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Wife At The Strip Club

My wife never did mind me going to strip clubs whenever I felt like it. She actually would tell me to go. One day I asked her why?

She said that when I come back home, I really put a good pounding to her.

I told her that the reason why is because I always imagine her dancing on the stage and doing private dances with guys in the back rooms of the strip club. She looked a little shocked but thrilled at the same time.

She said, “that she couldn’t do that…. that she wasn’t built good enough to be interesting to any of those guys.”

I told her, “are you crazy! You’re built a hell of a lot better then any of those strippers….that she has a huge set of all natural tits while they have fake boobs…. that she was built like a brick house with just enough meat on her bones for a guy to really put a nailing to her.”

She just laughed and blushed. We then went to bed and fucked or brains out better then in years while talking about her being a stripper. In the end I just told her to come to the strip joint and see for herself.

Since I was a regular costumer of the strip joint, I knew the owner and manager and most of the people that worked there.

I approached the manager and owner about my idea of getting my wife to strip at their club. Both of the guys were egar to help out saying, “that they were always looking for new talent”.

It was arranged that I would bring my wife in on Friday night in which in the place would be rocking and packed full, and that after a while of getting my wife full of booze, that a stripper would come off stage and lead my wife onto the stage and strip her butt naked. Then we would see where things would go from there.

I never said anything to my wife, but I did tell her that “Friday night we were going out someplace new and exciting”.

That day I took her to dinner with more then normal drinking on her part. She also dressed extra sexy that day as well. She had on a dress with deep cleavage showing her huge set of tits, no panties, with a garter holding fishnet stockings, and three inch heels.

When we left to go to the strip club, she kept on asking where we were going. I never told her but in the end she said that she knew.

I asked her where she thinks that we were going and she nailed it on the head. I asked her how she knew.

She said, ” I just thought that after all the talking and the sex that we had after the other day, that it was just a matter of time before you would take me here.” Besides she said, “I’ve got nothing to loose with you and everything to gain afterwards.”

I just smiled saying out loud, “this is going to be a very interesting night after all”.

When we got there, the place was packed. Steve the manager met us at the door and led us to a table near the stage.

While walking through the crowd, the guys would say things like, “can’t wait to see her on stage… I’m going to get a private dance from her later…. or, dam that stripper is built!”

My wife just looked down and blushed while squeezing my hand really tight as the guys said what they had to say. Also, five times my wife was shocked because some guys had pinched or grabbed her ass as we walked by.

When we sat down, I told her, “was I right, or was I not? Look at all the attention that you got since you walked in. Dam honey, you would make a hell of a lot of money dancing.”

She asked, “what? You wouldn’t mind all these guys looking at your wife totally naked?”

I said, “totally naked! Hell no. I would even like to see you doing private dances with these guys which would really give me a hard on making me want to fuck you all night long every night.”

She just smiled and blushed saying that, “she didn’t think that she could do it.”

Soon, Steve came by again with drinks on the house, and asking us to enjoy the show, and also if my wife ever considered dancing.

She just blushed and said, “no that she didn’t think that she could do that.”

Steve said, “well you never know unless you give it a try!”

As we watched the shows and drank our drinks, my wife became hotter and hotter by the minute. At one point I had to go to the washroom. As I neared the washroom, Steve ran into me.

He asked, “if it had taken effect yet?”

I asked, “if what had taken effect?”

He said, “to help you along with your plan, I slipped a hit of E in her drink.”

I said, “I guess so because she is getting very hot.”

Steve then said, “there’s no time like show time then buddy. I can’t wait to see her strip. You didn’t lie, she’s built like a brick house.”

As I headed back to our seats, there were two guys sitting on either side of my wife with their arms around the back of her chair. I watched for a few minutes while they all laughed and at one point, the guys put their hands on my wife’s thighs and started rubbing up and down very slowly.

When I got to the table, my wife and her two friends all looked up at me. When my wife introduced me as her husband, the two guys didn’t even bother to get up or take their hands off my wife.

One guy just turned and said, “he and his buddy were just wondering if my wife would do a private dance for them, but that she said no.”

As they got up to leave, the same guy turned and said, “hopefully our next meeting well be under better circumstances.”

My wife’s answer was, “maybe!”

When they were gone, she turned to me and said, “maybe your right. This could be fun, but honey, let’s go home, I need to get fucked in the worst way of my life right now.”

I told her, “hold on, the nights still young.”

I then looked over at Steve and gave him the thumbs up. Two minutes later this stripper came on stage, started dancing, walked up to my wife, and we had her on stage within the first ten minutes and butt naked.

This was when numerous guys came up onto the stage, lay down on their backs and had five or ten dollar bills in their mouths. The stripper instructed my wife on how to rub her pussy in their faces, grab their balls through their pants, and end by rubbing her tits on their faces and collecting the money.

The duration and treatment depended on the amount of money. The larger the bill, the longer and better they got of both ends. There had been about twenty guys that she did this too during the remainder of the show. The other stripper even did a bit of a lesbian show with my wife, licking and sucking on my wife’s tits and pussy at the end getting a standing ovation from the crowd.

My wife then walked off the stage and through the crowd back to our table and sat down butt naked except for her stocking and shoes. While she walked to the table, several men approached her and said things that I could not hear while putting their arms around her shoulders or waist.

Her first words to me at the table were, “Whoa! Was that wild or what? I can’t believe that I did that!”

She then pulled out a big handful of bills rolled in her hand and started counting the money. It totaled 155 dollars in all.

Steve then arrived with a round of drinks thanking her for the show and asking if my wife wanted to do another show on her own.

She said, “Thanks but I don’t have any costumes to wear.”

Steve said, “the girl that she just danced with was welling to help her get dressed in some of her outfits and show her the ropes if she liked.”

The next set of words out of my wife’s mouth was, “In that case, sure! Honey, will you hold onto this money for us? Lets see how much more I can make before the night is over.”

She then just stood up and followed Steve into the change rooms through the crowd with one guy even slapping her ass good and hard. She just turned to the guy and smiled.

I was thinking, “What have I just created?”

Forty-five minutes later, there was my wife on stage dancing. She just had on a teddy with a push up bra underneath that made her huge tits look even bigger and a thong. The announcer introduced her as, “the houses new feature, Mrs. Grand Canyon.”

I guess because of the canyon made by her tits. Also, she had a glow on her face that she only gets after having a good round of sex. I just thought that the drink Steve brought by the last time may have been spiked with another hit of E or something, or that the stripper in the dressing room had done a number on my wife. I later found out that I was right on both counts, plus one that I had no idea that happened.

Anyways! She got butt naked after her first song with her tits hanging out of the bra and her thong pushed to the side showing her pink pussy lips. I must say that she did indeed dance very well to the music that was playing, but the big surprise was how she worked all the guys seated around the stage.

She would sit down and really spread her legs as wide as possible right in front of their faces so that they could look right at her cunt. The guys would put bills into her thong and bra straps while trying and actually getting quick feels of her body parts.

When she got off the stage again, she was quickly approached by several guys while she made her way back to me. She never sat down when she got to our table.

She just said, “Honey, I hope you don’t mind waiting a bit, Mrs. Canyon has some costumers waiting so I’ll be a while longer. See you soon.”

Off she went with one of the two guys that had sat down with her when I had gone to the bathroom a while back, into the private dance room area.

Two or three songs went by when he returned, and another guy entered the room. And so on it went for about two hours before the same first guy went back in and this time stayed for a good half hour or more.

While I sat there by myself, Steve came by several times and asking me, “if she was interested, he could really use a good stripper like my wife at his club on a full time or even part time basis.”

I told him, “that maybe sometime in the future we might do this again.”

He just said, “anytime buddy, anytime! You just let me know, anytime!”

It was know almost three in the morning and quieting time at the strip club.

Finally I saw the guy leave the private dance room but not my wife. She too finally came out of the area butt naked again with what little articles of clothing that she had in her hands.

I walked up to her and just wrapped her warm long coat around her and lead her out. She seemed tired and a bit tipsy from all the booze that she had drank throughout the night.

When we got home, she wasn’t all that horny anymore and that she needed to take a shower.

I ask to join her but she said, “no.”

She didn’t even let me into the bathroom while she took her shower. When she finally came out, she joined me in bed with the lights out.

She asked me, “Are you horny?”

I said, “Are you crazy! With what happened tonight and having to sit there by myself all night, what do you think?”

She said, “There is something that I have to tell you about first.”

She went on to tell me that when Steve took her back to the dressing room, the stripper really started to work her over while getting changed. In the end, my wife was sitting on the bitches face having her pussy eaten, when all of a sudden she felt four hands on her backside and a big cock pushing into her pussy from behind. She asked to stop, but once the guy had been fucking her for about a minute, she couldn’t control herself anymore. The stripper got up from under her, and the guy fucking her really went to town on her cunt. After about five minutes, the guy let loose a huge load of cum into her. She said that it felt like he had pissed. Once he pulled out, the stripped got back to eating the cum, out of her cunt bringing her to another orgasm.

She then found out that the stripper was really the wife, of the guy that fucked her and that the guy that had fucked her was Steve himself.

Steve then told her that if she didn’t want me to know about this, that she better get on stage and then take his clients into the private rooms for a night of entertainment.

When she told me this, I was mad as hell but also, horny as hell. My wife sensing this got up and lowered herself onto my dick. Her pussy did feel a little loose then normal.

I told her this and asked her, “if his cock was big?” She said, “about average!”

I then said, “why is your pussy loose from an average cock when mine is larger?”

She said, “that’s not all that happened!”

With that she turned the lights on and I could see numerous bite marks on her tits and neck. She then kept telling me of the entertainment that she had to provide in the back room.

All the customers that came in, if they wanted and paid for, got to have sexual favors done to them. A straight dance with grabbing was twenty bucks. Hand jobs, were forty. Blowjobs were sixty. And of course I knew what was coming next, fucking was one hundred.

I then asked her, “How many guys were there?”

She said, “twenty one in all, but that she didn’t have sex with all of them.”

I asked, “Well how many did you?”

She said, “five blow jobs, and the sex was with two other guys, with one fucking her twice.”

I asked, “Who fucked her twice?”

She said, “The last guy that came in, the one that hit on me in the beginning.”

I said, “Yes I know because I saw him enter and leave about forty five minutes later at the end of the night and when you came out, you had that just fucked look on you face as you did when you first got on stage.”

She then said, “I’m sorry. I just couldn’t help myself and if I still loved her to prove it to her.”

After hearing this story and being horny all night long, I did just that. I turned her over onto her back, and plowed her used cunt for all I was worth not once but twice in a row.

She then asked if she could get some sleep that she was very tired.

In the morning, she made me an excellent breakfast and then showed me the wade of money that she had made. We added it up. With her hooking fees, dance fees, and the original one hundred and fifty five dollars from when she first got on stage, she had made fourteen hundred dollars cash.