had just walked into her office. She was virtually naked atop the desk and that was reason enough to get fired. Her thoughts raced back to the morning. Several co-workers had interrupted her to congratulate her on her marriage.

She’d been sure she had locked the door to her office after they had left. Perhaps she’d been mistaken.

Lauren slowly turned her head and was shocked to find Joe standing there. She sighed in relief and realized that she wasn’t going to get fired today. Then smiled because she finally accomplished what she wanted. Joe inside her office aroused and ready to fuck.

“You did that on purpose.” Joe stated. There was no question in his mind that this was the outcome Lauren had expected out of her exhibition. She had wanted him to come to her office since he first saw her looking at him while he worked.

“Yes.” Lauren refused to lie. He was her husband and she wanted to spend time with him. Not just sexually, but if that was all she could have of him, then she’d take it. There would be plenty of time later on for picnics, long walks, dinners, and everything else that came with being a couple. “We are still newlyweds. It’s ok to have some fun before everyday obligations take over and we get into a routine like other married couples.”

Joe smiled. “That won’t happen to us.”

“I hope not, but you can never tell.” At that moment Lauren decided to do anything she could to avoid that fate. If all it took was some extra effort, creative planning, and keeping their sex life exciting to make their marriage long and happy. Then that’s what she would do. “Life happens.”

“We love each other too much to let that happen.” Joe walked towards Laurens desk. He leaned downed and embraced her in his arms. He would have never guessed his Lauren was insecure about the future of their marriage. She was usually so confident and independent. He’d have to show her that he was as committed as she was to making their marriage work.

Lauren turned and leaned back against his body. She felt secure and loved. The fear she had felt just an hour ago had left and she now understood that though they both might be overworked, rushed and spending less time with each other. They would find time to make their own special moments.

Lauren watched Joe walk to the window and close the blinds. Blocking them from view from anyone who might be watching. Then he returned eagerly to her side.

One of his hands moved to caress the exposed skin of her stomach. He watched as her body shivered. Round and round he moved his hand in small circles. Joe loved to touch Lauren. Her soft, creamy skin glowed beneath the harsh office lights.

Joe moved his hands up Laurens body to cup her firm breasts. He watched her beautiful pink nipples tighten with pleasure. Unable to help himself he cupped both breasts with his hands. He massaged both breast at the same time and realized how lucky he was in finding Lauren. She was beautiful, smart, and adventurous. Everything he wanted in a woman. It was no wonder he had fallen in love with her.

“You’re beautiful.” He whispered. “Every part of you is beautiful.”

Lauren writhed on the desk. Reveling in the sensation he caused in her body. “More.” She begged.

“Yes.” Joe answered. “I’ll give you more.”

His lips brushed the side of her face and she turned to meet them. Her mouth opened and welcomed him inside. For a few moments their tongues danced a passionate dance. Then he pulled away from their kiss.

“Did you make yourself come?” He asked.

“No.” She panted. “Not without you.”

“Good.” Joe reached towards her pussy. With his right hand he teased her with brief strokes. He massaged her pussy in circular motions using a light touch. He managed to make her ache and gasp with pleasure but avoided stroking her clit.

Lauren groaned in disappointment. Joe was going to punish her for teasing him. She knew that he would exact payment for making him watch and arousing him. He was going to make her wait just like he had waited while he watched. “Please, Joe.”

Joe’s left hand pinched Lauren’s nipple. “Shh.”

“Please.” She moaned.

“No, not yet.” He inserted a finger into her pussy. He shook with the force of holding himself back. At the moment the only thing he wanted to do was plunge his cock into her pussy, but he had to wait.

“Please.” She screamed, desperate to come.

“Shh.” Joe quickly lifted his right hand off her breasts. “Quiet! Do you want someone to hear you?”

“No.” Lauren’s body writhed with each plunge of his finger. Mindless with pleasure she didn’t remember where she was. “More.”

Joe gritted his teeth and groaned. The movement of Laurens body caused her to brush against his cock. His tight control was quickly slipping away. He inserted another finger into Laurens pussy and kept up the plunging motions. “So wet.”

Suddenly he stopped and stepped back away from the desk.

Lauren felt Joe’s withdrawal. She’d been so close to coming. Her pussy throbbed with unsatisfied need and nearly crying she looked at Joe. “Why?”

“Don’t cry, baby.” He smiled at her confused look. “I’m not going to leave you like this. Get off the desk.”

Lauren moved to do as told. With shaking legs she stood before Joe waiting to find out what would happen next. She watched as Joe lowered his zipper and withdrew his cock.

“Turn around and lean on the desk.”

Lauren turned and then leaned over and braced her arms on the desk. She wondered what she looked like to Joe.

Joe stood looking at Lauren bent over the desk exactly like he had told her. He stroked his cock and looked hungrily at Lauren’s pouty pussy lips begging for his entrance. Never would he have imagined this morning that by the late afternoon he would be naked in his wife’s office about to plunge his cock into her wet pussy.

He grasped his cock and placed the tip at her pussy’s entrance and slowly pushed forward. Joe stayed still and groaned as Lauren’s pussy tightened around his cock. His hands held on to her hips and he began to move back and forth. His controlled movements made Lauren go wild and he tried to keep it slow for as long as he could, but after the days events he was aroused to the point of pain. He had waited far too long for this and lost his control.

Joe plunged wildly inside of Lauren. He reached down and caressed her clit with each thrust of his hips. Her moaning cries of pleasure drove him wild.

Lauren tried to stop her moans by biting into her lower lip but some moans managed to escape. She concentrated on Joe’s cock plunging inside her and screamed when she came. A second after Joe came spurting deeply within her pussy.

A horrifying thought suddenly occurred to her. “Did you lock the door?”

“Yes, I did.” Joe Laughed.