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Wifes Great Holiday Party

So my wife Ann had a holiday party three years back. It started at two in the afternoon so I knew she was going to get drunk but not everything else. Ann called me and let me know that she was on her way I asked her that she not get to drunk as we had plans after. Ann has a great body by the way 5 foot 9 inches, B-sized tits, slim waist, and a great 40 inch ass.

At the holiday party she had started drinking and then double fisting her drinks having a good time talking with her co-workers. Soon Ann and her co-workers started talking about their party days and how they would fuck anything that moved Ann laughed out loud and said the she hasn’t even stopped. They all looked at her confused “how do you do it Ann?” one of her co-workers asked. “Like this said Ann!” She went on the dance floor and started dancing soon guys from the bar were watching and she looked at one and called him with her finger on to the dance floor while her co-workers were watching.

Once the guy got to her she asked him his name. “Todd” he said. They danced and then Ann lead him to a booth in the back corner of the bar and ordered drinks. When the drinks were served Ann challenged Todd to a drinking contest he accepted and on her go he started slamming it when she saw that she started rubbing his cock and he stopped and looked at her with a horny look. Ann moved closer and lifted her skirt up for him grabbed his hand and shoved it against her pussy and whispered into his ear “you want this pussy?” Todd nodded his head.

Ann got out of the booth and told him to follow her. She lead him into the bathroom and waved at her friends, they were and when they say the door close they all went to the bathroom to see. Once in the stall Todd ripped Ann’s blouse opened and saw her bra-less tits and started grabbing at them. while she was getting her tits ripped off she unzipped Todd’s pants and pulled out his 10 inch cock and started sucking it she tried to take the whole thing in and started gagging on it so as she went to pull it outm Todd noticed it. He grabbed the back of her head and slammed it on his cock making her gag more and caused her eyes to water smearing her make-up.

Todd was fucking Ann’s mouth so hard she was making noises with the back of her throat. her friends were all listening and giggling. When Todd was done with her mouth and throat he pulled her head back and looked her in her watery eyes and told her to bend over the toilet she got up and as she was bending over Todd grabbed her hips and shoved his cock towards her pussy he missed… as his cock went into her ass Ann screamed out in pain and Todd kept on fucking my wife in her ass.

Her friends heard and started banging on the door yelling at him to stop, Ann told them to stop that it was ok he just shoved his dick in her ass and that they need to leave so she can enjoy herself. As her friends were leaving Todd started fucking her again Ann told him that she was going to cum he started fucking harder Ann started to rub her pussy and started cumming and squirting all over Todd that pushed him over the edge and he came into Ann’s ass, giving her a totally messy creampie ass.

When they were done Ann looked down and saw that she was stepping on her purse she looked in it and saw that her phone had called me. Ann picked it up “Hello? Hello?” no answer so she hung up. I saw that I missed a call from her, being that I was in my car with the music up going to pick my friend up when I got to his house I saw that I missed her call without even seeing that there was a message I called her back. She answered and I could tell that she was hammered and she asked me to pick her up.

I told my friend that she was plastered and I had to go get Ann he said he would come with me I agreed and told him we can just drink and jam out in my man cave. when we got to the bar I saw Ann smoking and talking to some guy. I pulled she got into the car not even noticing that my friend was in the back seat and we drove away. I asked who the guy was and she giggled. I got upset and asked again Ann told me everything that happened. I called bullshit and she said “Check your message baby.” I did. While I listened she started to pull my zipper down and pulled my already hard cock, due to the message, I hung my phone up and told her to stop because my friend Tim was in the car she looked in the back and said “Hi” and flashed her tits to him then got on her knees in the passenger seat and went back to my cock and started sucking it taking the whole thing down her throat.

It was feeling so good I had to pull over while she was doing it I told Tim to finger fuck her I told him it was fine and that she wanted it he said no and then I asked Ann if it was ok she just gave a umm humm. Tim sat forward and started finger her pussy and said Ann was super wet I told him to stop with her pussy and start fucking her ass. He started with one finger and felt that she could take more so he went with three and hammered her ass to the point of her starting to cum. When she did I came in her mouth she swallowed all of my load and cleaned my dick up. After that we dropped Tim off and went home. I fucked Ann so hard that night.