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Playing Pool Proves Dangerous

To have sex with someone that you aren’t married to is perilous and dangerous. When you are lusting after another man, it can be hard to deal with, but it’s easier when that person is on the road and you don’t see him very often.

It became a dreary week and I needed a release, so going out with the girls for a few drinks sounded great. We got to Mad Anthony’s when it was winding down at the pool tables. Now you must understand, I hadn’t planned on going out and playing pool, so I hadn’t really dressed in the appropriate clothes. There I was Mini-dress and no stockings or panties and the dress was low-cut! We decided that none of us were really dressed right but since it was just us, a little show couldn’t hurt anyone. Besides our egos needed a boost!

We proceeded to challenge a couple guys to a game of pool. Despite the fact that we stunk we always seemed to be the winners. Maybe because the guys like the view? We continued playing when all of a sudden there were some co-workers that had arrived and HE was with them. The key to my lust had walked through the door and wearing a pair of tight jeans and a t-shirt. Now, you must know that he knows about my feelings and that if coerced in the right way he could have HIS way.

I sucked in a deep breath and exited the room to the ladies room to regain my composure. He looked damned good, as usual and I had had a few beers. To say nothing of the fact that playing pool and making the other guys horny made me horny as hell.

When I came back to the table, the other 2 guys were playing pool with the other women I was with. He just sat at the table with his shit-eating grin on his face and a beer for me in his hand. He moved the chair closer to him for me to sit next to him. We sat there talking, while in my mind I was questioning what was going to happen, would I succumb to him or what. He then said he had to check into his room, would I help him with his things. I said no, but he made me promise to stay until he got back, I said OK. We all began to take turns playing pool, I hadn’t noticed his return until I had won the game and he started playing the next game against me. Every time it was my shot he stood behind me, and whispered, “nice view”, which I loved. Then 1 of the women had to leave to go home to her husband, had I not had quite a few beers I would have left also. The other 2 guys said they would share a room if the other woman and I wanted to share the other room, they didn’t notice what had been going on between him and I all night, but the other woman knew. She said yes we would, and proceeded to call my husband and told him the situation W/my State of drunkenness and that she would look after me.

HE just sat there staring at me, driving me wild and I knew then my resolve to stay faithful was being tested. Since the other woman and I didn’t have clothes the guys offered us t-shirts, but she said, nah, we sleep naked and stared at HIM! The other guys were tired so they wanted to go to bed, the other woman went up with them to help them clear out the room and then bring down an extra key for me, when she did, she said “You don’t have to use it if you don’t want to”, she winked at HIM and me. I denied anything would happen and HE snickered “it’s up to her, but I will try my best or worst!”

I was done for, she had left and we were alone in the bar. No one was around and we were sitting at a table. HE began to talk to me about “things” when I felt his hand trail up under my dress hem and his finger met the warmth of my pussy. HIS long and thick fingers went into my pussy and he said “My you are so hot and wet, you want me bad!” I was melting and tingling at his touch, I couldn’t contain myself. It was quite obvious he was ready to burst – out of his jeans, but he continued to touch and caress me, first with 1 finger, then 2. I was having a hard time holding the conversation and not squirming. He suggested we go to his room. I couldn’t say NO, I couldn’t say anything, he was almost making me cum when he withdrew his fingers. My eyes said it all; I was ready to cry with total desire for him. He said, “if you want more then come with me now!” I had no choice, I was burning for him – I stood up and my thighs were wet from me and then I kissed his fingers.

We got on the elevator and he hit the stop button and got on the floor underneath me. He proceeded to taste me flicking his tongue into me until I cried out with excitement, I came to climax and had an orgasm in seconds. He got up and restarted the elevator, looked at me and said, “Just wanted a snack before the 7 course meal to come!”

We finally got to his room. He had anticipated me being with him when we got there, candles were lit and he had CDs playing slow sensual music. There were some “clothes” for me to put on, which consisted of a garter with nylons and a nippleless bra and a matching silk robe. He helped me undress, pulled my dress up over my head and unhooked my bra saying, “let these babies get some air,” kissing them free from the bra. He then helped me get dressed in his gifts. The bra fit (how did he know my size? Said that his hand held so much and that was about the amount), so did everything else. His deft fingers made me think that he’d done this many times, but he denied this, said that he had done it to me in his dreams so often it was 2nd nature. There I stood – nearly naked – and he was fully clothed. “Not Fair” I said, “you have seen everything of me but I haven’t seen anything but outlines of you.” I made him do a strip tease for me. He wasn’t wearing any underwear, and was he stiff, his cock bounced out of his jeans to attention, I just started to imagine what I could have done to him under the table had I known. I started to get hot all over again.

I walked over to him and for the first time we kissed. Long and hard, tongues exploring our mouths, we couldn’t get enough. I started to feel light headed, not sure if it was from all the beer and no food or the orgasm I felt mounting in me and was sure to cum if he touched me just so down there.

So we sat and ate the snacks he had arranged earlier. Chocolate dipped strawberries, bananas, and pudding and whipped cream. “Let me feed you,” he said with lust in his voice. He proceeded to peel the banana and said “show me how you will eat me with this banana.” I took the banana from him and put most in my mouth, sucking and mushing it with my mouth and tongue until I could swallow it all. He groaned as I did this. He then took out a strawberry and said ” show me how you want me to suck at your gorgeous breasts.” I started to lick the chocolate from the strawberry and then took little nips from it then I took it all in my mouth. We then got to the pudding and whipped cream – I said, “let me!” I took off my clothes, what there was of them, and smeared the pudding on my pussy and led a streak of whipped cream up my belly putting 2 heaping mounds on my nipples. I said, “HUNGRY?” He started his feeding frenzy.

He began with the right nipple, sucking to get the whipped cream off to get to the hard nipple ready and waiting for him tongue and teeth to play. He took his fingers and started to scoop some of the pudding up me and taking time out to lick his fingers and putting them in my mouth to taste the pudding. He went to the left nipple now, sucking and licking all the whipped cream off and sucking and playing with the nipple. “You have gorgeous tits, I just want to play here all night!” He bent down now to clean up the rest of the pudding that remained, with his mouth and tongue. I tried to bend down and lick his huge cock that seemed to almost burst with anticipation of what was to come (no pun intended). But he wouldn’t let me, “not yet, I am still eating.” He laid me down on the bed and proceeded to lick me with his strong tongue entering me, probing me and finding my clit. He finally found the nub and sucked and squeezed until I yelled in ecstasy and another orgasm took over my body. I had cum again as he said “relax, I am only getting started!”

He wanted to clean me up, so we decided to shower. As the water beaded down on us, I was finally able to touch him, washing him from the back first, I worked my way down his back to his cute ass and then down his legs, with trails of kisses to tantalize him. I turned him around and started up his legs to find his cock full and ready for me. I licked the head and he moaned. I proceeded to massage his cock the full length from the head to the balls and back up. He couldn’t take it anymore and he took me right there, in the shower. He entered me and picked me up to rest on his thighs as he pumped his cock into me. He began to pump harder. I almost exploded with another orgasm, when he started to probe and then found my clit and rubbed that in sync with his pumping. We climaxed together in waves of passion. We finished the shower and explored our bodies with tongues and fingers.

He started to rise to the occasion as I was also getting hot. We got to his bed and he finally let me have some fun with him, so I explored. teasing his nipples until they ached and were rocks. I worked my way down his body to his immense organ that was at full attention again. I licked his little droplets of cum from his head then I took more of the cum and rubbed it all over the shaft of his penis. Then I got to his hot balls and played with them between my fingers. I finally put my mouth to his cock and took him in full, he gasped with pleasure and I began to suck, lick and grasp him with my hands. Moving my mouth over his entire shaft, in and out until he couldn’t take it anymore and came into my mouth. I sat up and swallowed and he just smiled and said, “we aren’t over yet!”

He handed me the robe and said “wear only this and come with me”, as he put on his shorts, skimpy as they were outlining his already rock hard cock. We went out of the room and we got on the elevator, went back to the bar. It was closed, he said, “I have it all arranged, don’t worry!” He took out the key and opened up the door. We went in and found some beer and the pool tables racked up and ready for us. He had arranged everything for us to play in private. “It’s all arranged, I know how you’ve always wanted me to take you on the pool table, well we are here to ‘play some pool’,” he just smiled.

We had unlimited play time on the tables, he told me to break. As I got ready to break, he came up behind me and disrobed me so I was naked. He told me for every ball I sank, I got a kiss (where ever I wanted) and for every ball he sank, I got to do whatever ever he wanted. I hit the ball, nervously I sank the stripe ball, and I then guided his mouth down to my right breast. He stayed a little longer than a kiss, but I didn’t complain. I hit the balls again and sank a solid, his ball – now the rules got tricky. Since it was his ball that I sank I had to do something to him of his choice; of course it was to kiss his hot cock which I hadn’t noticed was released from his pants and standing straight up! But I complained, since I did sink a ball I should get a kiss, so he chose the spot and kissed me between my legs in just the right spot. He was having too much fun with this, and I was just getting hotter and hornier as the night wore on.

We continued this play for a while starting new games and finally we were playing the last game of the night and I sank the 8 ball by mistake, he said, “uh oh, this is a special rule, now get on the pool table!” Knowing we were both near climaxing, him straining with a rather large hard on and me dripping wet, I did as he said. I thought he was ready to end this turmoil but I was wrong, he stuck 1 finger, then 2 then 3 fingers in me. Finding my clit with his thumb, he flicked it until I came all over his hand.

We continued to play the game, and I was sinking more balls than he did, he was feeling neglected. I put the cue stick down and went down on him. Just enough to bring him to the brink of ecstasy. He couldn’t take it anymore, he grabbed me and bent me over the table and entered me. He began with just the head of his engorged cock, and then he thrust into me. I wasn’t expecting him to feel so good. We moved in rhythm together as if we were made for each other. We finally came and just rested in complete exhaustion.

We got up and put what clothes we had with us back on. We went back to his room and just held each other, knowing we couldn’t do it again. He suggested I stay the night but I knew the rumor mill would be a buzz, so I got dressed and went back to the room. The other woman awoke when I walked in and said, “where have you been?” whispering under her breath, “as if I have to ask!” I just smiled and said, playing pool.