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Two Friends From the Pub

My wife and myself were spending the Saturday night at the Local Pub, we try to get out at least once a week, have a few drinks and a chat with our friends. My names Peter, I am 29, my wife is called Sally, she is 26, we have been married for 6 years. Sally is a very sexy girl, we have a great sex life and are both keen to try new things, she is 5 ft 6in, slim with a lovely pair of tits, she has short dark hair and if anything looks 6 years younger than she is. Sally does not drink that often and tonight she had overdone it a little, by closing time she was quite tipsy, my mate Barry offered to give us a lift home and I got into the back of his car with Sally. Just as we were about to drive off another guy called Phil who lives near to us cadged a lift from him as well.

Sally snuggled up to me and rested her head on my shoulder and fell asleep. It was still quite early when we arrived home so I asked Barry and Phil if they fancied coming in, I had a new porno video and plenty of booze, they both agreed and helped me in with Sally, as we walked from the car to the house I noticed that as Phil steadied Sally his hand went around her and cupped her tit, I said for them to make themselves at home in the lounge while I took Sally upstairs and laid her on the bed.

I joined them downstairs, fixed the drinks and we settled down to watch the film, it was real hardcore, a 3 hour compilation of just about every different sex act there was, about a hour and several drinks later Sally walked in, she didn’t realise Barry and Phil were there, she didn’t remember them coming home with us. She then realised what we were watching and said she was going to go back upstairs, I said why didn’t she stay and watch with us – not for a second expecting she would but she surprised me and said she would and sat down next to me on the sofa, snuggling up to me.

After a while I could hear her breathing heavy and I guessed she had fallen asleep, the way she was sitting her skirt had risen up and was showing her stocking tops, I noticed Barry was occasionally looking across at her, I thought ‘what the hell’ and started to undo the buttons of her blouse, then I unfastened the clip of her bra and began to play with her tits, Sally has huge nipples which get very hard when she is aroused, she subconsciously must have been enjoying the attention I was giving to them as they soon grew large, It has always been one of my fantasy’s to have sex with Sally in the presence of others, I had told her several times but she had always refused. I didn’t really plan at this stage to do anything more than to play with her tits but when I looked across both Barry and Phil had their pricks out and were wanking them while watching what I was doing to Sally, the video now ignored.

Barry commented on her tits, saying how he would love to suck on her nipples, Sally was out of it, I didn’t think she would know anyway so I said for him to come and sit next to her on the sofa, he soon had her tit in his mouth sucking and licking on her nipple, Sally murmured but remained asleep. Phil asked if he could join in, he took my place on the sofa and he too went to work on her other tit, I wondered how far I should go, what if she was to wake up, she would probably go ballistic, but seeing her sat there with two guys playing with her tits made me want to do more. I knelt in front of her and opened her legs pushing her skirt up as far as I could, she was sat too far back so I gently pulled her forward which made her skirt ride up more, I took hold of the waist band of her panties and pulled them down – I must have imagined it but I was sure she lifted her ass away from the cushion to make it easier for me to take them off her.

I started to lick at her pussy lips, then I slid in a finger, her cunt was very wet, I stood up and asked Barry if he wanted to play with Sally’s pussy, he got down between her legs and was soon licking and fingering her, I was so turned on I didn’t care any more, I knelt up on the sofa and taking Sally’s head I guided her mouth towards my prick, as my hard prick touched her lips they opened and I slid my prick into her mouth, she moaned and then, as a reflex action started to suck on it. Her eyes opened and she looked up at me, I thought that when she realised what was happening she would go mental but instead she smiled, grasping my prick in her hand and continued to suck deeply on it.

Barry was still in between her legs finger fucking her cunt and Phil was content to be playing with her tits. I had often dreamed about something like this happening but I never expected it to become reality. I pulled out of her mouth and quickly stripped off my clothes, Barry and Phil did the same, Sally was now just lying back on the sofa, watching us, I went to her and removed her skirt so that she was now naked apart from her black stockings and suspenders, I asked her if she was sure she wanted to carry on, she just said “which one of you are going to fuck me first?” then looking at Phil she said “you, you’re called Phil aren’t you? You’ll do, come here Phil and fuck me hard!” She lay back on the floor, Phil knelt between her wide open legs, he rubbed his prick along her pussy lips then entered her, slowly at first until he was buried deep in her, “fuck me hard” she again said, “as hard and as fast as you can!” Phil started to pound away at her cunt, Sally moaned out loudly, urging him on, Barry and I knelt either side of her face and she in turn sucked on our pricks while we took a tit each and played with it.

Phil said he was going to cum, “No! Not in my cunt” she said, “come over my tits” he pulled out of her, I moved out of the way and as he knelt beside her he shot his spunk out in streams over her tits, rubbing it into her nipples with the end of his throbbing prick, “come here” she said, “I want to suck it” and took his prick that was still oozing with spunk into her mouth to finish him off. Barry had gone down on her and was licking at her pussy, “right” she said to him, “You’re next!” She positioned herself on her hands and knees, raising her ass up high, Barry went behind her and slid his prick into her now very wet cunt and fucked her with no passion or gentleness, he fucked at her like a dog fucked a bitch – Hard and deep, as she was telling him to do. I knelt in front of her and she sucked deeply on my prick, she has never sucked it so deep, my prick was down her throat and as Barry fucked her he was pushing her forwards on to my prick.

I had before fucked Sally in the asshole and often imagined her being fucked in her ass and cunt at the same time, I said for Barry to lie on the floor and for Sally to lower herself down onto his prick, as she did so she bent forwards allowing him to suck on her tits as he fucked her, I positioned myself with my prick at the entrance of her asshole, then using saliva I fingered her asshole until it was wet and juicy, then a little at a time and slowly I slid my prick into her ass, she was moaning loudly, shouting out for us to fuck her hard, telling us to treat her like the slut she was. Her asshole was soon loose enough and Barry and I fucked her as she requested, I could feel his prick inside of her, he said he wouldn’t be able to last much longer, I asked Sally where she wanted us to come, she said over her face and tits so we pulled out of her and as she knelt on the floor we stood either side of her, Sally played with her tits as we both stood wanking our pricks, getting ready to cum, “C’mon you bastards, I want to see you cum, shoot that spunk over me, then I want to suck you both, taste your spunk” I have never heard her be so graphic, to see her kneeling in front of us, waiting for us – she looked so sexy.

Barry came first, his spunk shot out in big spurts covering her tits, some caught her on the face with a little going into her mouth, she rubbed it in to her tits and nipples, then she took hold of his prick and took it into her mouth sucking whatever was still coming out. I said I was ready and she turned to me, her mouth was open wide and her tongue sticking out, I shot my spunk into her mouth, she swallowed as fast as she could, there was so much, some dribbled out of her mouth and dripped from her chin on to her tits, she took it into her mouth and sucked until it was dry.

Phil had got his prick hard again and while Barry and I sat and watched he fucked Sally again, this time he lay on the floor and Sally lowered herself down onto his prick with her back to him, as she bounced up and down she looked at me, “Do you like what you see?” she said, “You’ve told me you wanted to do this to me often enough, am I being a good little slut for you?” she urged us to get hard again saying she had not finished with us yet. She leant back and Phil’s hands went to her tits, roughly mauling them, she raised herself off his prick then lowered down slowly so that his prick was now up her asshole, her fingers slipping into her wet cunt, Barry was hard again, she told him to fuck her cunt, he went to her and slid his prick into her, she was impaled on Phil’s prick whilst Barry fucked her as hard as he could, I was content to watch them, to listen to Sally talking ‘dirty’, Barry and Phil changed positions several times until they spunked again, this time she took Phil’s in her mouth and Barry came inside her cunt, Sally was flat out on the floor, breathing heavy, her stockings were laddered, she had spunk dribbling from her cunt and mouth.

Barry and Phil got dressed and soon left, Sally got up and sat next to me, “well?” she said, “was it as good as you thought it would be?” I told her it had been fantastic, she looked and acted so sexy, I asked her if she had enjoyed herself, she said it had been good but didn’t want to get into the habit of doing it regularly, she said she would agree to doing it again maybe once or twice a year and next time she wanted to pick the guy or guys, I asked her when she had realised what was happening to her, she told me that when she sat next to me she hadn’t really been asleep and when I had started to undress her she had just played along with it as she knew it was what I had always wanted her to do. I can’t wait for the next time, we have already discussed it and the possibility of maybe a foursome with another couple, I would love to see Sally and another girl have sex together – I’ll keep you informed.